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Purple Rain
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Willemstraat 12, Breda (Breda Centrum)

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  • Monday 10:00 - 23:00
    Tuesday 10:00 - 23:00
    Wednesday 10:00 - 23:00
    Thursday 10:00 - 23:00
    Friday 10:00 - 00:00
    Saturday 10:00 - 00:00
    Sunday 10:00 - 23:00
  • This coffeeshop will be selling controlled, state regulated cannabis in the future. For more information, check out the 'state regulated cannabis' page.
  • +31 76 522 9252



Edu Kiraly - 2 weeks ago

The staff is very normal, I recommend it to everyone!

Sebastian.m.kaczor Kaczor - 1 month ago

Great place with great service, I was always happy to come back. These guys were the last coffeeshop I used before dropping my stoner life. Apart from the weed, they offered very good coffee :)

Lora meow - 2 months ago

Nice small place, but weird. I've been here maybe 7 times in the last 3 months, paid with same card every time. Now they refused the card (no, not Visa, I'm not new to NL), and when I asked why and tried to explain I've used it with them before, the man told me I am too loud and to go get cash. He was very rude about it. We went to get cash and came back, but I don't recommend this place; rude staff and selective treatment.

Jakub Řezníček (Řezy Satanáš) - 2 months ago

Nice shop but no many good staff

enikatee - 4 months ago

Good weed fast costumer service 5/5

Matus Gramata - 5 months ago

Very good coffeeshop but you can't sit inside if you don't live in Netherlands

Dylan Nedd - 6 months ago

best coffeshop ive been to so far in the nederlands i recommend everyone go there best quality weed best price it doesnt get any better then purple rain

Jevgenij Cesnakov - 6 months ago

Angry seller. To sit inside you need the confirmation of living in Netherlands and BSN. Cash only.

Areth Dina - 6 months ago

Good coffee shop,not so expensive

Lu Lis - 1 year ago

Alex Right - 1 year ago

Never again!!! They cheat regulary. They take advantage of location by the train station so they can easyly catch naive tourists. They just cheat in front of your eyes! Last time I bought a joint for 5 euros and that was mostly tabaco!!! Besides they are unpleasant and they look down to you. Stay away from that place.

Nomads Media - 1 year ago

Good news For marijwana Lovers

pawel smok - 1 year ago

Good stuff like for my.. Always!! And good guys Sell the stuff

Adik Adik - 1 year ago

Best Caffeeshop in Breda, Profesional Personel and the best stuff! 5/5!

Wiktoria Piórkowska AnAva - 1 year ago

András Kénesi - 1 year ago

Really good and cozy place!

Patryk Szkoła - 1 year ago

They don't have a lot of staff like papers or filters but they have really good weed New York is good one ✌️

Andis Savickis - 1 year ago

Quick service and decent quality of weed.

Chiorean Marius - 1 year ago

Good stuff, but pretty expensive comparing to other prices... The staff, by the way, is not very friendly, it seems to be a little umpatient even if I was the only client in the whole shop

Piotr Szeszko - 1 year ago

Good weed from friends.

Ivasscu Alexandru - 2 years ago

Good stuff. Respect. Special GorilaGlue

Marco Esposito - 2 years ago

AVOID. Owner and employees are people without manners. They don’t say “Hello”, nor “Bye” or a “Thank you”. They have never asked to check my passport. And I look younger than my age. Other shops have always asked me to show a valid ID. Weed is of poor quality and they will not give you a full gram. 0,95 is enough. Scandalous. One of those shi-tty employees have been so rude at me because one time I tried to pay by Card but the MasterCard was not accepted. He took my weed off the counter and with a disappointed and angry tone, he told me: “Come back when you have cash”. Not even tried to make another payment attempt. Shame on you, beasts!

Annetta Xavier - 2 years ago

I like the place but my choice may not be the same for others. Better you explore it yourself.

Przemek Majewski - 2 years ago


A Google User - 2 years ago

Polite staff, and very good quality products!

Ricardo Martins - 2 years ago

Polite staff, and very good quality products!

