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Coffeeshop Bullwackie

Closed indefinitely
Woestduinstraat 76, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Zuid)


A Google User - 2 years ago

Im doing 5 stars here as a neighbour! ;)

Edv Vardo - 2 years ago

Im doing 5 stars here as a neighbour! ;)

Apex Locator - 3 years ago

I stayed in hotel XO for a month during the days of pandemic and there was absolutely no need for us to travel to dam square etc to get good stash. As they have the best of everything weed plus prices. I would want everyone to visit this place ia so friendly.

Millie Buck - 3 years ago

Love this little place, currently being refurbished but still open for business, lovely home feeling and super chill and friendly keepers. Nice selection and very aromatic bud.

Thomas Pons-Seguin - 3 years ago

Very friendly staff, ready to advice and help! I know they renovated the place.. curious to see how it looks! ;)

Michael Heywood - 3 years ago

Local place(we were only english), amazing if you want to take a few tram stops out of the city for culture and some of best we have had since getting to Amsterdam

A Google user - 3 years ago

Small corner koffeeshop, very friendly staff - bought a nice pre-roll that burned really well :) Edit: some of these other reviews are harsh and way off-base

stuart gibbons - 3 years ago

You can't smoke inside and they don't like you smoking outside! Prerolled very little weed and a floral mix, most of it went in the bin. They're a long stretch from a coffeeshop, more like a dealer with a shop front, don't waste your time!!

Diana Dee - 4 years ago

Friendly staff, good selection, assortment of glassware too.

Stevie Thomson - 4 years ago

Magic muffins and great smoke, friendly staff, definitely be visiting again soon

Holtz - 4 years ago

Your money will be worth somewhere else. At least I was able to buy some Space Cake...

Smooth Butt - 4 years ago

Best quality you can get but needs sitting area inside

Sams Djali - 4 years ago

Small shop with kind people. Real good prices in comparison with shops in the centre. ask for "Bullwackie oortje" or "Bullwackie Special":-).

Brent Laughton - 4 years ago

Last chance to pick up a joint before exiting the ring heading south west, and fairly busy as a result. Prices and weed are fair, atmosphere is kitsch and a bit ongezellig, with low-grade gaming machines and an always-closed smoking room. Staff are friendly, though.

Adam Stanley - 6 years ago

If you're a tourist, I'd recommend just leaving these guys alone. They'd seem to prefer it that way.

Alexander Haven - 6 years ago

Not very good, and quite expensive for what you get. Went here 4 times. I am not an experienced connoisseur yet but I now know, after having been to a very very good coffeeshop, that I have gotten decent weed just once out of 4 times. 3 out of 4 times harsh smoke, not sticky in the least and the smell was bland (cheese).I honestly didn't know there was such great diversity in smells from strain to strain, you can't really tell at Bullwackie. Also the blond lady behind the counter (had her twice) had great difficulty making weight. Both times she completely ripped the nugs to shreds to make the 2 grams, which leaves you with a baggy full of tiny pieces of bud and twigs. Not the end of the world obviously, it all goes into the grinder anyways, but coupled with the below average weed it does not add to the experience.

col. hapablap - 6 years ago

local mom-n-pop vibe unlike other coffeeshops in the canal ring. recommend the house cheese

Don P - 6 years ago

Small Shop without Smoking Area but we only can recommend it! Very good weed (Tipp: Bullwackie Haze) and very friendly People. Next Time again!

Guy Roberts - 7 years ago

Good service. Good range. Helpful


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