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Wolfstraat 124, Helmond

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Florian van Hooijdonk - il y a 2 semaines
Very friendly staff, however like most people say the weed isn't too great. The hasj is good though, in my opinion. People complaining about pre-rolled joints shouldnt do so because those always suck, everywhere... Free papers with your purchase are a nice touch
BÆZT NL - il y a 2 semaines
Hash = Good. Weed = a bit bad. Nice and friendly employees. Good looking shop in Herman Brood style. Fine and good Ambiance.
Boengkie “IIchicgo” Román - il y a 1 mois
Bonne Ville has a monopoly on weed in this area and you can tell by just looking at the prices (highest) compared to their quality (mediocre at best). If I weren't a lazy stoner, they wouldn't get any of my money and I'd spend it in Eindhoven.
Alen Miletic - il y a 3 mois
you should think about change a security guy, because he was behaving verry bad and jelling to my girlfriend also trying to come inside of a car , because I left my lights on. he stink like alcohol a lot really lot, this happened yesterday evening . 31.01.2022 weed and personel inside were good but because of this guy We will never come back to this shop.
georgianailas marina - il y a 4 mois
The best staff ,the quality is pretty acceptable
Mihai Sergiu Sandor - il y a 7 mois
It is a great cofee shop, but does not serv anybody, whithout an id.
Ricard - il y a 7 mois
Is going better , lovely guy's.
Tech9n1ne - il y a 8 mois
U need nl id !!
Craig Martin - il y a 9 mois
This is the worst coffee shop. In Netherlands. Please don't go here you are only wasting your money
Ilyee Mihai - il y a 1 an
alejandro Gonzalez - il y a 1 an
Really bad always the same and bad treatment to client Good thing the when u get some herb
ThIs IsTony - il y a 1 an
Super Sweet the Hehe Cookies ^,^ I love this place !
Dawid Maksymowicz - il y a 1 an
Good store :)
Darren Mitchell - il y a 1 an
They say they close at 12pm. But I have been 2x this week after 10pm and they were closed. Thankfully I can drive to Eindhoven, where they are open!!
Tomasz Maciejewski - il y a 1 an
Demanded dutch bank card. Evev the BSN and check in paper was not enough.
vonund zu - il y a 1 an
Bad weed with black ash & bad prices one of the badest coffeeshops i've ever seen
Sonia Dias - il y a 2 ans
High prices, low quality. They sell the same for differents prices. The weed tastes like old hairspray!
simonas vielavicius - il y a 2 ans
Only 1 coffeeshop in Helmond. High prices and low quality weed. Bags ALWAYS looks like theres 0.75g. Staff is ok, except a lady - she's very cold to people, who does not speak Dutch. ID and Health insurance is required, otherwise you won't be served. Personally, i go there if i don't have any other choice, otherwise totally recomend to go to Eindhoven.
Łukasz Chojnacki - il y a 2 ans
They prepare the weed in the back so you cannot see so you never know what you get
Kristaps Krūmiņš - il y a 2 ans
Tourist can't buy anything there. Bad place.
Domenico Bifolco - il y a 2 ans
Could be a great Coffeeshop, the problem is the staff. There are only two nice people (maybe one is the owner) if I'm not mistaken four people work there. A tip, you should make your staff more kind and with a smile tattooed on their face. even if you are the only Coffeeshop in the city but not in the Netherlands. The weed is of medium quality (except the Silver Haze, really good) but with an extra smile it could become more palatable.
Peter Gustavoosl - il y a 2 ans
Hmmm ....yes , there is coffeshop same weed and basically that all , ...... no wow no lol , normal shop
Yo Man - il y a 3 ans
Hmmm, Gorilla Glue was not very Gorilla...
Carl Blazer - il y a 3 ans
Friendly staff and really good hash. Prices are a bit on the high side (the bad kind of high.), but with their coins you can save up for a free bag o' pot. Finding a parking space can be absolutely horrible though, don't really like the environment. They have a terminal to pay with your bankcard, that's sweet.
Michael Gerrits - il y a 3 ans
I wish I can give a 0 star rating to this place. Spend 6 euro on 2 joints, had a couple puffs but didn't taste any weed. Opened the unlit joint and searched for weed and found one little piece, can I say that this is highly illegal, selling joints as cigarettes, trying to feel customers I've visited over 30 Cannabis shops and this by far the worst and now my most hated shop ever. I highly suggest going to a different shop as they try to fool customers.
Iulian Oltean - il y a 3 ans
Good weed, not-so-good emplees
Ariel Trząski - il y a 3 ans
Best in the Netherlands. A bit expensive but very good quality. Friendly service. Entrance only upon presentation of an ID card and a Dutch ATM card. The BSN number is not required. Price range - from 10 to 15 euros per gram.
Roy Mergelsberg - il y a 3 ans

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