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Rhonda Harris - 2 months ago

Wasn't in there for long (had to catch a flight) but weed was top shelf the atmosphere was litt good music, staff was really nice an let me charge my phone lol will definitely be back.

Scott Bolton - 4 months ago

Amazing atmosphere, very chilled out! Vibes all round

James Chamberlain - 5 months ago

Great selection of products & loads of comfortable seating on 2 levels, staff are very friendly

Renáta Gál - 6 months ago

The place is spacious, the Menu is fire, the music is proper

crina moldoveanu - 7 months ago

Amine Riahi - 7 months ago

The Plug 3rd location in Amsterdam. Highly recommend

rwho - 7 months ago

best menu in DAM

john doe - 8 months ago

Hit or miss if you get good staff or not chilled location. Not sure the Russia style has aged well .

Elvira Siegel - 9 months ago

Very nice, good prices, great quality!

Paul Badea - 9 months ago

The stuff is good… the service is lousy. Half the place is closed for no apparent reason. Be careful to count the change- i received 5 euro less…

Godstar - 9 months ago

One of the originals. A great place for a coffee and a chat. Great atmosphere and wonderful products

kenneeth86 - 10 months ago

Really nice prerolleds and nice vibe, nice staff and good coffee!

Jesús Madrid - 1 year ago

I bougth 2 teas and weed, later i want to go to the toilet and If you want to go to the toilet, you can't ! I asked to the employee and he said " go to other side" Don' come here, there are a lot of coffe better than this

Robert Kula - 1 year ago

Nice and friendly coffeeshop! One of the best where I was in Amsterdam! Good choice and place for relax

Amandine Balestra - 1 year ago

Nice coffee shop, chill atmosphere, good products and friendly staff. We were happy to find this coffee shop, all other were very crowded. You can seat for a long time and charge your phone here if needed as well.

dsanxcz - 1 year ago

Didn't saw Putin. Anyway nice

S WC - 1 year ago

Popped in here twice on our visit. Both times the staff behind the counter (brunette woman with glasses 1st day, blonde lady the 2nd time) were incredibly lovely, helpful and very personalable. Prices are reasonable and you'll get a huge bottle of chocolate milk for 3 euro which is brilliant when you consider other places charge 2.20-2.50 for a small can of the same milk! They also have a great selection of teas for 2.50 which again is 50 cent cheaper than other spots nearby. The prerolled are nice and the tobacco blend isn't harsh unlike in many other places. Reasonable prices again on smokes. Space wise, it's very expensive, the outside section is on a lovely quiet enough road with very little foot traffic so you can focus on reading a book or catching up on emails. Inside you've seating near the bar, above the bar in a split level floor at the back and lastly a very large well spacws out downstairs section that has an enclosed smoking lounge. It's a great place for both seasoned smokers and people who want to try something without choking on other people's ciggie smoke. Good age range too, this place is a lot more laid back with nice trance music (not too loud, enjoyable) and a chilled atmosphere. Suitable for all types of groups aged 18+ who want to avoid the more hectic coffeeshops.

endlos 1895 - 1 year ago

Amazing staff and nice location!

georges gaspard - 1 year ago

Despicable staff, we were treated very rudely. The waiter said to my friend : "are you deaf or what?!" , unbelievable.. we almost got into a fight. There are so many nice places to go in Amsterdam, just don't go there!

Matthias M (Retrogod) - 1 year ago

The hash was good and the location is pleasant.

Daria Onorina - 1 year ago

Perfect place to come and smoke some Red Russian and chill in the Putin lounge

Finn T - 2 years ago

This place is a tourist trap. The staff behave like they get bonuses for being treating people like dirt. Visited just over a year ago. 4 friends and I spent upwards of €60 collectively. As we attempted to grab a seat, we were abruptly stopped by the staff because one of our group 'hadn't bought anything'. We were planning to share the what we had bought between us, and tried to explain, but were shouted at and talked over. Eventually, I gave my friend (a student with no money) €1 to buy a small drink because at this point things were getting pretty heated. Not a pleasent experience and the weed is very overpriced anyway. There are plenty of better coffee shops around where the staff are actually decent human beings. Don't waste your time.

C Fassi - 2 years ago

Chilled coffeshop

sara.sz.x - 2 years ago

Henry Reinhold - 2 years ago

One of the more expansive shops in Amsterdam City Centre. They carry Cali Weed for >35€/g, which wasn’t worth the premium price. Staff was friendly, Aircon wasn’t working but the door was open

Bailey Nash - 2 years ago

They sell herbs, and muchies, and there is even a cafe cat to pat when you're baked. Didn't even bother with the other chops, this place was perfect.

