To limit the spread of the coronavirus, coffeeshops in the Netherlands only serve as a pick-up point for soft drugs and will be closed at 8:00 PM. Consuming the soft drugs on site is not allowed.

Coffeeshop Xpresso
Open now

IJsselmeer 27, Zwijndrecht

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Millerman - 11 months ago
It's closed for awhile, but if they open up again it's the best of the best. Just don't go for the hash and you're good. Super friendly service, nice lounge area. Wish it was better ventilated but its not bad. Good menu herb wise and coffee wise. Prices are around the 10 euro mark, for mostly premium weed.
Petar Vico - 1 year ago
Best place ever! Stuff so nice and kind! weed ok!
Ivasscu Alexandru - 1 year ago
Very good stuff.
Armis Jar - 1 year ago
Nice inside interior, nice haze, friendly staff.
Elvis Presley - 2 years ago
Nice and quiet place very good kind of weed unfortunetly more expensive than rotterdam but here you dont need to be registrated enjoy people
Lars De Bruyn - 2 years ago
Fantastic staff, thanks for all the help and assistance! Always a pleasant place to just go and have a drink, buy what you need and just have a nice chat. Again, thank you so much for everything! We'll be back soon :)
PaweĊ‚ Dul - 2 years ago
Really nice place, very helpful and friendly staff.
Damian Matuszewski - 2 years ago
Wery Good
zigus powx powx - 2 years ago
Quality realy good but prices are big .
M F - 2 years ago
Very overpriced weed. The lemon kush was far away from lemon kush.... thrown away 20 euro... each time i come i am very dissapointed, the quality is getting worse and worse. I recommend crossing the bridge to Dordrecht. For high thc weed and cheaper...
Rasta man - 3 years ago
Modern place inside with some fancy mood lighting, or I was just high. Not a lot of facilities but good strong stuff to smoke. Pretty high priced but quality is good.
Paul Breakwell - 3 years ago
Great selection of products and friendly service good coffee too
Mateusz Szadkowski - 4 years ago
dirk glimworm - 4 years ago
deze shop maakt misbruik van het feit dat er geen eerlijke concurentie is in zwijndrecht ! en profiteren van het achterlijk beleid van dordrecht. ze verkopen BEWUST waardeloze wiet en durven daar idioot hoge prijzen voor te vragen. van Egmond fraudeerd de boel !!
hans worst - 4 years ago
dit zijn OPLICHTERS !! deze coffeeshop/stichting is zogenaamd niet commercieel, maar vraagt belachelijk hoge prijzen voor de meest waardeloze cannabis ! je betaalt per gram 2 of 3 euro meer voor wiet dat is gekweekt door prutsers ! toch blijven ze bij dezelfde prutsers inkopen terwijl ze weten dat het troep is (dat geeft het personeel ook toe) .... er is daar duidelijk wat mis waar blijft al dat geld ? non-profit my ass ! de directeur W van Egmond belazerd de boel flink er wordt daar flink gejoemeld !!
Ray polsteeltje - 4 years ago
waardeloze kwaliteit voor extreem hoge prijzen ! echt een afrader !!
Teddy Bz - 5 years ago
Bonne acceuil Prix dans la moyenne Amnesia Ouvert au francais

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