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Herengracht 133, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Tallulah Sophia - 1 month ago

really loved it here! cosy, good music, great staff and an extensive menu!

Trev Dollery - 2 months ago

Dropped a tenner on the floor ,geezer behind counter seen it and told me.many others wouldnt have ! Pretty decent flower and comfy seats

Gary w - 5 months ago

Usually my favourite coffeshop but when I visited last month the weed selection was terrible and overpriced. Bought some gelato cost €17 and was very poor quality can get better in the UK.

Maxine Evans - 6 months ago

Lovely staff, lovely spot to sit in the sun and chill. Amazing drink limonata, so good along with the creamiest hummus and flatbread in the world! Will visit again!

Debora Mattoso - 6 months ago

This was the first coffee shop I went to upon arriving in Amsterdam. The place was chill. The decor had some purple "velvet" paisley looking wallpaper. I had so many questions (as a first timer would!). The staff was friendly. Not all coffee shops offer alcohol (the ones by the red light district do).

Joe Craven - 6 months ago

Great drinks selection and a nice chilled vibe inside. Friendly and welcoming staff, who were happy to talk us through the weed on offer and how it would be best consumed. Being from England, we don't get this kind of thing but we felt welcome and comfortable throughout!

escuta .aqui - 7 months ago

Weed was a little more expensive there. But they have board games and a comfortable space.

River Tree - 7 months ago

Had such a fantastic time yesterday! In a lovely quiet spot in town, great atmosphere, amazing staff, bloody good music (thanks DJ for the SOAD

Anurag Ajwani - 9 months ago

One (of 2) of our favourites coffee shop this visit. The ambience is great and the staff is very friendly. Also the milkshakes are super nice. Try the morrocan hash! The only thing to lookout for here is to sit in the right place as the air con can feel stronger in some spots over others.

James H - 9 months ago

Not what it used to be, very expensive and I found the staff to be just rude. When we went in and spent 60 euros only to be told to stay and chill we had to buy a drink, we walked out.. won't be bothered to go back again. Go somewhere else, it's a shame that they made the shop look nice but failed on service.

veryverytrickyindeed - 10 months ago

I can nearly remember the details, excellent. I will be back soonest. My Trini girlfriend was floored. Literally

Mithun Balakrishnan - 10 months ago

Amazing coffee shop tucked away in a nice sweet spot away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. The staff were super friendly and were always open to suggesting the best possible options they had on the menu. Special mention to their milk shakes, which were out of the world especially when tripping

Lez Lad - 11 months ago

One of the top 5 best coffee shops in Amsterdam

Eugenia Ungureanu - 11 months ago

Beautiful place. Very quiet but fun at the same time. Very nice and helpful staff.

Eduardo Jiménez Beloso - 1 year ago

Very attentive and friendly staff. We had a tasty chocolate with a lovely presentation.

Anand Gadhia - 1 year ago

Lovely little coffeeshop with a very extensive menu! Impressed. Also I love the purple theme look inside and its right by the canal too. Bonus in the summer!

Kelsier S - 1 year ago

Love this place. Whenever I visit Amsterdam, I go to Amnesia. Quite a comfy place with a nice selection.

Lahmar Emna - 1 year ago

Worst shop ever!! The lady at the counter wouldn't explain anything or recommend and she was rude and yelling. I'm mean you work at a coffeeshop what could stress you out like that

Dimitris Koutsiaftis (Δημήτρης Κουτσιαύτης) - 1 year ago

Best coffeeshop in Amsterdam! By far the best weed and the music is always the best for any hour!

Mama Bear Bell - 1 year ago

Its a really good Place to go the Owner is such a Kind Person

Harryvaughanphone VAUGHAN - 1 year ago

Space Cakes were only 0.2 grams. Taste was nothing new and not worth the €9.

Chenai Tsorayi - 1 year ago

Great service and cannibas but no cocktails - non alcohol establishment which was a bummer for me. Music was lovely

Jack Dixon - 1 year ago

Friendliest coffee shop in Amsterdam definitely my favourite, found the staff in other ones quite rude but everyone is friendly here, smiles all round and even got given a free lighter, great vibes and both times I visited it wasn’t too busy so had a very pleasant experience. 10/10 would definitely recommend you check this place out if you happen to be passing by.

