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Boergoensestraat 35, Rotterdam (Charlois)

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Raymon Hoevelaken - 5 months ago
Asked around in Rotterdam for the best shop. Iam not from around. They point me to this one and iam not disappointed! Keep on pushing! Rock on - mr Amstelveen-
Můj Účet - 6 months ago
Good weed for good price:-)
Nenad Perisic - 7 months ago
The only bad thing is that the caffe is far from my house. So I will give them only five stars
Raheem Pantophlet - 11 months ago
Herbs on deckkk
John Kruger - 1 year ago
Bought some pre rolled haze this morning, i opend it up, and there is alot of tabacco in here, but not alot of weed. Little disappointed, But will get buds here in the future.
Maciej Młotkowski - 1 year ago
People! This is Rotterdam!! Great place!
Riva Dertien - 1 year ago
Fantastic! Friendly staff, menu is extensive. Overall excellent!
SWITCH UP - 1 year ago
Nice and cosy place with good weed and fair prices,on top of that the staff are built up with kind and friendly people !
Sickuns Boyane - 1 year ago
I recommend this seller
Len Naert - 1 year ago
Last months its verry bad here. Old sour dark brown weed . And still for the same price of 9 euro a gram . Its not even 5 euro the gram worth. Also before they have a couple of strains . Now its only 4 or 5 strains and they are al bad . By the way I come here for over 10 years . But I feel scammed with what I buy yesterday and the last 4 or 5 months there .
Daniel Palmela - 1 year ago
Davy Montana - 1 year ago
Going here for last past couple of years now and I just ❤ it. Great people and the most important thing "The Haze/Bob Marley here is the shizzle" ❤
Stefan Palade - 1 year ago
The best!
Michal Walczewski - 2 years ago
Best weed in town,crew also.
RadekRadusch Official - 2 years ago
Lemon haze i silver haze. Polecam 4/5
Silvija Kovacevic - 2 years ago
Favourite coffeeshop
mati koza - 2 years ago
Best weed in town
SoSan 420 - 2 years ago
I was there few times
Maciej Kasica - 2 years ago
Good place and location and Staff.

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