Coffeeshop Het Achterhuis

Weimarstraat 328, Den Haag (Segbroek)

Coffeeshop informatie



Hell Zoltan - 3 maanden geleden
White widow kings..!
Rendo Roeleveld - 5 maanden geleden
good shop very hood service and people
Anda Lazda - 5 maanden geleden
Good quality for a good price.
jose gabadinho - 1 jaar geleden
Good Skytles. Good cured amazing color and great flavour well done
Konrad Zarzycki - 1 jaar geleden
Best coffeeshop in deen hague for me
Basmon Rivese - 1 jaar geleden
Been coming here for almost two years. They know me there and often have some smalltalk. Very friendly people that know a lot about their weed. I often come here when walking my dog. My dog is allowed inside which I really appreciate they even have dog treats. Overall really nice vibes and good weed. Only downside, no smoking area.
Kaas Keizer - 2 jaren geleden
sells rotten weed too often. they have a discount bag of wich i doubt it would get through on inspection. this place is like infinite russian roulette.
Stefan Uitman - 2 jaren geleden
Good coffeeshop if not the best...
Two R1 - 2 jaren geleden
Good coffeeshop if not the best...
Goce Trimcevski - 2 jaren geleden
best weed guys ..!!! keep going
SCHnelman DurcHev - 2 jaren geleden
Very good shop
Tomasz Karel - 2 jaren geleden
You don't need to search anymore, that's right place for any cannabis smoker. 5 stars
Jo Ta - 2 jaren geleden
Its a good place with decent stuff for a decent price
Alan Yeung - 2 jaren geleden
Good service and stock
Victor Lima - 2 jaren geleden
Watch the scale, or bring your own and watch out they may weight with leaf and hemp.. Then it maybe worth it
Marian Zamazany - 3 jaren geleden
Alaa Said - 3 jaren geleden
Nathan Plukaard - 3 jaren geleden
A good price range
Arturs Aaa - 3 jaren geleden
tikai white widow haze un super haze!!! jointi
Tommy van Dyk - 4 jaren geleden
the spezial haze its not bad some times stinkin skuni very goed qualiti better dann galaxy

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