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Coffeeshop Los Angeles

Closed indefinitely
Derde Oosterparkstraat 142, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Oost)


Tony Ton - 4 years ago

The cannabis is okay, mediocre compared to what is available nowadays in California legally. The space has an vibe that’s more of a grab and go spot. The pre rolls have a lot of tobacco in them

Arun Langley - 4 years ago

Seemed like a nice place, reasonable prices and friendly service, happy days

HollandFTW ACABproductions - 5 years ago

Really good Haze and Kush weed, good taste also! Very stoned I like that..

ArmandoWasRight - 5 years ago

Pretty nice

Octavia Joeloemsingh - 6 years ago

Great weed good service

Dimitrios Kanellopoulos - 7 years ago

Medium quality and bad atmosphere inside. Shop and go

trevor bryan - 7 years ago

One of the best so far


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