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Speak Easy

Varkensstraat 3, Arnhem

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Marvin Temmen - 1 maand geleden

Good shop, I like the weed and atmosphere; only downside is that the barkeeper is always gone for a long time.

qwer12324567 - 4 maanden geleden

Nice place full of locals, always a good sign! Probable the best music in a coffeeshop I've heard all week, all rock and blues. Menu seems cheap, compared to Amsterdam!!

No NI DUTCH - 7 maanden geleden

#LetsGuide as the name says .there should be freedom to speak and freedom to think. Yeah there should. Yeah there should But in the Netherlands

Altiel Maltiel - 7 maanden geleden

Today I’ve been in this shop

A J - 10 maanden geleden

The product is very healthy looking, perfect humidity inside, nice!

Mykhailo Shaban - 10 maanden geleden

THE WORST. I never come back!

Mehdi Nebili - 10 maanden geleden

Friendly, overall a good atmosphere and some good quality flowers

dat wompel - 1 jaar geleden

Always Wort a visit.... Location ja so komfortable und the employes are always Kind af

Luís Grejdieru - 1 jaar geleden

very nice guys, offered me some coffe

Luna Solveigh - 1 jaar geleden

Just 'Speak Easy'... good products nice employees fair pricing

essoe chim - 1 jaar geleden

The best coffeeshop in Arnhem! The owner is very kind and laid back. I recommend the Turkish hash if you get the chance to go here!

MarkKuytman (MrKytman) - 1 jaar geleden

Quality and best for your money, without a doubt, even the workers are amazing

Heartless - 1 jaar geleden

They sell weed & hash for good prices and even the cheap weed is good! I don't smoke hash but I see a lot of people buy it here.

Romney Sandro - 1 jaar geleden

Nice weed and you can sit and have a smoke

miszczunio PL - 1 jaar geleden

Very nice people and awsome weed

Yuri Ussar D'Andria - 1 jaar geleden

Good quality, big variety of products between both weed and hash. Surely one of the best in the city. Although the service is extraordinarily good, being fast and reliable, the bud is weighted upstairs where nobody can see, while other coffee shops have a scale display visible to the customer. Anyway, the atmosphere indoors is pleasingly friendly and never empty of people.

Olivia Lee - 1 jaar geleden

Amazing place if u u new in the town u have to visit here

Mara Schrattenecker - 1 jaar geleden

Really nice Shop, good weed! Coffee was also good :)

Kasztanek (JellyHorse24) - 1 jaar geleden

Best one around for sure

Iwan Bolder - 1 jaar geleden

The best coffeeshop in town. Staff is very friendly and professional + they have the best hashish.

Daniel Filipowski - 1 jaar geleden

The best coffie shop in arnehem thanks you bro lemon haze

Niels Jolij - 2 jaren geleden

Friendly people and good product!

Sinn Aesthetics - 2 jaren geleden

Owned by two rushy harsh Arabic guys, probably Moroccon or Tunisian, one has to say, price is the best in arnhem, quality is ok, esp. Chocolate, since they probably established an import-connection home, but if you don't look Arabic or speak Arabic with them, they ain't gonna be too nice to you. Also quite rushy, harsh tone, unchilled vibe, but also many folks lining up here, so evidently popular place. Recommendation: go inside, see the menu, think for a moment outside, then order all at once, bec for every order they need to run upstairs, no one knows why, and they seem to be quite stressed out about it

Harvey Williams - 2 jaren geleden

Cool store on a small street. Atmosphere was good with music. No edibles though.

Jens Blank - 3 jaren geleden

Slow service, small chill area but great product

Amanda French - 3 jaren geleden

Been in there a couple of times....just today alone! Very friendly. Not too much room to sit, but we managed to sit at the bar bit and chat. Seemed very busy with the locals, which is always the best way to judge... especially as the other one locally was empty!!

Max Nith - 3 jaren geleden

Very very friedly, warm-hearted place with nice people, good weed, and realy open to strangers. They serve a really strong but delicius Black tea and are always down for Jokes and laughing. Had a very nice Time there. Will always come back. Edit: The Weed wasnt good - it was DAMN good.

Mm Brace - 3 jaren geleden

Love this place. Great gear good price - nice guys

Julia Verne - 4 jaren geleden

Cheap weed but they definitely don't speak easy

Сакен Даденов - 4 jaren geleden

Great place, friendly and kind personal

Brian Damage - 4 jaren geleden

Small but very cosy. Limited choice on the smoking menu, but everything on it is of excellent quality.

Karl Wallkum - 4 jaren geleden

Nice place to have a coffee or two. The people there are friendly, but don't know their products well. If unsure, better choose a blend. These are really good. Other products can be quite strong and confusing.

Steve Mecinski - 4 jaren geleden

Located just a couple 100m from the central station and from the river, it's close to centre of town. Has good selection of hash and weed, prices are good and on the cheaper side to some other shops in town. More of a good local spot. I give four stars as it seems after 4 month living in this city I'm treated like a tourist still after buying at this shop 4 times a week. Maybe you see me from now for 5 star. Either way good shop good selection you won't be disappointed

A Google user - 6 jaren geleden

Woow lastig om de speak te omschrijven, het zit tussen een afhaal chinees en een chillplek in ... beetje de combi van de pinguïn en de uncle Sam. Personeel is neutraal en dat is prima, ene keer word je sneller geholpen dan de andere. Wiet is zoals het moet zijn dus niet matig, maar ook niet het gevoel dat je onder narcose gaat. Sfeer kan ik niet beoordelen ga er meestal niet zitten vanwege dat het niet relaxed zit en ik heb dan ook het gevoel dat ik een jay moet draaien en weer weg moet wezen. De kruimel ( residu van overgebleven wiettoppen en takjes/blaadjes na de verkoop van de toppen) is lekker en redelijke hieveelheid, prima prijs/kwaliteit verhouding. +goede wiet, goede openingstijden en neutraal personeel! - geen chill plek zoals bijv uncle Sam en service mag soms we wat sneller ik haal daar meestal voor 30,- dat is veel geld, dus laat dan als shop merken dat je blij bent met je klant door prima service te leveren. Staat bij mij op nr 2 van de top 10 shops in Arnhem ^^

Sips' Mom - 7 jaren geleden

fukkin bullshit

Nico Venslovaitis - 7 jaren geleden

die geben einen schesse sobald man nicht hollender ist voll die amzocker

Ocey R7 - 7 jaren geleden

Kkr stoned nu thnx

Suckmy Dicky - 9 jaren geleden

Immer wieder ungern! Dreckig, teuer, unfreundlich, der Kaffee schmeckt wie dreimal aus dem Selben Kaffeesatz gekocht und genau 23 Uhr großer Rausschmiss. Finger weg vom Hasch, Hennadreck!!!!!


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