Um die Ausbreitung des Coronavirus zu begrenzen, dienen Coffeeshops in den Niederlanden nur als Abholpunkt für weiche Drogen und werden um 20:00 Uhr geschlossen. Der Konsum der weichen Medikamente vor Ort ist nicht gestattet.

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Joh. Krijgsman - vor 2 Monaten
Great stuff
Rijk Vader - vor 3 Monaten
Great service, good stuff
thomas j - vor 5 Monaten
High quality hash, friendly staff. Free rolling paper or filters if you buy more than 20 EURO or so.
Christian Chiri - vor 5 Monaten
Very friendly staff. The one I recommand in town.
Richard Gilmer - vor 8 Monaten
There every week, staff are consistently friendly and helpful. Always have a good stock of product at great prices!
Γιωργος Πουλιος - vor 11 Monaten
Friendly personalities with very good products.
Michael Schmidt - vor 1 Jahr
Friendly, credible and to the milligram exact.
Sam Kreeke - vor 1 Jahr
kind employees decent/good prices good/great quality
bam michi - vor 1 Jahr
The best coffeeshop in Alkmaar, hands down!
Frank Neubauer - vor 1 Jahr
Nice and uncomplicated! Thumbs-up
Coin Coin - vor 1 Jahr
Nice hash, correct prices, nice staff. I'll come again
Genoveva Tsoneva - vor 2 Jahren
Love it so!I can stay there 24/7...
Dome Spakkavizo Official - vor 2 Jahren
Had a great time there, great stuff and good weed ! Take a break and enjoy people
Ghost Dawg - vor 2 Jahren
I love The Haze Taste Like Candy ♥️
kaip kam - vor 2 Jahren
Very nice atmosphere! Cool stuff all around the bar.. Very friendly servise
Bistra Tsankova - vor 2 Jahren
This place gives me good vibe ;)
Paul Craven - vor 2 Jahren
Lovely weed, but as with all coffee shops it seems, the prices are going too high. Otherwise a lovely place to chill and smoke.
Márk L Peti - vor 2 Jahren
OMG do not miss this coffe shop Nice atmosphere, superkind staff and owner, If they still have it go with Northern Lights
A Google User - vor 2 Jahren
OMG do not miss this coffe shop Nice atmosphere, superkind staff and owner, If they still have it go with Northern Lights
Adam Cislo - vor 2 Jahren
Good place and Good WEED :)
Max Piechocki - vor 2 Jahren
The best coffeeshop in Alkmaar, one of the oldest in the Netherlands, founded in 1977 Perfect weed in budget prices
Brett Russell - vor 3 Jahren
Excellent place! They had a type of vape I’ve never used and the manager was happy to share a bowl and explain how to use it. He was very nice and curtious! Excellent product and great service! Highly recommend!
Miro Tylka - vor 3 Jahren
nice place with quality weed and you can smoke via vapo there
Dim Rethrow - vor 5 Jahren
Just went there to grab few grams, didn't really talk a lot, but have to say that the costumer service was good, the guy at the counter showed me how the stuff looked before putting it in a bag, bought Amnesia 1g for 11€ and Thai weed for 5€ also bough pre rolled hash for 3.50 or 4.00 can't remember ???? was a good one then I guess cause I smoked it right before jumping in a buss, decided not to go in the coffee shop that was next to it, looked dead and reviews were terrible
Dominik Metz - vor 5 Jahren
S sauberer Un gepflegter Laden... Im Raucherraum ist sehr frische Luft durch die Lüftung bedingt. Freundliches Personal und gratis Tips und paper... Jederzeit wieder ????
Valk4n HD - vor 5 Jahren
Grear place! U have to use the vaporizer!! Crazy shit ????
Juri Carollo - vor 5 Jahren
This is the place,nothing more,nothing less.
Swilly Larsen - vor 9 Jahren
It is a nice place. The people who work there are great :)

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