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Sint Antoniesbreestraat 71, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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  • Monday 09:30 - 01:00
    Tuesday 09:30 - 01:00
    Wednesday 09:30 - 01:00
    Thursday 09:30 - 01:00
    Friday 09:30 - 01:00
    Saturday 09:30 - 01:00
    Sunday 09:30 - 01:00
  • It is unknown if and when this coffeeshop will be selling controlled, state regulated cannabis. For more information, check out the 'state regulated cannabis' page.
  • http://www.coffeeshopbluebird.nl/
  • +31 20 622 5232


Murphy McMittens - 2 weeks ago

Very friendly staff, very nice atmosphere, chill music. Didn't feel very welcome everywhere in Amsterdam as a tourist, but this place was a good experience, I felt accepted here.

Nathaniel Wiskirchen - 1 month ago

Always good to be here, nice staff

jason byrne - 2 months ago

It's been a while since I've been to bluebird, always my first stop after I get off the train in Amsterdam.. a question to the owner or anyone who might know does bluebird still sell the strain chocolope? I live in Ireland and would go to Amsterdam to get some chocolope.

Daniel Loftus - 3 months ago

We stayed quite a way from the bluebird but stumbled across it on one of our walks - cannot complain fantastic staff and a nice upstairs area

C S - 3 months ago

Nice cosy shop, everything clean and delicious drinks. Very nice view from the shop.

Cally - 3 months ago

Hands down the best coffeeshop I visited while I was in Amsterdam. The staff was really patient and kind. Great quality products as well. I highly recommend going here for a relaxing smoke session. I had their poffertjies ( I already had a few in the image attached, was zoning out way to much and forgot to take a picture haha)

Hanna Junginger - 4 months ago

Great for a quick smoke. Bought OG Gelato here and it kicked me right outta my socks

Roman Halata - 4 months ago

Great place. Have it all Pre-Rolls, Space cookies, good price (CAN PAY WITH CARD!!!!), great vibe. Recommended for everyone !

Michael Tahmoressi - 5 months ago

Blue bird is a fantastic shop they have a full volcano bar and they clean the mouth piece between each use. Also flower tangee was great

Tania Pérez M - 5 months ago

Great place ! I had a great time there and awesome conversations with one of your employees Marcelo :p wish I had asked for his # to keep in touch haha

Julia Sara - 5 months ago

Best one I've been! The atmosphere beats any competition!

Begoña López - 5 months ago

A great site. They have a terrace. Dogfriendly: they received my dog ​​almost better than me. Very friendly and attentive staff, the waiter speaks Spanish. They gave us good advice on what to take. I forgot my wallet and they kept it for me. Many thanks! A really recommended place.

Nicolas Hanotel - 6 months ago

Cool music (electro-swing, reggae, and other chill tracks). Cosy room upstairs, snacks and drinks are available for very reasonnable pricing and good quality. Now let's talk about what people want to know : the menu. Well we came here as a couple, for the so-called special muffins. Spoiler alert : they are. It was girlfriend's first time, not mine, quite used to space cakes. We shared 33/67 and it took us higher than the Empire States. Also, a friendly reminder : they say it is to be shared by at least 2 people and it truly is. Could even split it in 3 or 4.

Alex Bartolini - 6 months ago

I try to always visit The Bluebird when I'm in town. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and while the menu may be smaller than other coffee shops, the selection is always excellent. Would highly recommend. One of the best.

G L - 7 months ago

This is one of my favourite places to visit when in the Dam, staff are great and always have a bit of a different menu

gabriele daniel - 9 months ago

Very nice experience, historic coffee shop, skillful people which give you advices and explain everything you need!

A Yeung - 9 months ago

Recommend paying a visit to this coffee shop. The staff are really helpful and friendly and there's different parts of the cafe, to work, smoke, drink tea and chill. Visited it a few times whilst in Amsterdam

MaCaVa Valente - 9 months ago

One of my absolute favourite coffeshops in Amsterdam. Friendly helpful staff ,good fair quality of herbs and a really nice relaxed flair. It's situated in a calm corner far away from the red-light and massive crowded places

Mati Leforgeais - 9 months ago

As usual, the Bluebird staff were welcoming and helpful. Their produce is always excellent quality for a fair price and the coffee ls fantastic too, which is a bonus. I've visited the Bluebird every time I've been to Dam since the early 90's and it's always the first coffeeshop I head to from Centraal. Special mention to James, who is always cheerful, chatty and willing to help.

Emma “emsie0706” R - 9 months ago

Really nice people! A third of the special muffin was enough for me :D

anne_black1437 - 10 months ago

Comfy place, great prices and good quality, the muffins are to die for !!

Keith Jarrett - 10 months ago

Excellent weed and service. Really nice staff, couldn't ask for more.

Bjørnar Berntsen - 1 year ago

Some good indicia there. Nice staff.

