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Laat 16, Alkmaar

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  • Montag 10:00 - 23:00
    Dienstag 10:00 - 23:00
    Mittwoch 10:00 - 23:00
    Donnerstag 10:00 - 00:00
    Freitag 10:00 - 00:00
    Samstag 10:00 - 00:00
    Sonntag 10:00 - 23:00
  • Es ist nicht bekannt, ob und wann dieser Coffeeshop kontrolliertes, staatlich reguliertes Cannabis verkaufen wird. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Seite 'staatlich reguliertes Cannabis'.
  • http://www.anytimealkmaar.nl/
  • +31 72 512 5400



Reinier Walraven - vor 2 Monaten

I had a great time here. The staff was kind and helpful, they had snacks and drinks available as well. A pleasant experience

Tom Black - vor 4 Monaten

Таки да ++ I'll like it

Erik Rynberg - vor 6 Monaten

Their gear some of the best I got to smoke. cool to sit and smoke in the shop.

Solo Pariah - vor 6 Monaten

I used to live in alkmaar in 2000 backe then nls bio was the main bud and it was really good also jamming and sleek I visited ten years later they still had nls bio. This is a top coffee shop in the whole of Holland and a really nice venue I hope to visit again in 2023 and I hope they still have nls bio. The staff are always excellent.

Metalowe smakolyki - vor 6 Monaten

Very nice Coffeeshop in Alkmaar. Large selection of strains and friendly service ✌️

Paweł Nowak - vor 8 Monaten

Good weeed,nice place.

Eric - vor 9 Monaten

Great nature atmosphere. Really friendly local's place.

Nahila Bersezio - vor 9 Monaten

Super nice and friendly place

Sammy Starwars - vor 10 Monaten

Best Shop in Alkmaar in my opinion. Bought one of the strongest amnesia strains there. Also strong and very tasty Northern lights at that time. Once bought small amount of hash for 1,50 Euro. Never saw that’s possible at another Place in my life. Prices for beverages were cheap compared to other shops. Only thing is that their tabacco-smoke room isn’t very comfy but at least effective. :)

Ricardo Acuy - vor 10 Monaten

Absolutely amazing interior, kind of Brazilian styled. Perfect for enjoying your rainy day. And of course Very good product and nice staff.

Axe HQ - vor 1 Jahr

Best in North-Holland, if not the Netherlands

Dante Croce - vor 1 Jahr

quiet place to buy excellent cannabis ... although I asked for a grinder with pollinator and sieve they sold me a regular grinder

Joao Oliveira - vor 1 Jahr

This is for every coffeeshop. When you go to a restaurant, in most restaurants there is quality control. If not, people are eating cats or dogs thinking they are eating another animal. And in coffeeshops there should be a quality control in order for people not to be deceived. Yes trick, as they do not always sell what we ask for.

jip bogaert - vor 1 Jahr

Update 27-11-21 Nice staff good price quality ratio. Different products. At the moment google is misrepresenting the opening times. These are the opening hours: Mo: 10:00–23:00 Thue:10:00–23:00 Wed:10:00–23:00 Thu:10:00-00.00 Fri:10:00–00:00 Sat: 10:00–00:00 Sun: 10:00–23:00

lenia loizou - vor 1 Jahr

Very cozy place, good quality of their products and good music

Ricky ramos - vor 1 Jahr

Hi guys been all over Netherlands including Amsterdam and this small coffee shop in Alkmaar in my opinion is the best they have a good variety of weeds that I don't smoke the staff is very nice and helpful and if you like good charas grade b this is the place to find it and goes under the name of Nepal very strong and clear high no side effects no paranoia

Alexandr Tatarinov - vor 1 Jahr

We've had a pleasant experience here, the staff was really friendly and helpful, the interior and atmosphere is great. The weed was also good, I would definitely recommend visiting.

