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Kleine Gracht 3, Maastricht (Maastricht-Centrum)

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Kris Riemens - 1 month ago
Fantastic service, weed, foods and drinks(really well priced btw). Very nice place and employees, probably one of the best coffeeshops in NL. In the heart of Maastricht!
Jean Mathei - 2 months ago
Haris Khan - 2 months ago
Unfriendly to tourists
Charis Tan - 9 months ago
I would go as far to say that this one of the best store in the whole of Netherlands!! It rates high for its price, quality, and service for me. Value for money despite being in the center of Maastricht. Friendly and very helpful staff. Clean and pristine establishment that also sells drinks and food for a reasonable price. Btw, they also sell medical marijuana.
Ard Geujen - 1 year ago
Best in limburg
Dhul Inko - 1 year ago
Quality weed & hash, staff is chill and do their work well, good music, and they offer a nice menu for food that is catered to smokers who need their munchies satisfied. Their milkshakes are damn tasty. And the Champions League nights are cool, hopefully we can go back soon. Best coffeeshop in Maastricht!
Cameron Frost - 1 year ago
I like it alot. Only place that sells that sticky icky honey cwumble
Cédric Godin - 1 year ago
Best coffeeshop in town (maastricht)
Thomas Stojanovic - 2 years ago
JOHN CHITTICK - 2 years ago
Felt nice and chilled
Maris Rokhline - 2 years ago
Great ambiance, music and personnel
Stijn Hendrickx - 2 years ago
Best in maastricht, friendly staff and great quality weed. Especially the Amnesia haze is amazing.
Jim Lamron - 2 years ago
Friendly people, good weed, friendly prices. Best coffeeshop in maastricht
Raúl M. V. - 3 years ago
Nice coffeeshop. Clean and open. Good music as well.
Laura Kelemen - 3 years ago
Chill atmosphere, friendly staff, good prices. Probably the best coffeeshop in Maastricht.
gökhan adıgüzel - 3 years ago
İt is a holly temple that you will become addicted. Atmosphere is extraordinary and the staff are angels. Customers are your lovely families. Come, enjoy, feel , live, love. KOSBOR
Ivan-Alexander Nonov - 3 years ago
One of the better coffeeshops of Maastricht. Prices are great for the nice variety of products and they always have 2-3 TV's that show sports and/or other channels you can watch while you toke.
Hendrik Bgr - 3 years ago
Best Caffe in Maastricht. Good prices good quality and nice staff.
La Fraise - 3 years ago
The best in Maastricht. Quality weed, good prices, good service !
zieleman1989 - 6 years ago
BRIXX... op het eerste oog lijkt er niks aan de hand. totdat je thuis komt. PAS OP. GUN DEZE MISBAKSELS GEEN CENT
Paul Hawkins - 8 years ago
Best coffeeshop in Maastricht. Cool people. Good bud at good prices.
Tom Keularts - 8 years ago
Mooie shop, goeie wiet
Bruno Boufelgha - 8 years ago
Cool vivement que je mi rende
A Google User - 11 years ago
This place has some of the best weed available in Maastricht. The location isn't that great I think, but their product more than makes up for that...

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