To limit the spread of the coronavirus, coffeeshops in the Netherlands only serve as a pick-up point for soft drugs. Consuming the soft drugs on site is not allowed.

Coffeeshop alien
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Gasthuisstraat 11, Steenwijk

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method968 . - 9 months ago
Super coffee shop with nice prizes an quality. Its so nice place to seat smoke and just chill old school style what I just love it !
Stephen Hutchings - 11 months ago
Everything is really good. Except the music could be better. Maybe the staff should make some Spotify playlists or something instead of the radio.
vosvuur bijdehand - 11 months ago
Great choice... pricey but excellent. Nice place too
dee mac - 1 year ago
Beautiful women specially the blond...herbs are just as good win win situation. Thumbs up
Piotr Woźniak - 1 year ago
Very nice place to chill and buy very good quality stuff- white widow recommended
Syd B. - 1 year ago
Remember that i fixed u good polish opinions.... MY BRO
Kamil Rozynek - 1 year ago
Good grass white widow and Amnesia special
Daniel Koerts - 1 year ago
High service, low prices
ابوليان الزهراني - 1 year ago
Good luck
Artur Piasecki - 1 year ago
Best in area
Bistra Tsankova - 2 years ago
Normal place .. for normal people =]
Wojtek Wrobel - 2 years ago
Szału nie ma d.... nie urywa. Mały wybór. 3 gwiazdki za sympatyczną obsługę ;)
Krzysztof Nowicki - 2 years ago
Anton Lukas - 3 years ago
Great in all regards, amazing quality
Groszek TV - 3 years ago
Bull's hit
Sanloveflora khan - 4 years ago
Ik ga vandaag proberen
Quench Feline - 4 years ago
open 24 hours bullshit quality bullshit
Dawid P - 4 years ago
Thomas Buijs - 4 years ago
Persoonlijk vind ik dit 1 van de betere shops in mijn omgeving. vooral ook omdat ze altijd een aanbieding hebben en je dus wat extra krijgt als je voor 25 euro komt halen en altijd vrouwelijk personeel achter de bar !!!!!
Apen zijnfun - 4 years ago
Sailor Preben - 7 years ago
A Google User - 8 years ago

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