Julius Micai Biervliet - vor 1 Jahr

Good shop

Fionn Larkin - vor 1 Jahr

The place has recently been renovated and is now a great place to not only buy, but also sit down for a bit. You can buy and use it directly with the many vaporizers available. Not only is this place good for high-grade green, but also to get a cup of coffee or tea and sit down for a bit. The interior design and music selection is very relaxing and soothing. Staff is also very helpful and kind. Would definitely recommend to visitors and residents of Alkmaar alike.

Sebastian Eggert - vor 1 Jahr

Nicest weed we got in Alkmaar. Looks clean and the stuff is friendly.

Joh. Krijgsman - vor 1 Jahr

Great stuff

Rijk Vader - vor 2 Jahren

Great service, good stuff

thomas j - vor 2 Jahren

High quality hash, friendly staff. Free rolling paper or filters if you buy more than 20 EURO or so.

Christian Chiri - vor 2 Jahren

Very friendly staff. The one I recommand in town.

A Google user - vor 2 Jahren

There every week, staff are consistently friendly and helpful. Always have a good stock of product at great prices!

Γιωργος Πουλιος - vor 2 Jahren

Friendly personalities with very good products.

Michael Schmidt - vor 2 Jahren

Friendly, credible and to the milligram exact.

Sam Kreeke - vor 3 Jahren

kind employees decent/good prices good/great quality

bam michi - vor 3 Jahren

The best coffeeshop in Alkmaar, hands down!

Frank Neubauer - vor 3 Jahren

Nice and uncomplicated! Thumbs-up

Coin Coin - vor 3 Jahren

Nice hash, correct prices, nice staff. I'll come again

Genoveva Tsoneva - vor 3 Jahren

Love it so!I can stay there 24/7...

Dome Spakkavizo Official - vor 3 Jahren

Had a great time there, great stuff and good weed ! Take a break and enjoy people

Ghost Dawg - vor 4 Jahren

I love The Haze Taste Like Candy ♥️

kaip kam - vor 4 Jahren

Very nice atmosphere! Cool stuff all around the bar.. Very friendly servise

Bistra Tsankova - vor 4 Jahren

This place gives me good vibe ;)

Paul Craven - vor 4 Jahren

Lovely weed, but as with all coffee shops it seems, the prices are going too high. Otherwise a lovely place to chill and smoke.

A Google User - vor 4 Jahren

OMG do not miss this coffe shop Nice atmosphere, superkind staff and owner, If they still have it go with Northern Lights

Márk L Peti - vor 4 Jahren

OMG do not miss this coffe shop Nice atmosphere, superkind staff and owner, If they still have it go with Northern Lights

Adam Cislo - vor 4 Jahren

Good place and Good WEED :)

Max Piechocki - vor 4 Jahren

The best coffeeshop in Alkmaar, one of the oldest in the Netherlands, founded in 1977 Perfect weed in budget prices

Brett Russell - vor 4 Jahren

Excellent place! They had a type of vape I’ve never used and the manager was happy to share a bowl and explain how to use it. He was very nice and curtious! Excellent product and great service! Highly recommend!

Miro Tylka - vor 5 Jahren

nice place with quality weed and you can smoke via vapo there

Dim Rethrow - vor 6 Jahren

Just went there to grab few grams, didn't really talk a lot, but have to say that the costumer service was good, the guy at the counter showed me how the stuff looked before putting it in a bag, bought Amnesia 1g for 11€ and Thai weed for 5€ also bough pre rolled hash for 3.50 or 4.00 can't remember ???? was a good one then I guess cause I smoked it right before jumping in a buss, decided not to go in the coffee shop that was next to it, looked dead and reviews were terrible

Dominik Metz - vor 7 Jahren

S sauberer Un gepflegter Laden... Im Raucherraum ist sehr frische Luft durch die Lüftung bedingt. Freundliches Personal und gratis Tips und paper... Jederzeit wieder ????

Valk4n HD - vor 7 Jahren

Grear place! U have to use the vaporizer!! Crazy shit ????

Juri Carollo - vor 7 Jahren

This is the place,nothing more,nothing less.

Swilly Larsen - vor 11 Jahren

It is a nice place. The people who work there are great :)


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