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Uncle Sam
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Driekoningenstraat 21-A, Arnhem (Spijkerkwartier)

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Ash Ocean - 4 maanden geleden

magical place of true peace of mind “I miss you already “

MARIAN-COSMIN Deaconeasa - 4 maanden geleden

Perfect place.The 1 off the best.❤️

Jaaf Raza - 7 maanden geleden

very nice seating, showing its age a little tho. definitely contender for the best shop in Arnhem. would recommend the mexican haze 12 bucks a gram.

Matthias M (Retrogod) - 11 maanden geleden

The weed is great but the seating is not the best. The coffee in the other hand was pretty good.

Elvis Presley - 1 jaar geleden

Nice place I give 4 stars because I can't buy uncle cheese

Marek Drewa - 1 jaar geleden

Best weed in Arnhem

Eddy - 1 jaar geleden

Mistery haze was genial

Mai Chen - 2 jaren geleden

A cute clean spot in an alley. Staff is very funny and helpful. Giving advices about their sortiment but also about the actual Covid19 restrictions and regulations. Unfortunately, I did run out of time so I was only "on a run". I went for the mexican one

이상희 - 2 jaren geleden

Terrible. I smoke for many years and I can tell when it's good and when it's pure rip off. I bought some hash and it had lost all its quality due to poor storage. It didn't taste or feel like anything. So technically it was "expired". I tried a pre-roll and guess what? Nothing inside. Herbal mix and maybe some tobacco. Even the guy wasn't nice. Very bad experience, I don't recommend. I contacted Uncle Sam because of my bad experience and got no reply. If you want good smokes and good costumer service, go to Upstairs. I guarantee you it's the best. I've been buying there and I have no complaints.

Simas Tu - 2 jaren geleden

They still weed all time. Never bin how much you ask. Pay more get lest

Moe - 2 jaren geleden

Good weed, strong coffee, kind people, loved this place. Will definitely visit again.

GerritsRem - 2 jaren geleden

Back like the old days great Mexican haze great simple "menu". I also always consider this place by far the most relaxed shop to be if you wanna hang inside.

BAYOWORLD - 3 jaren geleden

People were always nice to me here and the vibes were chill enough... Most important is the product and prices and I never had to complain! I would go back if I was back in Arnhem!

tudor241572 . - 3 jaren geleden

You can see the scale yourself and you pay the right price. They got a pool table upstairs and nice places to chill

Peter K_C - 3 jaren geleden

Except for that one superannoying guy who works there its as ok as any coffeeshop in Arnhem.

Chris Cowin - 4 jaren geleden

Great wee smoke, very chill, good tunes

ironmanXXZ - 4 jaren geleden

Friendly people and good products.

Diego Di Costa - 4 jaren geleden

Uncle always reliable

Dude No Way - 4 jaren geleden

Bist experience of moi whole loif

Aleksandr Krupickij - 4 jaren geleden

One of nicer ones for me , good for family meetings

Nils Bribram - 5 jaren geleden

Very nice

faraz salman - 5 jaren geleden

It's good and cheap compared to other coffee shops

Arnhem23101980 - 7 jaren geleden

Vieze nazi's

Niklas Knöpfle - 7 jaren geleden

Ed Snoop - 9 jaren geleden

Es gbt eindeutig bessere, günstigere und freudlichere in Arnhem. Qua Auswahl ist der Coffeeshop "Ketama" (ca. 700m weiter) 10mal besser und selbst nur 500m weiter "De Walm" qua Qualli und Freundlichkeit der beste (hat auch Angebote von 5 Gramm mit Rabatt)!

Ela Hör - 9 jaren geleden

Sehr nettes deutschsprachiges und hilfsbereites Personal...

Suckmy Dicky - 9 jaren geleden

Die Verkäufer (vor allem der Ältere) sind immer absolut überfordert und unfreundlich! Egal ob man auf niederländisch, englisch oder deutsch bestellt wird man jedesmal wieder gefragt was man bestellt hat?! Weed ist teuer und meist zu trocken, Hasch mit Qualität ist teuer! De Laden an sich ist groß ud lädt zum sitzen ein. In Arnhem gibt es bessere Shops!

Marco Carlassara - 10 jaren geleden

The best coffee in arnhem


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