Malik deemi - 2 years ago

Very friendly staff and nice atmosphere without discrimination....

Mocanu Seby - 2 years ago

I need to have residence to buy from this shop?or it's good just the id?

Maciej Patrick Bojarski - 3 years ago

Is good commodity. I don't like it though every time show a BSN,number. And weed on this place is not expensive

Łukasz Malinowski - 3 years ago

Very tasty moon rock! Table for gaming and nice atmosphere!

Grasshopper Friends Road to Division 1 for FIFA19 - 3 years ago

No THC at all if you smoke prerolled joint. taste really bad. You should go to Coffeeshop Paradijs. here really waste of money. and Stuff is highly unrespecting People.

Genesis Abigael Boyer - 3 years ago

All of their staff was extremely rude. I've been living in the Netherlands for 2.5 years, speak Dutch, and showed them my residence permit, but they clearly have a problem with foreigners. Don't support racists.

Thista Sta - 3 years ago

see the other reviews, in general just a horrible shop. They sold me this huge twig and the weed itself is even dry and terrible. Would recommend the baron or the cat instead.

Artur Mikonowicz - 4 years ago

The Best coffeeshop in Breda! !!!

Marita Toman - 4 years ago

This coffeeshop deserves a second chance! I placed a 1 star review a few months ago, but they certainly upped their game recently! New, younger and friendlier employees and the white widow gets me pretty high everytime lol! Seems they took all the bad reviews to heart and did something about it.

the Shultz - 4 years ago

Bad place! If you want to feel mistreated, disrespected and feel like you been ripped off, go ti this coffeshop! Only the ladies are giving, almost always, smiles! Apart from the rude and "forever disgusted" man that sells you the weed, the place is a dump. Mainly when you see the face and attitude of the man that sells makes you NEVER wanna come there! Prices are not the lowest, quality also, and the atmosphere...an old smelly dump. Sayonara

Wouter van der Giessen - 4 years ago

I was a longtime customer. However, due to terrible hospitality shown by the owner himself I have decided to never come here again. Before I made this review I have made a complaint in the coffeeshop itself. This was during a conversation with the boss. The original issue was that they had no stock (this happens a LOT) and they were unwilling to make new stock while I waited. They even said; "We are not afraid of you". So, I decided to drop a formal complaint against this inhospitality. The boss kept talking over me, and did nothing to easy my worries. He said; "I can give you 1 advice; "Buy here, or buy somewhere else. We don't need you." He apparently doesn't care that I have been coming here for the past 10(!!!) years and that I have brought in multiple new customers for him. Except the girl(s) behind the counter, you will not find friendly people here at all. They also have a huge problem with stock. If you come in an hour before closing, there is a very good chance that you will have to leave empty handed. They will not help you. They will not wish you a nice day. They don't care. I am extremely dissatisfied with the lack of leadership and customer service. They simply don't care. When I was expressing my feelings to the boss, he was constantly interrupting me. Maybe he needs to compensate for something, I don't know. What I do know is that treating your customers like this, is an extremely terrible idea. I hope a lot of people read this, because a store like this doesn't deserve your hard-earned money. There are great alternatives here in Breda. Flyin' High or de Baron are great alternatives.

Waldemar Kula - 4 years ago

after showing the number of bsn and ID card, I was not allowed inside, even though I bought a parking ticket, my friends bought me a weed and left over 50 e. I do not recommend and I will advise anyone who asks me about this place

pwn2k7 - 6 years ago

1 woord..kutshop

Aa van der ploeg - 7 years ago

beetje hoog in de bol die familie. bedoel onbeschoft tegen klanten, wiet het zelfde als elders maar duur ik zeg slechtste shop breda. kom uit belgie wissel steeds shop maar nooit meer purple rain

steward malutki - 7 years ago

Po dostawie super lecz po 2 tyg bez dostaw stary sort i bez zmian w menu

ILONA schütte - 7 years ago

Ich habe mich immer wohlgefühlt :-) Ein TOLLER Laden

Mark Smith - 10 years ago

Rubbish, they wouldn't let me in because I wasn't a local


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