Coffeeshop Oost

Derde Oosterparkstraat 73H, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Oost)

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Joshua Creighton - 4 weeks ago
Nice weed, nice guys, stunning place and stronger great tasting edible. Gave me skins and roach too!! So nice
Kamila - 2 months ago
Nice coffeeshop with good location. Very clean interior. The prices are fair, the quality is decent, and the staff is cool!
Sergio - 2 months ago
This was the First stop on our Amsterdam trip and it was amazing, the Shop looks modern and very noble. The Service was friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend this Shop.
Kayo Wiggins - 3 months ago
Lovely time passing through this shop. Staff was very helpful and super nice. Gorgeous interior as well!
N. David Stupple - 3 months ago
Friendly staff, decent pricing. One of the nicer shops in Oost area
Christian Fuller - 3 months ago
I’m an expat who has lived here for about two years at this point. I used to smoke weed regularly while I lived in the US, and since I moved here I often felt disappointed in the products of most coffee shops I went to. Not only does Coffeeshop Ost have excellent strains, but their staff is incredibly welcoming and friendly! Additionally the owners are very nice and approachable, I highly recommend Coffeeshop Ost to anyone who can stop by!
Milosz Wójcik - 4 months ago
Very good quality products, both edibles, prerolled and free packaged. Professional service and fair pricing compared to what you can find closer to the center.
Mark Baker - 4 months ago
Great products, great prices, great staff. And they're good to jonesin' Canadian tourists
Pat Arvid - 4 months ago
Good and tasty.
Cai Si Fan - 4 months ago
One of my all time favourite coffee shop

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