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Coffeeshop "Bamboo Beach Club"

De Vlouw 48, Delft

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Semo Sen - 5 months ago

Amazing store with with usa strains, they give you a free skunk joint if u spend over 10€ or something. They are fast even tho there is a line takes 5 6 min total. Never had a bad strain. Super lemon haze, sherbert and hia hash 10/10

Trey Young - 8 months ago

From Amsterdam to den Haag and Rotterdam this shop is one of the best in Netherlands! Top quality buds also Cali strains! The guys behind the bar are so kind and they take care of you removing all the stems and gives you clear buds! Thanks lucky that I found you guys keep up the good work!

Franck CRVZ (YungNovember) - 9 months ago

I love that place ! In the summer, this is the coffeeshop where you can find a cool place to smoke and drink. You’ll find a dime and beachy atmosphere. The music is great and gives you good vibes. Feels like a peaceful place to gather and play between stoners.

Benjamin Feldman - 11 months ago

Worst coffee shop imaginable. Super dirty. All of the pre rolls are mostly tobacco. I asked for no tobacco, and the guy blatantly lied. Said he would sell me a “pure” one. That just meant it was dipped in concentrate. Disgusting. If you’re looking for quality flower, visit the USA. This place was inhospitable. Disgusting 2.0. Poorly regulated and felt generally unsafe.

Kevin Hernandez - 1 year ago

Great selection of cannabis, amazing place to chill at and have a smoke

richard humphries - 1 year ago

Absolutely amazing little shop staff was very friendly n helpful n the weed quality was very good but it depends on wot ya wanna spend i highly recommend the uni n turbo cali pack strains n my favourite from this place was the pink panther very good quality taste n strength n very fair price for quality of bud i will be coming back to this place again wen ever i am in the area

Rachel Dziga - 1 year ago

Friendly and chill vibe. Treated tourists right with good product and awesome prices. I can see why its a local recommend. Will be back!

Berwyn Rowlands - 1 year ago

Good service plenty of choice

Antonio Minafra - 1 year ago

Literally the best coffee shop in Delft and one of the best of the Netherlands. This is really one of the best coffeshops I have ever set foot in, and I'm glad it is located in my town. The products are amazing, the employers are very friendly and the inside is even better: you got pool, board games, cheap drinks and much more. Like really this is how any other coffe shop should be. No weird rules or anything, just sit down and

العراب ابو الحسن - 1 year ago

Nice ♣️

Faas Klaassen - 1 year ago

Great place, good weed, friendly staff. The smokeroom has a really nice atmosphere, its interior is chill plus you can pool for an euro.

Bruce Vroegindeweij - 2 years ago

Good quality stuff

Enrico Sireci - 2 years ago

Excellent weed, wide choice and kind personnel. Not many options for ashish though, but not less than what the other coffeeshops offer. Best coffeeshop in Delft in my opinion.

Aleksander Strike - 2 years ago

Super Lemon Haze very tasty!

Andrea Tóth - 2 years ago

Very cute place

Annetta Xavier - 2 years ago

Gorilla silverback I tried here and turns out to be best grade. I will give 9 out of 10. They offer coffee, beer too. can't find any excuse to skip this club

Mohamad Kashout - 2 years ago

The worst costumer service ever. A worker behaved so badly. I don't recommend it.

Tommy Cockney - 3 years ago

Stopped of here before visiting Delft, Had some nice Gorilla Silverback 8/10, friendly helpful shop staff/budtenders & locals, nice big coffeeshop to have a nice chill out in, will definitely visit again..

Tommy TheYid - 3 years ago

Stopped of here before visiting Delft, Had some nice Gorilla Silverback 8/10, friendly helpful shop staff/budtenders & locals, nice big coffeeshop to have a nice chill out in, will definitely visit again..

Izma R. Effendi - 3 years ago

I love coming to this place because the vibe is just so chill, awesome music, and the staffs are super friendly. Sometimes it's crowded, but really love the atmosphere. Would recommend anyone to visit!

gonzalo marquez - 3 years ago

The employees were such an assohles. They make us to feel uncomfortable the hole time

sathya narayanan - 3 years ago

Nice place to have fun and play billiards.

Laci Szőke - 4 years ago

They don't sell space cake, but nice place. You have to buy something at the entrance and then can consume it inside. The music is good , but maybe a bit loud to chat with friends. However, it is a nice place to go to.

Steven Meijer - 4 years ago

Nice shop with very good quality stuff. Has a nice large area to sit and chill, though it can sometimes be very busy. Music is often way too loud, to a point you almost have to yell to the person next to you.

Laurens Puntman - 4 years ago

Best shop in Delft and beyond. This is a relaxed place with a a lot of choice of good weet

Jan Bartošek - 4 years ago

Good place with good material.

Nir Moshe - 4 years ago

Good vibes. The best in delft.

Arsel Hasan - 4 years ago

One of the biggest coffeeshops I have seen in the whole of Netherlands (I have only been to like 20 of them in total). Good weed but a tad bit expensive which makes it's prices comparable to the ones that have for eg., scents of strawberry etc but it's fine. As long as you don't buy the weed and smoke at your own place, this place is worth those extra money in terms of space and things to do like pool, pinball etc.

JayKate Mawson - 4 years ago

Great coffeeshop. Best I have ever been to. Going back to Delft just a to spend time there. Staff are so friendly. Best prices and quality in all of holland and I have been around the coffee shops more than most. Best coffee there comes from the guy with the shaved head and massive muscles and he is very helpful. Any stupid idiots are banned. Very peaceful. Always lock the women’s toilets while inside as blokes will try and enter without thinking.

Rachael Will - 5 years ago

Great prices friendly atmosphere completely quick will visit again this little town is like a miniature Amsterdam without the jacked Up prices and pushy tourists nothing better in Netherlands than this place

Burak Olurogullari - 7 years ago

+The best ambience+musics in the whole Netherlands! (I've visited almost all Amsterdam and Den Haag coffeeshops in last 4years) +Quality Weeds +Secure location, easy to find! +It is in Delft, Delft is the best city, pretty quiet, amazing beauty and not crowded. +Each time I've visited Bomboe, I found free table to sit each time easily, not crowded! +Crews are always smiling and kindly persons. +I am using its photo as a wallpaper on my computer :) Thanks guys, good job!

romano lange - 7 years ago

Is een goeie shop

Quentin Plennevaux - 9 years ago

Really good ambiance , staff really cool and relax' ! Don't miss this great coffeeshop ! The Bubblegum is really my favourite strain and do really taste like it's name :) Really good prices . Stay lifted , Peace .

Gamiolis Trelloz - 9 years ago

One of the better coffeshops in the netherlands honestly. Good ambiance and very friendly staff. Every staff member has their own personality and they are fun people. Good selection of teas and multiple tables. Music is really good though the playlist tends to get a little repetitive sometimes. The pinballs are awesome but they could be maintained better so as to make them more enjoyable and gain some respect that you care about pinball players ;) This place has the second best weed in town, really good quality and value for money. Not the best weed, but if someone gets to the point of comparing KC Jones with something else then they smoked wayyyy too much. KC is a knock out strain only for experienced smokers.

alex sd - 9 years ago

Best coffeeshop i have been around delft..comparing even to some from rotterdam and amsterdam. Inside the place is cozy,along with friendly staff and the weed is always best quality. Moreover , the KC Jones is the guarantee one and is as it is described in the menu APESTONED!!!!!!


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