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Strevelsweg 37, Rotterdam (Feijenoord)

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Tomasz Baczul - 1 maand geleden
First and last time I go to this coffeshop I pay 12e for 1g silver haze and it's not worth even 5e taste like sticks not weed and it's dryed like sand
Mario Marelić - 3 maanden geleden
Friendly staff & great products, :)
Adrian Farmas - 4 maanden geleden
Very good weed, and nice staff
kaka lbn - 5 maanden geleden
Everything ok, only Mr. security guard moderately pleasant and up to 4 people in the store, he also counts himself, which creates queues. Nice location very close to the center
Jonathan - 7 maanden geleden
large amount of choices, good quality
GB R - 9 maanden geleden
Nice list, but rather at the level.
Alessandro Giannella - 11 maanden geleden
Hey guys, just a question, can you sell ti people from others country?
Leopold Hitler - 1 jaar geleden
Everything is fine, nice service and quality
Japzor - 1 jaar geleden
Good coffeeshop, recently had a interior and exterior makeover.
Rev u - 1 jaar geleden
Weed Quality is ok but they always play with the weight and the weed falls from the lady most of the times and doesnt wieght back.
Mingaudas Kisevičius - 1 jaar geleden
Good coffeshop good prices. Good quality weed.
Artur Cupak - 1 jaar geleden
probably the best there is on zuid
c N s - 1 jaar geleden
Good weed, good price's, and good cookies ;)
Zoltán Elek - 1 jaar geleden
Very good place!
Sabin Ioan Veselie - 1 jaar geleden
Very nice W.W and some others :)
Nadia Hlebarova - 1 jaar geleden
Good service and good prices
Hup Babus - 2 jaren geleden
If you are a fan of marijuana edibles BE CAREFUL!!! I went to this shop for a marijuana muffin while I was in town with my girlfriend. We were attracted by the nice presentation of the shop. The lady that sold us the muffin told us that half of the muffin should be enough. My girlfriend and I split it in half after leaving the shop and an hour later, we were both WAAAAY TOO HIGH. We are quite familiar with edibles and have been too high before, but this was entirely on another level. We were both scared for our lives. I assume that our muffin must have been an outlier, because no one in their right mind would recommend someone this dosage for the average person...
Alessio Egidi - 2 jaren geleden
My coffeshop of choice, also because it's walking distance from my place but having also other shops in range i found this one a perfect solution. Not crowded, perfect for take away on my way home (note:there's no smoking room) Cherry haze and amnesia haze are my favourites. You'll not be disappointed with Inpetto
Tomasz Goik - 2 jaren geleden
A lot option of good stuff and always smiles beautiful cashiers;)
TravelWith DIZ - 2 jaren geleden
Good quality weed and hash, I buy my weed here regularly.
Łukasz Krawiec - 2 jaren geleden
Very nice (and pretty =) personnel, good prices and plenty of quality stuff to choose from.
Maria Franco - 2 jaren geleden
They worst Weed
Johnny Greenspoon - 2 jaren geleden
BEST SATIVA in SOUTH HOLLAND Blaze Inpetto Haze. Vaporizo Forever Nice & Slo. The Lemon Haze here burns slowly and tastes spot on. If it burned any slower, it would burn forever and that’s a mighty long time. Inpetto have quite the selection of tip-top flower and is it any wonder one must ride so far from the center of Rotterdam to find its finest Haze azzortment? Only Inpetto knows and I’ll leave you with God to sample heavenly Haze found in forms of Buddha and Amnesia. Come gather round ye blessed greens, this is the HolY Grail.
Paolo Arcuri - 3 jaren geleden
Best amnesia of Rotterdam ♥️
Nick Hopman - 3 jaren geleden
Nice people working here, and their brown sugar kush is a must try
Ramūnas Kardauskas - 3 jaren geleden
Come and see.. and you'll like it ☝️
Тунджай Дурали - 3 jaren geleden
Very good place nice personal
GiftAway Dude. - 3 jaren geleden
Good coffeeshop with Hot super chicks
Rene Metselaar - 6 jaren geleden

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