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michael van norden - il y a 2 mois
Top shoppie!
kokos - il y a 11 mois
Good stuff with good prices
Amjad Bashir - il y a 1 an
My local, one of the best hash around.
Danny Wolf - il y a 1 an
Very nice Personal ,good Weed
Amanzo Macjj - il y a 1 an
patrick Diependaal - il y a 1 an
Top shop
Nikos Geronikos - il y a 1 an
Nice place with disent weed
Dorin Emanoil Pirvu - il y a 2 ans
Nice relaxed coffeshop in Haarlem, pretty chill, not many seats though... Fair prices and a good diversity of products
fairy opi - il y a 3 ans
Like visiting your friends house who happens to be a weed dealer
FRANK HAMNETT - il y a 4 ans
Aurelie Bronner - il y a 4 ans
Good smoke and friendly staff
Peter Lunk - il y a 5 ans

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