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Dosmus121 . - 5 maanden geleden
Today open ?
Tomas Banos - 8 maanden geleden
Not so much to choose from there
Kevin L - 1 jaar geleden
Been going here since 2009, when I moved here. This shop, and the one next door, are good 'stop and go' places. Dutch Gold offers best deals and usually fresh product. Menu's change consistently...sometimes several choices, sometimes minimal choices. Don't expect any frills. Just good service, and help, and decent weed at less than big city tourist prices. Nice bargain deals as well. Any negative whining from other 'reviewers' on the Internet are probably written by newbies!
FunModz YT - 1 jaar geleden
-Best Coffeeshop in Alphen -good Weed with very good effect -cheap price can recommend it to anyone in alphen
Phil V - 1 jaar geleden
Small shop for buy and go. The guy was friendly and helpful. The stuff is pretty good and prices reasonable

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