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Marterring 1, Breda (Breda Oost)

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Juraj Illavský ml. - 3 weken geleden

Definitely one of the best coffeeshops I've ever visited. Nice staff, amazing weed and fair prices. Recommend to everyone! My favorite strain is Bio Haze.

Gabriel Juraszek - 2 maanden geleden

Very high quality customer service , great varieties of bud . Annie (forgive me if I spelled her name incorrectly) have a great customer service skills , I would recommend for anybody to visit this coffeshop . Peace !

Dawid Łach - 2 maanden geleden

The best coffeeshop in the Netherlands, all team is amazing, Quality is best of the best you can get. Price is very low. 6 in 5 deegres scale.

Paco Anielski (Blitzghost) - 4 maanden geleden

Great pre-rolled J's, the place looks alot better since I've started coming here and really friendly staff! I love their Bio Haze and Purple Kush

Oktan Zaremba - 5 maanden geleden

Nice place. I was only by the way at christmas and I get a gift. I'll have always good memory about you

Szandra Tóth - 5 maanden geleden

They are very kind persons. Good quality. Try it

Kon DDD - 5 maanden geleden

Probably the beast lemon in the world ! insurance card and id and everything is fine

The MacMac - 7 maanden geleden

As a tourist don't come here!! Staff was friendly and told me to go to the next town, because im Breda they just sell to Dutch people or people who are living there (students etc.) It is not there fault I guess, but it never happend to me before.

keep calm - 9 maanden geleden

Well in 4 year time, this is best coffeeshop. Super friendly staff, and big choise of smoke

Γιώργος Φουντουκίδης - 10 maanden geleden

Well I like the style fast service, good quality of weed and deserves that money

Uros Mijatovic - 10 maanden geleden

Very professional, price is ok, cool and fast service....

Stefan Radev - 11 maanden geleden

This store offers Really good Herbs

vlad kostyna - 1 jaar geleden

Unique strains, nice prices

Fernando Lopez Garcia - 1 jaar geleden

I'm living 3 years in Netherlands and is the best coffe ever i have been!

Ronnie D - 1 jaar geleden


Александр Гнидаш - 1 jaar geleden

Wery good;)

JaRaRafal - 1 jaar geleden

expensive weed

Frank “Jurgski” Jansen - 1 jaar geleden


Oriane M. Playner - 1 jaar geleden

Super friendly hosts but it’s a no go for foreigners due to new laws :(

lukasz wosik - 1 jaar geleden

dont have cookies

Komix 420 - 2 jaren geleden

Lemon haze

Андрей Копица - 2 jaren geleden


Olaf Grzybowski - 2 jaren geleden

Good weed i like amnesia.

world's Cities - 2 jaren geleden

1 off the best coffe shops in Breda

Tsvetil Tsvetilov - 2 jaren geleden

High quality

Lupus Smoth - 2 jaren geleden

Always nice people there, good prices and wide (for Breda) chooses of stuff. My fav from here is Lemon Haze. Remember to buy in Breda you need statues of residency.

Matt - 2 jaren geleden

GOOD place for no resident

Mocanu Seby - 3 jaren geleden

I need to have residence to buy or it's ok just the id?

Natalya Fares - 3 jaren geleden

Was not clean in this place

Frank van den Tillaart - 3 jaren geleden

Cozy and comfortable space. Great people.

Dainius Butkus - 3 jaren geleden

Not frenli.. soo bad..

Sir BurnS - 3 jaren geleden

Nice coffeeshop. Kinda lowkey. Very cool people. Recommended for sure

Jordi Zafra Gomez - 3 jaren geleden

Nice personnel and great atmosphere, although I don't recommend prerrolled ones

Master Luster - 4 jaren geleden

This local store provides constant (although not so good quality) cannabis for recreational use. It is open until rather late, which is an advantage. Sometimes the strains they advertise are different from one supply to the other. Despite this, most of them have the same potency nonetheless. The prices are OK, at 10 euros/gram one can purchase either a 0.7g or 1.3g bag of cannabis. They also offer hashish and pre-rolled joints but I would stay away from those.


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