Christopher - 1 year ago

One of the best coffeshop 's in Amsterdam

Balthazar Review - 1 year ago

Muffins was tasty, but had no effect. Cosy place.

Alexander Mahmuzic - 1 year ago

The muffins where tasty but expensive. Didn’t feel anything at all after eating 2 Joints were decent Nothing special about this place and can’t really understand the high score

Isco RF - 1 year ago

Is a good place. A bit small but u can feeling that u are at home.

Iris Homer - 1 year ago

I actually liked the atmosphere here. Wish they could play music mellower music but whatever. Had a great smoothie there

sébastien Mertens - 1 year ago

Payed 95 for 5g lemon Haze + 1g weeding cake + 2 space cake But in the menu it would be 85... Probably becauce I am tourist.

Илья Ярко - 1 year ago

Хорошее место!)) Very nice place. If I go to Amsterdam, I'll visit this place again surely.

Tropico BLVD - 1 year ago

Fantastic coffee shop with good ambience, hip hop playlist is superb and the milkshakes are a must!

Agim - 2 years ago

Awesome bud. Ended my trip here

PXS - 2 years ago

Good coffe shop, not best rolled joints so i suggest to roll your own, very good lemon haze the best in Amsterdam

connor ballester - 2 years ago

Absolute favourite coffeeshop in dam, great staff, amazing bud 100% my go to recommendation every time

Jay Mcinerney - 2 years ago

Top knotch cash only by the way enjoy

Mario Capone - 2 years ago

Super chill, I always stop by when i'm in town.

Annetta Xavier - 2 years ago

Price is okay, Good weed, Chocolate and milk flowing hot...

Eric Kass - 2 years ago

Barney's farm quality, I hear; a bit less expensive, I notice; a favorite place to hang out, I find; and just the right distance away from the city center to feel the escape, yet close enough that I frequent here often.

Rahat Ara Noor - 2 years ago

Really Busy place. The salesman didn't pay that much attention to us(was busy with his own arrangements) but still the product was good.

Marduk Mri - 2 years ago

Ive been to this place since 10 years now each time i go to Amsterdam ! I really think its the best coffeeshop of Holland with incredibles weeds and a really cosy place always staffed by good vendor

khin tran - 2 years ago

Always a great coffeeshop to visit for a hot choc.

Tom Wellington - 2 years ago

I just like the fact that they have all the equipment there and they keep it very clean and the amnesia haze is the best also great place to meet other people from America or Europe a really cool spot very well put together not your average coffee shop

Kamil Majewski - 3 years ago

Probably the best Coffeeshop in the Amsterdam, at least for me. I tried almost everything here and it is definiately worth of every spend euro. I was in many CS, but I have always enjoyed time in Amnesia. Don't smoke joints for 5 euros it is like cigarette!

Ryan Polmounter - 3 years ago

Superb cafe. Friendly staff who are very helpful and knowledgeable. Have revisited this place on various trips. This is certainly my favourite cafe and many others too.

Tim Devonshire - 3 years ago

Cool place with a chill vibe. Nice walks after your coffee too

Christopher Carpenter - 3 years ago

Top 3 . Great quality at good prices . Menu good . Staff excellent. Comfy . Warm . Clean,free toilet . Has a cat! No TVs (good), good atmosphere, modern decor.

Twisted5576 - 3 years ago

Nice stuff, though expensive; the stuff I got wasn't great value and there were not any lower end options. Loud music and they don't take international cards. Good place to try picking something nice up but not where you want to go to chill out and smoke.

Will Townes - 3 years ago

As many other reviews describe, the staff was rude. The dark-haired woman at the counter was so abrasive that I left without buying anything. There are lots of other better choices, no need to support this place.