Kai Heimann - 3 years ago

Friendly English service and great product selection. Reasonably priced.

Alex S - 3 years ago

Love these guys. Nice vibe and environment. Good quality of products too. Had to get myself a Tarantula Joint to celebrate my team winning their game and it didn’t disappoint. Definitely coming back here next time I’m in Amsterdam!

Damien Gill - 3 years ago

This place is slightly off the main area of stores but that is what makes it awesome. Smoking room is clean, comfortable with nice big TVs and air conditioning. Staff there we really nice too and I hope this place never changes. Finally quality of smoke here is great. Highly recommend.

Ben Baijan - 3 years ago

This was my first visit to Coffee Shop Rusland. Don't bother with this place! They are not friendly! I was walking past this place. Thought I buy a cup of tea and have a smoke. There were 4 other customers in the shop, so they were not busy. But they wanted me to buy the weed from them as well which is not the way it should be. So I then walked out and they lost the sale of a cup of tea. so for me the first impression of Rusland Coffee Shop is not good and i would not go there ever again. For a good friendly coffee shop with air con I recommend coffee Shop Solo which has a good selection of excellent stuff!

Ben Azari - 3 years ago

This was my first visit to Coffee Shop Rusland. Don't bother with this place! They are not friendly! I was walking past this place. Thought I buy a cup of tea and have a smoke. There were 4 other customers in the shop, so they were not busy. But they wanted me to buy the weed from them as well which is not the way it should be. So I then walked out and they lost the sale of a cup of tea. so for me the first impression of Rusland Coffee Shop is not good and i would not go there ever again. For a good friendly coffee shop with air con I recommend coffee Shop Solo which has a good selection of excellent stuff!

Dean Sesto - 3 years ago

Loved this coffee shop! A nice place to relax, sit down and have a smoke. Good weed Good spacecakes, Good location I will deffo be back

Luke Carroll - 3 years ago

Great place to buy from. Good weed, good price. The music was overly aggressive gangsta rap, the basement was way too hot. Only staff member on duty was rude, unhelpful and surely. Weirdest part was some Dutch version of crime watch on TVs all over the walls. The vibe was all over the place, and wasn't relaxing.

Craig MVP - 3 years ago

My new favourite coffeeshop in the whole city. Staff are awesome, good location and a great selection on the menu.The best 2 hash strains I've ever smoked were both from here.

peng 917 - 3 years ago

This was the last coffee shop we visited before leaving Amsterdam. It was worth it! Lovely bud, nice hot choc and a chilled yet clean vibe.

Jeff Quintana - 3 years ago

First they served someone behind us in the line, then the attitude... I understand they might get the same questions over and over again but the way to answer shouldn't be so unwelcoming.

Haroon Rafique - 4 years ago

Relaxed and large coffeeshop with an excellent variety of product and lots of nice seating. TVs on the walls and chill music playing. Usual assortment of snacks and drinks available. Clean and friendly vibe. Slightly off the beaten track so a little quieter than the others. Nice helpful staff.

A Huq - 4 years ago

Excellent place to be for some chilled time. The staffs are great, not cocky like some other coffee shops in Amsterdam. Also they have variety of products to offer. Hopefully you will find the one you are looking for. Also located in a quieter part of the city. Would visit again.

Elliot Hoyle - 4 years ago

Good prices and quality and interesting history as it's first legal coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Good atmosphere aswel

Karolina Pajęcka - 4 years ago

Its just a bit expensive. We find where the midium price was ~11 for really good stuff. So here for quite good but really teasty weed we need to pay ~15 but it's the City Center. For someone who don't care how much he need to pay 10/10. You can sit outside, inside on - 0,5floor, - 0floor and +0,5floor so is here a lot of place. At - 0,5 is smoking lounge with 2 TV's to watch sport

Зураб Гахариа - 4 years ago

The best place. Very clean. silent, not expensive prices. I repeat: CLEAN and SILENT. I Recommend!

Gonzalo Agustín Beviglia - 4 years ago

Very friendly, not crowded. Ideal if you are not a connoisseur and just want to have a fun time. As most coffeeshops in the Netherlands. They sell both pre rolled and per gram. If you have a grinder I would recommend to always buy by the gram, as you have a better control of what you are having

אורי לבני - 4 years ago

Nice chill place. Its nice to sit outside if you can, but theres some fair amount of space to sit inside. Video game zone of some kind inside, but there is a sound proof glass window so you dont feel it. Nice prices, nice people if your nice to them.

