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Coffeeshop Jemig the Pemig

Bornerbroeksestraat 28C, Almelo

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David de Lange - vor 1 Monat

Seating area is AMAZING. Good product snd very very nice staff

B - vor 1 Monat

Gelato is

Florin Skill - vor 3 Monaten

Maan i love this house, good weed with many diffrent flava'

Cem E - vor 5 Monaten

Good shop, very nice design good cappuccino and variaty in menu. Must have ID with you.

Ata Türk - vor 1 Jahr

the weed is not of good quality and the weight information is not correct either. But they still get to hear unfriendly sayings! No wonder these guys must need every penny

Mars Shell T.V - vor 1 Jahr

Bad bad no good !

Beata - vor 2 Jahren

Good price and quality

Sil_ve_stris - vor 2 Jahren

I do not recommend...

Marcin Wojtaszczyk - vor 2 Jahren

Big disapointment, i even asked which one is the strongest... Poor quality

John - vor 2 Jahren

Visited this shop today.asjed they guy for help and I ended up not buying anything as he was incredibly negative so made excuse and left.terrible place

Karen Bishoo - vor 2 Jahren

First quick visit... Friendly, knew exactly what was needed... Until the next time

A Google User - vor 2 Jahren

Good Stuff

Agis Solo - vor 2 Jahren

Good Stuff

Sir BurnS - vor 3 Jahren

Yesss sirrr!

Rodrigo V. Maya - vor 4 Jahren

They speak english which is great when you're a foreigner also the weed was super nice I bought some Amnesia Haze and it blew my mind

Mees vk - vor 4 Jahren

Buy great ice'n'Tina

D S - vor 4 Jahren

First time i bought 5 different types of weed and hash and the guy didnt even mark any of the bags!

A.P.A. Watches - vor 5 Jahren

Just dont go there, its noot good for you!!!!!

joster222 - vor 5 Jahren

Not very friendly looking, and if you want to go in the smoking room you have to go past some finger scanner. The weed was okay.

Sietse Torringa - vor 5 Jahren

Nice and friendly shop with lots of room, medium prices and good weed.


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