J Crook - 3 years ago

Great shop! Very low-key .. good product choice. Note* the main women behind the till will remind you off school days. Constantly checking if you have a drink if not buy one, she isn’t the slightest bit happy about tobacco on the table, which I understand & if you and your friends are enjoying your self you’ll get a look to remind to calm down lol. Other than that. Good shop! They have volcanos too... We was suggested to visit there by our good friends Grey Area Thanks for having us, I shall be return

pearsfears . - 3 years ago

This was one of my favorite places to go! The drinks are tasty and affordable and the staff friendly. The furniture and wallpaper threw us off at first but you can easily blend into the crowd and just do your thing

Ethan Shanahan - 3 years ago

Great selection of smoke, I went twice in one day and spent about an hour there each time, nice cali bud

Adam O'Beirne - 3 years ago

Nice spot to hang out and smoke, my girlfriend enjoyed the hot chocolate and many dessert offerings and of course I enjoyed the smoke and the couch. Definitely one to visit if touring Amsterdam, made our last day easy.

Renata Russell - 3 years ago

Really cool strains! No tobacco smoking in the shop, the staff were very chill and gave some good recommendations!

Eric Walton - 3 years ago

Decent product and atmosphere but the woman we dealt with at the counter was behaving like an angry dictator. She was extremely rude and condescending to us and was barking orders at other patrons of the shop as she was taking care of our order. She desperately needs to work on her customer service skills or should possibly smoke a more chill strain while at work. The employee who was serving the drinks was friendly but I couldn’t recommend this place to anyone based on our overall experience.

L. Gittins - 3 years ago

Great coffee shop. The weed and hashish are on point. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. The chocolate milkshake is tremendous and so is their Yellow Lebanese. You can hire a bong for a returnable deposit of €20. Ace. Can't wait to go back.

Leon Gittins - 3 years ago

Great coffee shop. The weed and hashish are on point. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. The chocolate milkshake is tremendous and so is their Yellow Lebanese. You can hire a bong for a returnable deposit of €20. Ace. Can't wait to go back.

Dark Fader - 3 years ago

Great coffee shop. The weed and hashish are on point. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. The chocolate milkshake is tremendous and so is their Yellow Lebanese. You can hire a bong for a returnable deposit of €20. Ace. Can't wait to go back.

John Andrews - 3 years ago

Great coffee shop for purchase of smoke and drinks. Great atmosphere. Friendly staff. Games to play whilst you visit

Gareth Morgans - 3 years ago

Me and my wife went for the experience. We felt like total noobs as neither of us are even smokers so scoped a few places out. Seemed like Amnesia was one of the nicer looking shops, guys in there were really friendly, happy to explain and recommend

Josip Rajić - 3 years ago

Wide selection of strains available, intimate atmosphere with great music. There are also vaporizers available to use. But the best part are fruit juices.

Nico Seek - 3 years ago

Very nice shop with all you could ever need. They even got strains straight out of california. Best shop there is in Amsterdam!

George Nichola - 3 years ago

Brilliant coffee shop in the heart of Amsterdam. Great selection of marijuana and the space cakes were amazing. Can't think of a better place to do magic truffles.

Mary - 3 years ago

Clean easy to understand pricing chart. Prices seemed higher than other places, but product was good quality. Nice place to hang out inside. Didn't see any outdoor seating though.

Mesh A - 4 years ago

They have good weed, different varieties. Very friendly staff and knowledgeable. Best weed experience in the city for me. I would love to come back again

david street - 4 years ago

Excellent coffee but must be patient as it is usually busy. A very good selection hash and weed. A must place to visit. One of my favorite spots and good music as well. The seats by the door are best if you like a bit of fresh air.

Richard McCavery - 4 years ago

Still one of the best in Amsterdam. A little cold and unfriendly compared to how it use to be. Staff don't seem to be quite as cheerful as they once were which meant I didn't really want to stay as long as I used to in previous visits. Very good however and would recommend.

Mr movie addict - 4 years ago

Haven't got a bad word about this place. It has a really nice layout and the seats are cushioned which was a bonus. Both the staff that served me were really friendly and helpful. I got 2 items off the menu and both were top quality which left me glued to my seat for a good hour. Will definitely be returning.

