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Grote Gracht 97, Maastricht (Maastricht-Centrum)

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tristan lee - 1 maand geleden
Unfriendly owners! Too many stories about them scamming!
Ruda Marta - 3 maanden geleden
Robert Quirijns - 5 maanden geleden
I asked 4 grams for a total of 43,- eu, They put 53,- in the pin transaction thinking people dont count. Very sad, no need to lose a customer over a 10 euro scam. Weed was mediocre.
daniele gai - 1 jaar geleden
I like the atmosphere and the place, high quality
Silver gwarf - 1 jaar geleden
Just came back from the coffee shop 49 euros 3 grams and one of the bags had 0,83 gram... they went up in price after the Cool Running owner refused to continue (hmmm coincedence?)....go to Mississippi better prices and no cheating!
Cavalo Capoeira - 1 jaar geleden
The place to be! Art & healthcare!
Char Ocean - 2 jaren geleden
Good coffeeshop
No NI DUTCH - 2 jaren geleden
#LetsGuide #coffeeshop #Thc A good coffeeshop I was there 13 april 2018 and I m sure they still are open!!! Very frendly staff ( ~) {zn.} trailer camp people ) therefore you know they get the grass direct from the Farmer! So yes good quality and low priced.
Thierry Vossen - 2 jaren geleden
Chil shopke
Jean Tanti - 3 jaren geleden
The prices arent that cheap and you need to proove that you are leaving in Maastricht
bryce noble - 3 jaren geleden
They dont serve tourists sadly.
zieleman1989 - 4 jaren geleden
bewerkte troep. ook hier weg blijven
Leroy Aussems - 4 jaren geleden
great shop, a lot kind off grass from sativa to strong indica grass , very Nice mango..recently they re-build the shop !
Raymond Lange - 4 jaren geleden
Kleine maar een gezellig coffeeshop. Grote keuze aan soorten hasj en wiet van een goede kwaliteit. Personeel is vriendelijk.
Sandra Gand - 5 jaren geleden
Echt klasse dort
A Google User - 9 jaren geleden
Decent coffee shop. Weed is good quality but nothing to rave about, and the same can be said of the location. Its a small cafe-style kinda coffee shop...

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