Coffeeshop Willie Wortel Sativa

Kruisweg 46, Haarlem (Oude Stad)

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Andrzej Piątkowski - 1 maand geleden
Verry good weed
Lushi Lushido - 5 maanden geleden
Great place nice stuff also
Looce Turney - 6 maanden geleden
Great menu and staff. Chilled atmosphere and comfortable. Thanks xx
Ieva Maleca - 7 maanden geleden
Good coffee, nice service.
Will WR - 8 maanden geleden
After being a loyal daily customer to regine for a year or so, I gave willie’s a go since the other shop were showing inconsistencies in quality and noticed they were selling other strains than those on the menu. Knowing a thing or two I decided to change location. After trying willies I’m highly impressed, and visted after hearing good things! The guys behind the counter are attentive and always happy to help when looking for specific cannabis profiles, (me myself preferring gassy indica strains). I was helped by the guy, upon my first visit I took the Afghan kush which I have to say was top tier. Burned clean white ash, was dried and cured to perfection and had a great flavour/terpene profile, 10/10. Other visits I’ve tried other indica / indica dominant strains and have overall been highly impressed. These guys know what they’re doing and if there’s anywhere I can recommend for clean and tasty weed it’s here! Don’t sleep on Willie Wortel Sativa!
Eleonora Sеvdora - 9 maanden geleden
Good stuff
ceestocees toceestocees - 9 maanden geleden
2018 : Good price,good choice, friendly dealers.. extremists recommended!
Michal Bosch - 1 jaar geleden
One of my favortie coffee shops in Haarlem. Im always happy buying weed there:)
Karol J Newmountain - 1 jaar geleden
Only 2 persona inside(take away) Goooood stafff
Stefano Stanich - 1 jaar geleden
Friendly staff and nice place, good quality and reasonable prices, with special offers (10% off if you buy 25€ or more, 20% off if you buy 5 grams)
Annetta Xavier - 1 jaar geleden
Best private place to stay with Maria lol
Lucas Di Maio - 2 jaren geleden
Their weed is a VERY BAD QUALITY. I bought some several times here and every time there are lots of branches and strains in it. When you put their weed in your grinder (even when you are very cautious with everything) it will still sounds like there’s a tree in it. I tried most of their strains and i honesty don’t understand these positive reviews. Don’t you guys know what good quality weed is or what? My advice is to buy your weed elsewhere. Have a good one!
Lukas - 2 jaren geleden
A very solid and relaxed Coffeeshop with an Billiard table and comfortable seats. Also a relaxed Atmosphere and friendly personal. Had a positive experience there. Personally recommend that shop its unforgettable.
Dave Eboney - 2 jaren geleden
Great friendly place good weed
Piotr Michalak - 2 jaren geleden
Clean, nice place with snooker and board games. Various good positions on menu ;) good prices
The Nightman Cometh - 2 jaren geleden
Very very good Shop. I would give 7 stars if possible :)
Michael Michaelsen - 2 jaren geleden
Very very good Shop. I would give 7 stars if possible :)
Karl Walford - 2 jaren geleden
Great coffee shop amazing facility and quality weed. Overall an amazing place to come for more peace and quiet and less tourists
Verena Ritter - 2 jaren geleden
This is my worst Coffeeshop-Experience in 20 years. On Friday, 19th July 2019, I bought 5 grams Gorilla Kush. This weed cauces no high at all! It is like smoking tobacco - zero effect! I wasted my money completely! There is also another review of Kant Lawki 2 months ago who says exactly the same about the Gorilla Kush. I am really disappointed and can not recommend Willie Wortel at all!
Arthur Christie - 2 jaren geleden
Nice place, bit pricey but it's expected near the station
Utku Altun - 2 jaren geleden
Friendly employees, chill atmosphere, in my opinion the best coffee shop in the Netherlands !!! Greetings from Turkey ✌
giddy oconor - 2 jaren geleden
Great spot friendly staff and nice atmosphere with a tv showing sports and a pool table. Great weed and very reasonable prices
Mario Palmulli - 3 jaren geleden
A very nice place, beautiful weed and great variety on the menu. A must in Harlem for regular smokers and for amateur.
Jason Bradley - 3 jaren geleden
Nice advice. Ready rollers need an irish guy to get the balance right
Arsel Hasan - 3 jaren geleden
Decent coffeeshop. Decent weed, decent vibe. The people at the counter, regardless of who they are, are always helpful. The variety of weed does not change though!
Joseph C - 3 jaren geleden
Some great products, some just decent, budtender was nice and no-nonsense, but some stuff is pretty overpriced and I don't think the guy washed his hands after his cigarette break because the hash smelled a bit like dirty cigarette smoke despite looking quite nice. Overall a fine experience but they could definitely improve some things.
Ashley Brindley - 3 jaren geleden
Good shop with a decent selection. The Wiz Khalifa Kush was mind-blowing ,taste look and aroma was to die just don't use the greengo.
TCLV - 3 jaren geleden
Brilliant selection (go for the super AK 47, trust me). The place has many locations where you can sit and chill. Some tables even allow you to play games on a touchscreen. Good selection of drinks and chilled staff make for a nice atmosphere.
A Google User - 3 jaren geleden
Brilliant selection (go for the super AK 47, trust me). The place has many locations where you can sit and chill. Some tables even allow you to play games on a touchscreen. Good selection of drinks and chilled staff make for a nice atmosphere.
Aaron Klein - 3 jaren geleden
Nice weed, cool people, ok prices 9/11 would come again.
April Taylor - 3 jaren geleden
Went in here the first time, got a weed joint and it was very weak, went to the back to smoke it, has a very local vibe, felt a little bit out of place. Went back there again to give it another try because it was the closest coffeeshop to our hotel, the guy in there decided he wanted to see our passports before we could go inside which we didn't have on us, AFTER we bought the weed, even though the time before no one checked. Both guys at the counter were pretty rude and unwelcoming. Won't be going back
MilesMaddock - 3 jaren geleden
Pretty good coffeeshop but I think that Willie Wortel Indica had a more relaxed vibe and a nicer setting facing the water rather than a train station. Felt far more comfortable in Indica than Sativa and it's not too far away at all. Though if you're visiting and want to quickly pop somewhere for a smoke and a coffee it's okay for purpose. If interested in buying in Haarlem I would go to coffeeshop Empire or somewhere else nearby.
Mr J - 3 jaren geleden
Found a lot of small metal parts in my weed. Very dangerous!
Dean Hart - 4 jaren geleden
Nice coffeeshop. Friendly staff. Nice selection of produce and good quality. Relaxing and not too crowded.

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