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Jonenstraat 8, Winterswijk

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  • Monday 14:45 - 22:45
    Tuesday 14:45 - 22:45
    Wednesday 14:45 - 22:45
    Thursday 14:45 - 22:45
    Friday 14:45 - 22:45
    Saturday 11:00 - 22:45
    Sunday 11:00 - 22:45
  • It is unknown if and when this coffeeshop will be selling controlled, state regulated cannabis. For more information, check out the 'state regulated cannabis' page.
  • https://sensiwinterswijk.nl/
  • +31 543 516 218



Serrai Lamri - 1 week ago

Some workers are just racist that's shameful really considering I'm bot from this country

Tomasz Kijak - 2 months ago

Good marihuana and very friendly service.

eloualid Walid - 2 months ago

Nice place the people working there are very friendly they clean everything in the table every 20-30 min one person come to ask if you need something or cleaning your table with beautiful smile

S van D - 5 months ago

I give five stars because its a nice shop and everyone is nice and helpfull, the table gets cleaned almost every hour! If you want to drink or eat something the prizes are between €1,- and up to €4,- for a grinder if you need one. Last year we got a christmas present after ordering at least 1G (see picture) and in the other picture u can see one of my favorit strains from there the AMG haze (€13,-/Gr)

Kaeski Kae - 5 months ago

The prices are insane bought a gram for 12eur and it was the worst quality ever not even buds, i paid 12 eur for grinder leaves this is such a rip off.

Louay Ghanem - 5 months ago

Best coffee shop ever, employees are the best, affordable price for drinks and much more... Really it deserves 10 stars

Kerim Naimi - 9 months ago

Drive better to enschede or any other Place . Prices are toooooo high . Quality so Bad that i was Really shocked. Unfriendly personal. First and last time .

Listy Do Janusza - 11 months ago

Not good. The weed quality is poor for the price. Last Monday the shelfs where empty, you pay 13 euro per gram and you get poor quality weed. Not acceptable. I bought amnesia haze two week earlier and it was also very weak, didn't work. I asked for good quality strong weed and they sold me very average quality, small tops. NOT RECOMMENDED!

Victoria Jasińska - 11 months ago

Nice stuff and staff lmao

Bartosz Koper - 1 year ago

Absolutely lovely place to be

Valentina Morabito - 1 year ago

beautiful place, really nice and nice staff. excellent choice and quality, I would say the best !!

Florian Schramm - 1 year ago

13€ / Gram is a little bit expensive... but that's not the main issue. The main issue is, that we got only crumb... no buds :( (see picture) 2 Stars because the effect is okay

Kapitan Kłopot - 1 year ago

Good weed in good prices

Nikola Vujovic - 1 year ago

A bit expensive....and not so well choice of weed...butt good stuff

Michał Leń - 1 year ago

I heartily recommend! Greetings from Poland

Mateusz Maliszewski - 1 year ago

Very nice place!

Benny axb - 1 year ago

All languages available nice staff and danm Dalo!!!

Eminenzt God of Gods - 1 year ago

Really friendly and helpful staff. Big and flexible range. It is a must-try if you are in Winterswijk!

ben 27 - 1 year ago

a very nice place and the staff is amazing , they're always polite and helpful .

Dovydas Vendzelis - 2 years ago

Great coffeeshop very nice staff very helpful also.

Dovydas - 2 years ago

Nice atmosphere, wide range of good stuff. Worth coming back! :)

Jan Sedivy - 2 years ago

Very nice little coffee shop. Friendly stav. Price is not the best, but its good. I buy 3 models yesterdays and i can say its a very very good stuff. 2 of 3 models smell sweet and be strong. Thanks guys :)

emerson gittar - 2 years ago

Love my little Sensi Shop. Friendly staff, nice selection. They recently updated their menu system which is nice. The Short bald guy is always really nice and helpful - he advices which new products are good.

Ole Winnemöller - 2 years ago

Good weed, handsome Personal and a wonderful vibe inside the shop.

Коко Коков - 2 years ago

The best coffeeshop

Ramūnas Kardauskas - 2 years ago

Very good coffeeshop!!! Very friendly personal, security also.. ;)) you can leave your bikes in special area for bikes witch is secured by surveilance cameras.. so feel safe smoking a joint inside.. that you can also do inside as it have siting places and bar inside!!! Super awesome!! Recommend!!

Net Mix - 2 years ago

I went here for 3 times the last one I've been buying 4 grams amnesia haze but it has 00 effect and smell not good more than that it made me sick the next day even I had smoked only one, At the first time I really thought that I will not change this place anymore ,unfortunately because of 50 euro what I've spent on this weed. And still have it here. Trying to find out a new source or hopefully returning or changing this stuff, would be also a very useful and helpful

Gerald Fisher - 3 years ago

Great shop, go for the amnesia haze.

zenon zbigniewicz - 3 years ago

Very nice place. Good prices and stuff is putting in the weight in front of you. Quality is very good. Only 1 minus for me is trange bald bouncer who cant speek in english.Coffeshop is open to 23 and this guys wann take my bong 40 before closing time wiht unpolite dutch tone. This is very bad aproach to the customer.

Dániel Fűköh - 3 years ago

Very nice place with comfortable armchairs board games and television. Perfect for geting stoned with friends

Jan Mayer - 4 years ago

It is cute please with friendly servis..

Guilllaume Saint-Pierre - 4 years ago

Friendly staff, not to be missed

Hommam Ghannam - 4 years ago

Much much better service and more options with lower price than before. I like

klesariso - 5 years ago

the weed is shacked ( no trychoms left) or it is poluted dont buy

david meachen - 5 years ago

Nice place, good staff, can have a good smoke in peace

Andreas Kreuz - 6 years ago

Man wird richtig schlecht behandelt von den Personal und die haben keine Ahnung von GRASS meine Meinung. Den dauern gibst nur weil es nit anderst geht

Heinrich Wieker - 7 years ago

Cooler Laden, sehr gemütlich! Angebot und Preise angemessen. Nette Leute.

Amsti Damsti - 7 years ago

Hey. Die haben Endlich die Preise wieder gesenkt. 13€ für 08/15 Haze und Og Kush war echt ne frechheit. Trotzdem ist die Qualität nicht dem preis entsprechend. Nur Touristen abzocke. Kann nur sagen so lange man kann sollte man den laden meiden und wo anders holen.

Brecht Dickmans - 7 years ago

Goeie shop, kamikaze haze is een aanrader

Stefan Schacht - 7 years ago

good dag jo super laden wat für ne toor lebe noch is geil gewessen und immer noch bin zurück zwar nich im garten aber schöne grüsse an alle choot verdamek noch ma ihr seid die besten inner ecke scins stefyan

herdon dönis - 10 years ago

meiner meinung nach ein abzock laden das haze(1 sorte) ist immer verschieden zudem denkt man manchmal echt hab ich da 5gr gekauft?! weils so mager aussieht im beutel. wenn man reinkommt grüßt ein keiner vom personal (ausnahmen gibts) aber schon echt unfreundlich, war dort lange stammkunde über 2 jahre aber so langsam geföllt mir der laden garnicht mehr schließlich will ich was für mein geld haben.Hoffe ihr fallt nicht auf den laden rein, Peace out


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