Coffeeshop El Guapo Amsterdam Holland
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Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 32HS, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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David Meadows - 3 weeks ago
Fantastic place staff friendly and welcoming must visit if you in town
Matthew Uribe - 1 month ago
this is the only good coffeeshop in town.. the quality and service are miles ahead of anywhere else and when they weigh your flower they take the stems off first. also the only shop with clean edibles and concentrates.
Giacomo Cirò - 1 month ago
Nice place, in a quiet street without much noise, even though very close to the city center. Unfortunately, the place itself is pretty small, there is room for at most 10 people to sit inside.
Daniel Levos - 1 month ago
Really nice place. Really good weed/hash but the friendly staff here are what make the place. As in they are really helpful and willing to have a conversation with you. Also it’s right next to a nice restaurant plus a good bar further down
nathangamer19 - 2 months ago
Went to this coffeeshop today , it was the best coffeeshop experience I’ve had in Amsterdam, Guy behind the counter was amazing and helped me pick the right strain
Danielle Peyton - 2 months ago
Genuinely kind and lovely people work here. They have a great selection and a chill vibe. Also the coffee is delicious. This is my first cafe in Amsterdam and I might be spoiled. Definitely drop in if you are in the area.
Z Z - 2 months ago
Nice one Terps Army guys. Excellent weed and a good chat with the friendly, informative staff. Regular drinks prices, but served with a smile. Please never ever join the increasing number of non-smiling coffeeshops! My only issue is why you were not here 30 years ago... Keep
First Name - 2 months ago
Nice little spot, the menus alright aswell the cali is ok.. not burning the best but tastes nice.. Staff are friendly enough too.
gavin rennick - 3 months ago
Great spot friendly staff-ish even if they are a bit handys to customers trying to freak them out
Aisling Siobhan - 4 months ago
Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Small venue but wide range of products, reasonably priced, and good vibes all around!
Ruki Sri - 5 months ago
Great place. The guys working are chill and good A must try place. Had a good menu.
Sasha Ellis - 5 months ago
Best coffee shop in Amsterdam! Wonderful staff who are always happy to help, amazing smokes (we got most of ours from here during our holiday) and overall brilliant place to chill. Also, the logo is unreal!! Very cool! Best place ever!!! Can’t wait to be back already! Thanks guys :)
Kirt Nicholls - 5 months ago
Small but a great place to have a coffee and a smoke. The variety and prices are great, the staff know their stuff and are very helpful if you want any help choosing. Id highly recommend having a visit if you're in the area
Maeckie Dies - 8 months ago
Spot is a little bit small and it gets to fast to full in it. If its cold outside it’s cold inside too, so come warm clothed
faygojo19 - 8 months ago
Fire bud!! Great atmosphere. Nice n chill. Try the gelato stash, budtender recommended it. She was very friendly and helpful.
Jonathan Homsi - 8 months ago
One of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Everything I tried on the menu was smooth and flavorful. Staff were very welcoming and friendly making the busy atmosphere a little more comfortable
Magilla - 1 year ago
I never get disappointed here. Vibe and Terps
J J - 1 year ago
I always thought this was too commercial for my taste but boy was I wrong. I go here atleast 3 times a week since my first and the quality is always top notch on both local and imported flowers. The hash is incredible too. Service wise they are ALWAYS happy to help me with my selection and dont mind to have a chat. This is the way its supposed to be done. 10/10
Lewis Higgs - 1 year ago
TERPS, one of the best dispensaries in town. Top quality weed A* buds, would highly recommend the Mac local, Strawana and the Cherry OG. Also their grinders are sick
No NI DUTCH - 1 year ago
#LetsGuide a nice hidden coffeshop with friendly staff ( lucky no Dutch are working there )
ev - 1 year ago
The purest and best weed I have ever tried. The prices are also one of the best in Amsterdam.
Sruli Halberstadt - 1 year ago
Would definitely recommend. Staff were very helpful and friendly and they had a great range of flavours!
MO Yan - 1 year ago
Super coffee shop. Super friendly staff. Good vibes and atmosphere!!! 10/10 . Quality buds is well
john doe - 1 year ago
Cool place that has some nice old school strains. Not all these fancy over priced silly named ones. Nice blueberry and cheese styles on the menu.
Suzyboo73 - 1 year ago
The staff in here were absolute gentlemen. I had gotten lost and was a little stressed about the battery of my mobility scooter but despite the small, intimate size of this venue, they still made it easy to charge my scooter and relax with a great selection of herbs and soft drinks to while away a couple of hours amd chatvto fellow tourists and staff alike, as though we were friends for years, highly recommend a visit. Thanks guys x
Yahvu Sar - 1 year ago
I loved it in there. Came there for flavours and didn’t get disappointed. Thought I’d buy some Cali-stuff , but I was more convinced by their own flower. New favourite spot in Amsterdam for the quality and prices. On the pic you see the Pink Runtz which has a pungent smell and flavour. My favourite was the Sundae Driver, I hope you’ll keep it on the Menu. Greetings!
Dominik Gläser - 1 year ago
Nice shop with a few seats inside to hang out. Great acknowledgement and nice staff
1988Daysleeper - 1 year ago
Friendly helpful staff, great product's will definitely visit again.
Charles Floate - 1 year ago
Great choice, friendly staff and cool environment.
Leanne Matthews - 1 year ago
THE BEST SPOT IN AMSTERDAM! I've been to Barcelona and its nice too see TERPS ARMY going global !
Kilia Rodenas - 1 year ago
Excellent place, simphaty and kindness. Very good product.
Stef Cap - 1 year ago
excellent terps. Best shop ive found for filter hash in Amsterdam:) big up
Gary Norton - 1 year ago
Nice little spot, was expecting more from what I have seen from the Barca club, few nice strains, big menu small shop but will be back
Umar Namsa - 1 year ago
Spain weed in Amsterdam, i love IT, you will taste the different.
