Coffeeshop Maximillian
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Gedempte Oude Gracht 123, Haarlem (Oude Stad)

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Diana Rodríguez - 1 maand geleden
Relaxing atmosphere, rich variaties of sativa/indica/hash...for those lovers of kush, that is your place! Comfortable area, perfect to drink a warm tasty cup of coffee. Great place if you smoke pure weed or you can add some Hemp (no THC, we need to start adjusting ourselves for a "Tabacco Free Generation")
A A - 1 maand geleden
Have been coming here for a few years. My favorite coffee shop in Haarlem. 1: Always good selection of high quality, classic weed strains. 2: Strictly no tobacco inside. I only smoke pure and it's great to not smell like an ashtray when you leave. Most other coffeeshops allow tobacco and you feel lik you're inside a bar. 3: Easy going atmosphere and nice staff.
Erfan Besharat - 3 maanden geleden
Best coffee shop in Haarlem. Perfect prices, friendly staff, good merch, great drinks.
Tsar Miesjjaa Alexander De Grote Van Alphen-Romanov (shamihuawei1980) - 11 maanden geleden
Best Weed and staff you can imagine!
Alexander McKee - 1 jaar geleden
The best fox’s.Super-lovely people and the buds so nice&dry. From Canada with love&peace
Steeve Sandias - 1 jaar geleden
Good place. Good choices. Good staff. Good vibes. Enjoy
Tim de Platvis (Timdeplatvis111) - 1 jaar geleden
Get the Moonrock joint Sativa or Indica, it'll be worth it.
Patrice Masthoff - 1 jaar geleden
Personally, I would say the best coffeeshop in our humble little town of Haarlem. The staff is always extremely welcoming and friendly, their products are always high grade. You'll never leave this place without a smile, even during these trying times.
Eddy Mac - 1 jaar geleden
It's a very nice shop with some friendly people. They have a wide selection and the quality is also high. When you buy more than one or two grams, you get 10 percent discount. One of the best shops in Haarlem, if not the best. Same for their other store a few hundred meters away.
Lukas Lietuvaitis - 2 jaren geleden
Good people working in this place, good weed (Amnesia)
Paul Baudier - 3 jaren geleden
Best coffee shop in Haarlem. High quality product. Great customer service. Founder run business. Love this place and only coffee shop I recommend here coming from a guy who knows his stuff ;)
Terry Traynor - 3 jaren geleden
Great place to relax, friendly staff, excellent service, outstanding place
iain english - 3 jaren geleden
T Clavareau - 4 jaren geleden
Great selection of buds and not too expensive. The staff was really friendly and made sure the place was really clean and neat. Good selection of drinks and chilled music and atmosphere
Calum Thomson - 4 jaren geleden
We went last year, we'd been to Amsterdam countless times so fancied something quieter. On arrival we bought a space cake each. We had both had them a few times in Amsterdam with no real effect. These however were unbelievable. I've never laughed as much in my life. Hours upon hours of hilarity.
Marcin Jaskulski - 5 jaren geleden
Nice Weed and greetings from Poland
GGTBod Backwoods Bushcraft - 5 jaren geleden
Not your normal coffee shop, you won't get a bagel or tapas here but well worth a visit
James Ryan - 5 jaren geleden
Nice place nice price nice green
wim van gun - 6 jaren geleden
Nice relaxed atmosphere. It's the very best coffeeshop I know of.
Stefano Stanich - 6 jaren geleden
A bit too smokey inside, but it's a nice place with good quality products, special offers and friendly staff

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