To limit the spread of the coronavirus, coffeeshops in the Netherlands only serve as a pick-up point for soft drugs and will be closed at 8:00 PM. Consuming the soft drugs on site is not allowed.

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Kleine Gracht 3, Maastricht (Maastricht-Centrum)

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Cédric Godin - 1 month ago
Best coffeeshop in town (maastricht)
Maris Rokhline - 1 year ago
Great ambiance, music and personnel
Stijn Hendrickx - 1 year ago
Best in maastricht, friendly staff and great quality weed. Especially the Amnesia haze is amazing.
Jim Lamron - 1 year ago
Friendly people, good weed, friendly prices. Best coffeeshop in maastricht
Raúl M. V. - 1 year ago
Nice coffeeshop. Clean and open. Good music as well.
Laura Kelemen - 1 year ago
Chill atmosphere, friendly staff, good prices. Probably the best coffeeshop in Maastricht.
gökhan adıgüzel - 2 years ago
İt is a holly temple that you will become addicted. Atmosphere is extraordinary and the staff are angels. Customers are your lovely families. Come, enjoy, feel , live, love. KOSBOR
Ivan-Alexander Nonov - 2 years ago
One of the better coffeeshops of Maastricht. Prices are great for the nice variety of products and they always have 2-3 TV's that show sports and/or other channels you can watch while you toke.
Hendrik Bgr - 2 years ago
Best Caffe in Maastricht. Good prices good quality and nice staff.
La Fraise - 2 years ago
The best in Maastricht. Quality weed, good prices, good service !
zieleman1989 - 4 years ago
BRIXX... op het eerste oog lijkt er niks aan de hand. totdat je thuis komt. PAS OP. GUN DEZE MISBAKSELS GEEN CENT
Paul Hawkins - 6 years ago
Best coffeeshop in Maastricht. Cool people. Good bud at good prices.
Tom Keularts - 7 years ago
Mooie shop, goeie wiet
Bruno Boufelgha - 7 years ago
Cool vivement que je mi rende
A Google User - 9 years ago
This place has some of the best weed available in Maastricht. The location isn't that great I think, but their product more than makes up for that...

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