Ohh Nice - 4 years ago

Great quality bud! Staff was very helpful and accommodating even with how busy the place was! The atmosphere is great as well! No complaints here, had a great time. Cheers from Canada!

Lee Thompson - 4 years ago

This place is incredible! Amazing selection of syrains, great selection of drinks! Milkshakes were gorgeous! The staff were all lovely and really friendly

Tommy Leee - 4 years ago

Nice selection of amnesia strains! They always have something special in the menu list! I remember beck in the days I bought Panama Gold and Acapulco Gold! Simply amazing! They are always on the beat!! Every time I have been in Amsterdam, I spent a very nice smocking session over there!

Peter Murphy - 4 years ago

Possibly one of my favourite coffee shops could spend weeks here. The product is to die for. Pound for pound the best quality of weed I smoked in the city. If ur in Amsterdam city do not miss out on this.

Jamie Morgan - 4 years ago

Classy coffee shop with such friendly staff. My last day in Amsterdam was spent here charging our phones and drinking coffee all day. Staff were actually surprised with the amount of coffee we drank.

Callum Robinson - 4 years ago

Thursday 1st November 2018. Really enjoyed the setting and vibe here they had some good jazz music on just got that proper old school feeling couple guys in the corner smoking and playing chess, very chilled . More seating would be beneficial.

Maciej Pressen - 4 years ago

Personally, one of my top 3 coffeeshops in A'dam. Tucked away in a very quiet part of the city, away from the big crowds, it's a great place to relax and recharge. It is fairly popular however so may be busy at peak times and the seating is a little limited. Best to go mid-week.

Ruggy Rugz - 4 years ago

One of the best coffee shops I've visited this time round the smoke was amazing and so were the staff I also highly recommend the cheese ham toasties as the food and drink was a really good price. The place had full aircon and was so nice to sit in as it was so hot when I went also it's in a really nice clean part of the City away from the hustle and bustle and red light area also there's a great coffee shop around the corner called the Grey area which I highly recommend you visit if you were stopping at amnesia

you're all so gullible - 4 years ago

Gorgeous little coffeeshop. I entered and was greeted by 2 lovely happy young ladies who were very helpful and kind. I will definitely lately come back in 8 weeks when I'm back in Amsterdam. Very highly recommended

Mila Delacour - 4 years ago

Fantastic...amazing!!! Try the Free-volcano !! Very tasty Menu with some very nice Strains(try ls*d*). The Service is very friendly and quick. Have to visit if u be in Amsterdam.

Chris Nanos - 4 years ago

One of the best in Amsterdam. Great strains, great staff and awesome music. Plus, they have a microscope so you can look at your strains up-close. Really entertaining!

Harry Bridgland - 4 years ago

Amnesia is an awesome place to chill out. They have a good selection of hot, cold and alcoholic drinks. And of course award winning cannabis. Sometimes it will get extremely busy but it's still worth it. Outside seating also

Jack K - 6 years ago

Absolutely amazing. Great Service, great people, amazing weed. Could not have asked for a better experience. Best shop in Amsterdam. They gave me free pancakes just because they liked me. Amazing...

Jahangir Hussain - 7 years ago

Awful experience the staff member wasy very rude and the weed was terrible. The weed tender said to customers if you don't like it don't come here and then went on to say that's how you get rid off customers and laughed. Will never go there again. PLEASE AVOID WILL BE YOUR WORST EXPERIENCE IN AMSTERDAM!!!!

Luke Hidayat - 7 years ago

Went for the dro, stayed there for the lattes and atmosphere. Great vibe , super friendly and helpful budtenders. 10/10 will be back in July.

John Garvey - 7 years ago

I found this place on my last few hours in the dam, I went in specifically for the LSD and wasn't disappointed. Good music could only stay for an hour but will be back for the LSD + other strains

TOM H - 7 years ago

one of the few comfy places to smoke great service and fantastic weed the Vanilla Kush was the best thing I have ever smoked and the amnesia Haze was amazing too and served by the most beautiful lady ever 31/12/15


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