Coffeeshop Oost

Derde Oosterparkstraat 73H, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Oost)

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Patrick Molin - 2 weeks ago
Great place , great staff...very friendly and helpful. Plus everything I been buying been top class. See you guys next time I'm back in Amsterdam. I'm the one with a friend in a wheelchair. Keep up the good work
Nicole Kornherr - 1 month ago
Awesome... So nice staff.... Unfortunately u can't sit and drink here... But the staff is super friendly and gave us an local advice... Prices are awesome too. Just come here and try it out :) j6
Laura Simmons - 1 month ago
Read about here on Reddit about good quality and good prices. The place did not disappoint. Lovely professional and great range of all things smoke. Best smoke shop we've been to!
Francesca Chechi - 1 month ago
My favorite place since I moved here
Izzy A - 2 months ago
Great products, prices, and service. I tried lemonasia and it’s one of the best strains I tried
Logan Lewis - 2 months ago
As a long time smoker from Colorado, I highly (heh) recommend this shop. Great staff, super friendly. Delicious products. Just keep in mind the pre-rolls contain tobacco, so maybe roll your own if you don't like that!
McKell Fink - 2 months ago
Visiting from California and this place makes me feel right at home. Top notch selection, knowledgeable staff, and friendly! This is the place to go!!
Corezz T - 3 months ago
Beautiful Store with very friendly employees, who care more about the health and happiness of their customers than money
Caitlin Blunden - 3 months ago
Amazing, super friendly staff! Really helpful and made our groups experience great and easy. Highly recommend
lunevei - 3 months ago
The store itself had a beautiful interior and welcoming vibe, and the budtenders were friendly and knowledgeable. My boyfriend and I shared one of their Spacetries and it was wonderful (we had the Red Velvet flavour), it sent us astronomical (even as regular smokers) and was definitely worth the 10euro we paid for it as one was more than enough for the both of us. Despite being a little ways outside the city centre it was easy to find and in a lovely spot, and I would highly recommend to anyone visiting Amsterdam, even if you're not into weed! Great prices and fantastic products, with stress-free, trustworthy, and wonderful service. Thank you, Amsterdam Genetics!
Stephen Worthington III - 3 months ago
Beautiful aesthetic, wonderful staff and above all great produce! I especially liked the Fatkid's cake and the Pink Sherbert! I wish this shop sold merchandise so I could bring back a souvenir, but it was still a five-star experience!
βικτωρια σπυρου - 4 months ago
Very nice, clean place! Looks like a jewellery store! Everything I tried was excellent and the personnel's help was invaluable. Just ask Duncan for whatever you need, he's got you!
Jake Guerin - 4 months ago
12/10. Top class bud at reasonable prices, very friendly and accommodating staff and extremely professional. Might be a little out of the way for some people but so worth it.
Derek Bentley - 4 months ago
Best weed in the entirety of Amsterdam, such good Haze and every staff member I met was extremely knowledgable and described all the different types of Haze. Really good Cali strains too
dominique alexa - 6 months ago
If you want to try a space sweet, this is the best place!...the red velvet tastes extraordinary! And also here we found the best budtender ever!
Kajetan KociaƄski - 7 months ago
The weed is good. But the guy behind the counter was talking with other people instead of doing his work and wanted to mix two types of weed. In addition, he counted me extra for papers, when I toook over 5g, thing nobody does in other coffeeshops...
Luis Gracio - 8 months ago
Best coffeeshop ever, good quality and good prices. the Staff 5 stars always happy and ready to help!
Joshua Creighton - 8 months ago
Nice weed, nice guys, stunning place and stronger great tasting edible. Gave me skins and roach too!! So nice
Kamila - 9 months ago
Nice coffeeshop with good location. Very clean interior. The prices are fair, the quality is decent, and the staff is cool!
Sergio - 10 months ago
This was the First stop on our Amsterdam trip and it was amazing, the Shop looks modern and very noble. The Service was friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend this Shop.
Kayo Wiggins - 10 months ago
Lovely time passing through this shop. Staff was very helpful and super nice. Gorgeous interior as well!
N. David Stupple - 11 months ago
Friendly staff, decent pricing. One of the nicer shops in Oost area
Christian Fuller - 11 months ago
I’m an expat who has lived here for about two years at this point. I used to smoke weed regularly while I lived in the US, and since I moved here I often felt disappointed in the products of most coffee shops I went to. Not only does Coffeeshop Ost have excellent strains, but their staff is incredibly welcoming and friendly! Additionally the owners are very nice and approachable, I highly recommend Coffeeshop Ost to anyone who can stop by!
Milosz Wójcik - 11 months ago
Very good quality products, both edibles, prerolled and free packaged. Professional service and fair pricing compared to what you can find closer to the center.
Mark Baker - 11 months ago
Great products, great prices, great staff. And they're good to jonesin' Canadian tourists
Pat Arvid - 11 months ago
Good and tasty.
Cai Si Fan - 11 months ago
One of my all time favourite coffee shop

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