Conan Scholl - 1 year ago

At this place I tried the "Volcano Vaporizer" for the first time. An interesting experience. Unfortunately, the staff was not very friendly and staying too long was not desirable. The vibe didn't grab me here, there are much better coffee shops for me in the city.

Always High - 1 year ago

Absolutely love this place, I visit every year, the staff are wonderful and don't care for employing people that aren't friendly and caring. It's always a pleasure, I'd love for them to have more space for more people by purchasing a second bluebird. I wish they had the Coffeeshop reefers building a few shops down away from the centre as they have a huge seating area but Coffeeshop reefer just isn't bluebird. Much love for all the staff, can't wait to see you all again.

alan wrld - 1 year ago

This Coffeeshop is amazing. We feel at home with our friends. Comfortable on rainy days!

Marco Montaletti - 1 year ago

Very friendly staff. I felt like home. Location was amazing with a room with sofas where smoke your joint in chill.

james regent - 1 year ago

One of my favourite coffeeshops in the city. Welcoming and polite staff, good selection with teas and coffees. A nice place to be.

Philipp Beach - 1 year ago

Best poverty to relaxe and enjoy the evening! Maybe to always the best strains, but always the. Eat place to hang out! Very friendly staff with love for their job! Nice music and enough space to chill! Make sure to check out the specials! Nice prices and perfect stuff!

Patrícia Tóthová - 1 year ago

Amazing place! Good and strong stuff, nice music.

Iris Homer - 1 year ago

So far I'd say this is my favorite coffeeshop I've visited here in Amsterdam. The staff were lovely, the atmosphere was perfect, the prices and quality of the flower was great, and I even liked the music (which has been a rare experience thus far). Even their restrooms are the nicest and cleanest I've found in the city. Will absolutely be visiting again.

Alberto Casula - 1 year ago

Best muffin tried in Amsterdam, the bluebarry

Pat Parni - 1 year ago

Wow, best Shop to chill, good price/quality, buy a lot when you are here!

Ben P - 1 year ago

Reasonable prices and friendly staff

Carlos Luján Giménez - 1 year ago

Good weed, cheap and strong!

Mike Bateman - 1 year ago

They always have a really good selection of hash here. never lets me down.

Nielis X - 1 year ago

The best Shop in the city

Jonny Cash - 2 years ago

Good shop, next time I'm around I'll be happy to visit you again

Patrick Egwuasi - 2 years ago

Get together for friend and family

Raphael Schuster - 2 years ago

Great Sevice

Dave Morgan - 2 years ago

Their edibles are the best I could find

Kuba Dubis - 2 years ago

Great place with very professional and kind staff. They have a lot of different strains as well as many edibles. You can smoke on site or use one of stationary Volcanos with small, refundable deposit. Great place to have a coffee as well :)

Claudiu George Patrascu - 2 years ago

Beautiful coffeeshop with indoor & outdoor seating, wide range of products, decent prices, delicious coffee and great staff.Bring some id otherwise, security won't let you in.

Matthew Weatherford - 2 years ago

Great place to get high quality bud. Nice staff and chill smoking lounge. Also has tables outside

Solène Monnier - 3 years ago

I am not a smoker and this is one of the only coffee shop I can stay in without suffocating from the smoke. The real extra for me was that I got to enjoy Latin rhythms of Company Segundo. Finally some good music in a coffee.

Anas Alwi - 3 years ago

Wonderful place for coffee and great view. Staff are also cheerful and greet you with smiles. Recommended place for reasonably priced coffee.

Dan Todd - 3 years ago

Me and my girlfriend were staying in Amsterdam for 3 days and this instantly became our favourite place. I can’t stress enough how lovely and helpful ALL of the staff were. I’ve rarely smoked before so I explained to the man and he started talking me through what he thought was best for me, discussing the different strengths etc. The second day we came back and the woman was just as helpful and friendly.

Amy Madden - 3 years ago

Great place, knowledgeable staff. Great tea and hot chocolate. Its wasn't as busy as the other cafes around which suited us. Still has quality stuff. Hope to return in the future

David - 3 years ago

We came with a tour group a couple of weeks back. One of the party experienced his first whitey in 30 years. The staff were awesome. Genuinely caring and sound help to get him back on his feet with good advice and some blood sugar enhancement! Thanks guys!

Alexander Perlinger - 3 years ago

This coffeeshop is for me one of the best in Amsterdam. Especially the lounge on the first floor is very cozy and invites you to linger. Well done guys!

Артем Баскаков - 3 years ago

Very nice place with 2 floors. Awesome spot at the bar where you can watch the flow. Good tea with cookies and honey.

Tsara Howell - 3 years ago

Great place, to hang out at all times of the day. Really good price's. Silver Hybrid pure rolled were pretty cool, I had 5

Lok Yiu Chu - 3 years ago

Highly recommend for first-timer! The staff here are very helpful. They will give you clear instructions of how much you should take the product. I had half of a space cake and 2 hours later it hit me so strong! Good experience and good feelings.

