Coffeeshop Galaxy
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Weimarstraat 245, Den Haag (Segbroek)

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Resonance of Illumination - Ambition of Void - 7 months ago
Excellent shop. Staff is friendly and the owner is a cool dude. Used to go the Hit but since that got taken over by Polish it's been chemical junk. I feel like Galaxy is the only shop that still sells good quality weed that hasn't been messed with.
K B - 1 year ago
Friendliness? More like smartmouths. They also weigh behind the counter and ask you to already pin before even weighing. That is not how to win trust. Just like Magic. Sad story.
David Fons - 1 year ago
Prices were fine, and staff was helpful. I also got some free stuff which was cool.
Tomasz Ś. - 1 year ago
Ok good stuff
Sampusti Deadmaur - 1 year ago
I was there only exchange a cash, but i saw a big choice a weed. A girl behind the glass are nice and very helpfull.

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