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Parkweg 379, Schiedam

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Janis Jaunums - 1 week ago
The best budtenders in Rotterdam
flapPL - 1 month ago
never again jamaican bio weed has white mold, how can you sell something like that? I was supposed to pay 7 euros for 2g, I paid 14 because I was buying different varieties and didn't notice until I got home
Dario Marzic - 1 month ago
If you aren't local, be careful.
Jakub Krizka - 1 month ago
Try tarantula joint! Strong & Sweet
Chris Cros - 3 months ago
Payed 55,-€ for 5 Gram Amnesia Haze and became BubbleGum ! Watched out !!!!
Feik Full - 4 months ago
Good sortiment!
majk lapinsky (LSS) - 8 months ago
Best from the best! Greetz 2 crew :)
Marcel - 8 months ago
Soo much weed that you can chose from. I am there every day and every day im happy with my bag.
Joolz Manning - 8 months ago
1st visit after moving to the area......Best flowers yet by far, clean,safe & friendly with plenty on offer, see you again soon Bamboo
Maria Van duin - 8 months ago
Mooie zaak. Deurbeleid super geregeld. Eerste uur gratis parkeren in de parkeergarage van het ABC complex om de hoek. Op aanraden AMG en Silver haze gekocht, en ik ben verkocht, thnx!!!
Joe Rogan Clips - 8 months ago
A lot of choice, but quality is still hard to find. For this price I would look for another shop. Good luck, # 420

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