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The jungle
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Kromstraat 112, Oss

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  • Maandag 10:00 - 22:00
    Dinsdag 10:00 - 22:00
    Woensdag 10:00 - 22:00
    Donderdag 10:00 - 22:00
    Vrijdag 10:00 - 22:00
    Zaterdag 10:00 - 22:00
    Zondag 11:00 - 22:00
  • Het is nog niet bekend of deze coffeeshop gereguleerde, gecontroleerde staatswiet gaat verkopen. Voor meer informatie, bekijk de 'Staatswiet' pagina.
  • https://coffeeshop-de-jungle.business.site/
  • +31 412 649 429



Otniel Tordai - 2 weken geleden

Watch out!They are intentionally give you something else than what you ask with the name upside down!

cojocaru vladimir - 4 maanden geleden

The jungle is a nice cozy corner shop… the only one available in Oss-Netherlands. The staff is really friendly, I appreciate it. They provide a small range of products with quality between 30-50%. The prices are good, but the quality leaves something to desire. I’m grateful. Thank you, The Jungle.

Bu Ka - 5 maanden geleden

If you are everyday smoker.. this coffeshop is not for you. Bar bug choice of products.

Sjiela - 6 maanden geleden

Nice personal if you have id card

cristiean Arsene - 6 maanden geleden

They are not for real, cheating and talking bad to customers

rezony 33 - 6 maanden geleden

Best cofeeahop in Bernheze except MeetPoint in Hertogen. Lemon (some hybrid) is very strong and cheap obly 7.5€ thank u. You are lifesavers peace from Kroatien

Bren Brinkman - 7 maanden geleden

I went to the shop yesterday, showed my ID, and the guard said it was okay, started mumbling something, and when I walked through he immediately started shouting I should stay. After the let me through cashier treated me with disrespect. The weed is expensive and quality is not that great. I don't recommend going here, not good customer service and expensive weed.

disturbedmirror - 9 maanden geleden

Hey, I don't usually do this but this shop is taking advantage of customers, pre rolled joints have 90% tobacco and the 1.5g bags are actually 1.1g. I don't know about the rest since that was the only thing I bought from them. Hope someone opens a proper shop in this town and make a fortune cause this guys are a joke... and I won't even start talking about the quality and price, its shameful

Filip Dmytrowski - 11 maanden geleden

In the middle.. Good thing that coffeeshop is in the city but for an everyday smoker that weed is weak. Only good one would be Silver Haze or Skittlez. I would recommend not buying 5g but to take 1 and try it first to not be dissapointed. Just Facts..

alin hoza - 11 maanden geleden

nice staff :) good stuff :D

Mateeusz Ostr - 11 maanden geleden

mixed feelings, the place is quite nice, the service is nice, but always 0.1g is missing :s

Alicia Ortiz Barberán - 11 maanden geleden

Nice weed and nice personal stuff!

RafaƂ Kobiela - 1 jaar geleden

The best coffeeshop in terms of service. Regards

LifeOfPiticu - 1 jaar geleden

Tha best food

Gregor Notorious - 1 jaar geleden

Good stuff :D

Justas Ribinskas - 1 jaar geleden

Prices are good, staff members are friendly, but product quality could be better 8/10

Nikoleta Ivanova - 1 jaar geleden

This is one of my favourite places in Oss. Not a lot to be said about town, but for quality, price and all is perfect fit. Shop is very quiet

Julijan Tarasov - 1 jaar geleden

Awesome place, people are so polite and kind.

Andrey Madzhov - 1 jaar geleden

Five stars are not enough to say how cool are the peoples who works there.

Stefan “Zgrzeb199” - 1 jaar geleden

Fully changed coffeshop. Now is really good stuff.

polachonthestreet Boran - 2 jaren geleden

I need 1 information,for can bay weed în this coffeshoop I need something documents?

Agnile Vn - 2 jaren geleden

Maybe it is possible to move it in veghel :D It was nice and heavy ')))

Alex Savage Roar - 2 jaren geleden

Better that nothing, but better go to another place

Rasta Bob - 2 jaren geleden

Cash only

A Google user - 2 jaren geleden

Really nice coffeeshop. 8 different strains of weed, 4 strains of hash. What do you need more??? You can find your strain. Also varieties changes from time time. Price is respectable and you can choose from €7.50 / €15 packages, which makes it really great for testing or basically trying something new. 10/10. Btw this is some haze variety, which name I forgot. True bomb. Insomnia have no chance to stand against this!

Artur Bartkowiak - 2 jaren geleden

Good place. Weed is good. There is a guy on the right behind the glass selling grass and the rest equipment you guy buy from a guy whos rolling joints all the time :D good prices there is a few good strains in the menu. But it is ok. for polish and turists recommended.

K O - 3 jaren geleden

I spend 3 minutes there and i felt so welcomed, nice ppl with honest welcoming smiles, decent o. G. Decent price, well done. And also the place looks wonderful. Outlaw- Non-Stop (search yt)

papp francisc - 3 jaren geleden

Good stuff, tried amnesia, bubblicious and og kush

ejber smoke - 3 jaren geleden

I'm lovin it.

james valantine - 4 jaren geleden

Nice shop, good stuff

Marcin Z - 4 jaren geleden

Good weed a honest seller

Polish Pilgrim - 4 jaren geleden

Nice place but not could be better. Joints not do tasty and you don't see the weight while you are buying

Pre Bam - 4 jaren geleden

Good and cheap stuff :-)

Domino Tarcala - 4 jaren geleden

These place have very good surprise

armando Oliveira - 5 jaren geleden

Good bat to enter have to have identity from Holland like insurance company number

Andre Filipe - 5 jaren geleden

Nice coffeeshop

KochanyDiabeleQ - 5 jaren geleden

Google says that its open at 10 am on sunday. Its 10:45 and the door is still closed.

Ivelin Milchev - 6 jaren geleden

Very friendly and kind staff! Silver Haze just made my day! Highly recommend

Hendrik Roulaux - 6 jaren geleden

Sjezus... kan je hier niet zonder sterren recensies achterlaten. Ben er twee keer geweest. Nette amnesia gehaald, maar vandaag een zakje van15 gehaald. Loop na buiten want was 2x goed. Stap in me auto, trek het zakkie open... pfff het was niet eens haze! Als je 15 jaar haze rookt weet je het dacht ik wel. Dan ga je terug om de silver haze te vatten, wordt er gezegd dat het niet gebruikelijk is om te ruilen. Ik wil iets fatsoenlijks roken en anders rook ik niks. Laatste keer geweest. Rijd 20 minuten verder naar de kronkel in nijmegen en je hebt kanonnen haze!. Coffeeshop jungle in oss. NO GO!

joshua van Raak - 7 jaren geleden

2 mensen totaal bad gegaan op de white widdow van deze shop (epileptische shock en hartslag verlaagd naar onder 40) ze stoppen er iets extra bij want heb dit nog nooit mee gemaakt. Koop hier niets! Just a warning.

HAVIK FLY - 7 jaren geleden

Haze Strong

A Google User - 11 jaren geleden

Lekker eentje roken Haze

A Google User - 11 jaren geleden

Slechte wiet


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