To limit the spread of the coronavirus, coffeeshops in the Netherlands only serve as a pick-up point for soft drugs. Consuming the soft drugs on site is not allowed.

Coffeeshop Paradox Weert
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Parallelweg 101, Weert

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luq - 4 months ago
Superb peaceful spot. Niceness security And personal. Gorgeous girls inside for bonus. Delicious stuff... Amnesia really cause Amnesia. Absolutely top place. Good job...
Ranko Grgic - 6 months ago
Nice ambient,very nice working stuff :)
Maciej Krawczyk - 8 months ago
Beautiful female and friendly coffeeshop stuff. Nice interior, coffe, a drinks. Descent Weed.
Marcin Cooper - 10 months ago
Very good weed. Nice girls inside. But weed is really good. I'd like to see there Bubblegum. Pozdro!
Jamie Biggar - 10 months ago
Decent selection, was given free papers and roach and a pass to use at the car park across the street! Great customer service
Digital Thangka - 1 year ago
Nice little coffeeshop, friendly people and quite nice smoke as well.
Marcin Brus - 1 year ago
You should smoke back in the 90's - 3 drugs and I was hugging the tree.. What you get these days is some Oregano far to expensive for its quality. Still good to have a joint though. Peace and Love flying So high
Tunde Pizzle - 1 year ago
Very great and helpful staffs. Cozzy place to chillout with warm jamz.
Jean-Jacques Villarroya - 1 year ago
One of the friendliest coffeeshop I have ever been to! Very nice atmosphere and lot of space to chill... great place will be back!
بهزاد حمو - 1 year ago
Like your home ... Another comfortable place in this beautiful country!☺️
Sebastian Roderic - 1 year ago
Rather small Assortment, nonetheless all products (I had so far) are fine quality. Quick and friendly service.
Sebastian Röttger - 1 year ago
Rather small Assortment, nonetheless all products (I had so far) are fine quality. Quick and friendly service.
dan jones - 1 year ago
Super friendly
Łukasz Koziej - 2 years ago
Very chilled out placed with nice service.
Geo Wouters - 2 years ago
Cool shop, friendly staff, great product
Paulius Savickas - 2 years ago
Worst cofishop in hollanda. Older woman ho works in there. Dont know how proplerly use cash machine.. she took extra 20e from my card, and told me its just 2 euros from the card. And others was payed by cash. So 42e for 2g of white widow.. last time im going in there
Federica Solinas - 2 years ago
This place is very good and it has fantastic weed and price. I recommend this place
Nikita Gielen - 4 years ago
ilzuk zuk - 4 years ago
???????????? einfach sehr gut
Lukas Malina - 4 years ago
Nice shop. Never had to wait there in queues. Weed is high quality, it's better to try the more expensive strains. Price is quite high, similar to Roermond or Venlo. Coffeshop had nice smoking area and friendly staff.
fabio rodrigues - 4 years ago
???????? Bom ambiente e nos qualidade nepal cream????????????????
Candy Reygaerts - 6 years ago
hey mogen belgen in de shop kopen vind het zo verdomd ver altijd naar Rotterdam te rijden.

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