Alex Ilies - 1 year ago
I had a great time at this central coffeeshop. Their Amazon Kush is absolutely awesome !
Conan Scholl - 1 year ago
Small store, not exactly in the center, which need not be a disadvantage. Super friendly staff which offers a variety of varieties. Stop by if you're in the area.
Ugi Bang - 1 year ago
One of the best quality weed in Amsterdam, nice employees, comfy place
Philipp Beach - 2 years ago
Nice Cali Selection but s little to expensive compared to other shops. Best was the Johnny Dabb Push-up-Cake! Often they have some crazy specials! Place is not the big but still nice to hang out!
bas k - 2 years ago
Crazy good weed for fair prices. One of the best in town already
Rafael - 2 years ago
Really nice friendly staff! Amazing bud, asked the woman what flower she recommend, really enjoyed the sweets #21. Will definitely be visiting soon again! Welcome to Amsterdam guys.
LeidsePyro - 2 years ago
Some good dutchgrown on the menu, also has a cali selection and good variable hash menu (dry, filtered, bubble hash) Mentioned the lemon haze (€12) had one small clean nice bud, and the other 1,2gr is fluffy, dark green bud. The other haze was ok. Inside looks nice, place for around 6 people to smoke inside.
Selka Toer - 2 years ago
Was expecting more. Same old stuff, even with Terpsarmy owner :(
john steen - 2 years ago
Excellent shop with others saying expensive , Value for Money I'd say Deffo
Paul Roberts - 3 years ago
Amazing place, a definite must go. The G4 and OG Kush are must buys
Carl - 3 years ago
Customer service was top notch during a difficult time, 5/5*
Alan Papandrea - 3 years ago
Great little hidden coffee shop, staff is really competent in giving you good advice Bruce Banner was the best in Amsterdam for my taste.
Bong Fu Fighter - 3 years ago
Small shop with huge Selektion on flowers and Hash ... tried the White OG Dry Sieve , killer stuff ... prices are bit high thou
Salim Naib - 3 years ago
Best coffee shop of the city Always open, even during a pandemic I highly recommend
Ya5ho Y - 3 years ago
Im not a smoker went in with a friend that was the most great experience in a coffee!! Excellent
Samuel Parish - 3 years ago
Top notch bifta. Super nice chap in store recommending the best one for us. Come here to escape crowds and have a better time.
Joshua Harris - 3 years ago
The guy there was very honest when it came to advice. Set me up with there S5 strain which was an amnesia diesel cross (I think) anyway. Lovely smoke. The place is tucked away and not very commercial. If you want the type of coffeeshop that emits that non pretentious vibe then this is the one. Prices are fine but there selection and presentation is top. Plenty hash choices too. I had there mid price honey hash and that hit the spot.
TravL Guy - 3 years ago
Chill location. Not over crowded and has grrrreat coffee wink wink!!! Friendly and welcoming peeps.
Reaux Carballo - 3 years ago
The good stuff! Bit overpriced.... but pretty chill, good and friendly service which know their greens! I recommend Bruce Banner........
narminda babameto - 4 years ago
Cool place with a clear menu of all kinds of weed and analcolic fresh drinks. It's very frequented by local, best place to get high with not too much tourists.
Nastia Blinov - 4 years ago
Great coffeeshop, Great strains, both s5 haze and shoreline that we tried were great. Very friendly staff!!!! Very recommended!
Alba Cervan - 4 years ago
Today I go to differents coffees but this one I think is the best, the customer service is very good on part of everyone, even with some customers, make you feel at home. Very good products with a lot of variety. So thanks you so much
Weedlover1994 Kushmix - 4 years ago
Amazing weed andere the most tastefull hasj! Loved the Guy how worked last night! Very helpfull but mostly funny! Enjoyed my night very much! Thanks!
Titos Elmarinero - 4 years ago
Kind staff, nice place and crazy weed .The best
TM K - 4 years ago
One of my favorite shops in the area of Amsterdam. The staff is very friendly and their weed is of top quality with a wide variety of choice. My personal favorite is the S5 Haze ;)
Emma Luissint - 4 years ago
El Guapo was a blast very well received even though I didn't stay long, there is a homy feels to that place great energy I know that I'll be back for sure. Light and love.
Saw Hwang Yang - 4 years ago
Nice little coffeeshop. The place is not too crowded when I went which is nice. I manage to find myself a place to sit down and experience. However I underestimated the impact. Soon when I was about the finish one I felt sick and had to throw up in the sink. I am really sorry for that mess. The staff was very comforting and had me taken care of. He didn't make me feels any worse which is very sweet of him. Will I be back again? Oh yes!
Kevin Kulík - 7 years ago
you like hip hop, you've got to come
Jack Le noury - 8 years ago
small decent place with the best weed. the guys sing all the time like there wannabe rappers. but looking more like bitches just wish the dude visiting his mate on the counter would shut up and chill thinking he has a gift in rapping. positive note i will all go back for the weed. I visited every coffeeshop this place had the strongest weed and hash can't wait to go back
Fred Maurice - 8 years ago
One of the best coffeshops in Amsterdam!
Mike Bozart - 10 years ago
great 'local feel' coffeehouse. kewl scene. if you want to avoid the touristy rip-offs, this is the hidden gem.
A Google User - 14 years ago
El Guapo is a small wonderfull Coffeeshop, with the best kinds of weed and hash! The Prices are good and the stuff will only the best for everbody!! I had my best time in El Guapo, and believe in me, im in Amsterdam many times in the year!!! El Guapo, the only one!!!! Marco from Munich

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