Samuel Wasserman - 3 years ago

Warm, comfortable, and welcoming environment. Very chill and laid back. Some good yummy “coffee”

Jason Green - 3 years ago

Great spot! Great coffee. Great weed at decent prices. Pleasant staff. Good music. Chill vibes. Hard to go wrong here! One of my favorite coffee shops.

Calvin Au-duong - 3 years ago

Good weed and vibes here. Came here when I first landed and got me some good dank a coffee and met a couple friends ! The weed here is good and prices are fair. I’m finding reliability is a big issue with these coffee shops. You can’t go wrong here. Fast service and a nice menu with a good mix of everything. Went back again today for a 2nd visit got me and the wife some buds and gorilla ice hash. Nice smoke and yummy latté. Great way to start our day. Will be back again before we leave. Nice spot. Quality buds. Canadian dank lover approved

aRlidgE - 3 years ago

Nice weed there. Pretty good deals too, you can get 4.2g of Super Skunk for 35€. Relatively big chill Area where you can roll up your joints. Tobacco use is no problem just don't let your cigs/tobacco laying around.

ryan james - 3 years ago

Was off the beaten track, more of a chilled vibe.. Lovely cappuccinos, lovely weed, especially the ''blue cookie''... Friendly staff, not moody like alot of other cafes in the more frequently used areas (understandably)..

Sandy Ginn - 4 years ago

2 story's so you can enjoy your view outside. If ya want. Good lattes

Eric Adam - 4 years ago

The bluebird was recommended by many friends. Unfortunately it was rather a bitter disappointment. I ate 1.5 space muffins and it didn't have any effect. My friend experienced the same the other day. Nevertheless, you can buy other stuff there and it's a location with culture and character.

Wayne Page - 5 years ago

Great atmosphere and very friendly staff. Worth a visit and the music's cool as well.

Jamie Hadley - 5 years ago

Great place to meet friends. Chill vibes and jamming music! Churr!

Barry Cheung - 5 years ago

A very friendly place with a great selection of goods too. My personal favourite since I discovered it a few years ago

Jennifer Sutton - 5 years ago

Good advice for the newbie in our group and welcoming to those not smoking like me. Both a smoking room, open area for smoking and downstairs which is none smoking which I found good.

Tricia Pelkington - 5 years ago

Kind of small, but cozy. The guy who checked my i.d. was very friendly, as well as the people I shared space with in the smoking lounge. :)

Mark Elmes - 6 years ago

Really nice coffee shop, great selection of weed, good food (toasties mainly), nice smoking area, good service, and free WiFi too! Would recommend this place! They've also got a few bongs and a vaporizer for you to use.

Melanie Tam - 6 years ago

Bluebird coffee shop is small and can get hectic but if you don't mind that, their staff is extremely patient and helpful. They have a large variety to choose from, including some space muffins. If you get a chance, you should try the volcano vaporizer. I'm not sure how readily available it is in coffeeshops or in Amsterdam in general but Bluebird had it. It definitely hits you a lot faster and will give you the most bang for your buck. No pictures allowed, but I managed to sneak in a few :)

Adrian RP - 6 years ago

I love the view from the bench. I always stop by if we collide..????????????????????✌????️????????????????????

FreedomIsTheGoal - 6 years ago

Awesome location great people and some original people who know what their job is. Great selection and many people but still there was enough space to sit. The blue cheese is kickin

Alessandro Devoto - 6 years ago

Probably one of the most famous coffee shops in Amsterdam. It was recommended to me by the guys from the Cannabis College as the best coffee shop close to the Red Light District (referring mostly to the fact, that you can trust their weed quality). Close to the tourist hotspots, it seems to be always kind of full. They have a terrace, but you are not allow to roll there. You will find a good diversity on the menus (prices a bit more expensive than average), a cozy atmosphere, a close room for cigarette smokers, friendly people, music is not laud, etc. Recommendable place if you manage to find a sit for you.

Nicolas da Luz Duque - 6 years ago

The staff could be nicer (the bouncers can be a little weird, and maybe the waitress was having a bad day) but the general vibe is good. The main part is for smoking pure joints (which I would recommend if you want to taste a lot of different weeds/hashes and you're not staying long), because they're a better value than the weed/tobaco mixed joints. If you're staying longer or just want to try one strain, you should buy weed and roll. The weed is a good selection, with Super Silver Haze and Blue Cheese at the top of my list. ^^

Pangaya WhereWolves - 7 years ago

Easy to find even if you just arrived. Incredibly good selection (even if you've been smoking since '75!), helpful in multiple languages, Really good Smoothies and fresh orange juice too. Nice view, helpful budtenders, great place to have a smoothie, hit off a volcano, generally enjoy the sites and smells of Amsterdam. Highly recommended, nice, normal, people, a good place to unwind. Have a nice day!


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