Kris McCadam - 4 years ago

Laid back atmosphere. Herb is good, they roll for you. They were open at 830am, perfect for a layover that arrives 630am leaves at 11am

Dirk Zaal - 4 years ago

Golden lebanon fir six eur isn't a bad price. next door s drinks aren't allowed to be consumed at their terrace, even when you stukje their hash. sitting on the canals is better anyway.

Yossi Kraus - 4 years ago

A very nice place super chilled and amazing service. Good menu and super friendly. Highly recommended

Marcello Musumeci - 4 years ago

The staff here were so friendly, the selection is great, the prices are fair, and they are open super early. This place saved my life after a flight that arrived way to early in the morning, and I had some hours to kill before I could check in to the hotel. Thank you, Rusland Coffeeshop. You are appreciated, and I will return to you.

Per Jonsson - 4 years ago

Out of the Coffeeshops I tried this is the best one for me. Friendly staff made me feel welcome and helped me find the best product I've ever had, so I returned several times. Great music and relaxed atmosphere, as it should be. Had a great time.

SmokaZ Smokazilla - 6 years ago

Just amaizing,place in the center and away from the crowds.Nice selection of buds,deacent stuff.I just dont have eny complaints for this place.

Nicholas Walmsley - 6 years ago

Great coffee shop good selection of bud and very nice hash had a very relaxed time in the putin lounge with a nice big bong good coffee friendly white cat definitely going back on my next trip ????????

David Nuhanovic - 6 years ago

Nice and chill athfosmere. Loved the cat sleeping in the corner ☺

Jose Recio - 7 years ago

The place is relatively recently renovated but renovation came also with new policy and a new way of treating customers. I hope this was an incident occurred out of the stress of all the new years business... But in my opinion there is no excuse for such kind of service. It's sad staff is instructed these days to treat tourists like cattle. I visit quite some coffee shops in Amsterdam and try my best to find out where there is not only a good product and price balance, but where there is also a good admosphere and place for interesting conversation. This was my first entrance again into Rusland after the renovation and it looked nice and promising. It was not the renovation but the staff, that totally ruined my visit. When I walked in, the bartender was yelling at a tourist couple they first had to order their drinks before they sat down at the table, while they were getting rid of their coats and sitting down. They pointed at their friends who were standing in line at the bar, waiting for the most impolite bartender to come back to the bar. I waited my turn, asked for a decaf. No decaf, I asked for a bitterlemon and he pointed his finger at the smoke menu. 'No thanx, I'm still served.' I answered. 'It's obligatory', he said, 'if you want to smoke.' I was so surprised by this absurd answer I thought to leave directly, but.... I was just avoiding the cold and had to wait for someone, so i thought; let's just give it another chance... Maybe the bartender had a rough new year. So I said... 'Ok, don't worry, I won't smoke.' ... I thought.. I'll just have a drink while I'm waiting and we'll see how this place turnes out. Directly after that, the bartender said he didn't believe I was not going to smoke and said again that consumption of weed or hash was obligatory, if I didn't believe it I could take a look on the houserools. I was quiet amazed by this blunt behaviour and treatment. I went over to the other side of the bar and looked on the houserools and read only the general statement... 'Consumption obligatory.' So how much of this undefined obligatory consumption would it take, to be finally treated as a normal customer... A bitterlemmon was obviously not enough. I was thinking in amazement standing already close to the door, while I thought it was going to be very unproductive to start any moral debate with this bartender... So while I'm still standing in that amazement, the same bartender says to me; 'Can you decide if you're in or out? because otherwise I can decide for you.' No discussion, ... I thought Definitely out... Out of respect Out of any consideration for values Out of line Out of this place before I loose my temper A pity, for Rusland was a nice shop someday, I studied right around the corner, and I hope for it to recover from this vulgar insanity. The old red, dusty, but homey Rusland went to the past and made place for a shiny human sewer in which sadly, bartenders seem to be instructed to yell at customers and and drive up their sale by implmenting falsely interpreted houserools. I hope anybody would take measures against such mentality and practice in public coffeeshops.

Pedro Rodrigues - 7 years ago

The staff really left plenty of room for improvement, not a good experience. Not recommended.

neonpulse49 - 7 years ago

Love the place! Neat cosy

White Lions - 7 years ago

Went there yesterday with 2 buddies of me, the atmosphere is relaxing and we chilled downstairs. The tv was on with South Park. Afterwards we went upstairs and we saw a cat sleeping on the couch with us. The cat was very high and we were also very high so the lol was humangous.


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