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Boerejongens Sloterdijk

Humberweg 2, Amsterdam (Westpoort)

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Dan Daurelle (BassClef1220) - vor 1 Monat

Clean place and very friendly but fellow Americans be warned it seems over here they assume you want spliffs so make sure you ask for 'clean' pre rolls. It's straight like 90% tobacco I had to throw my pack in the trash. When I came back I got straight herb and it seems to be pretty awesome. Loved the vending machine

Ernest - vor 1 Monat

very good quality Brownie, cheap, very nice decor

Elton Setan - vor 2 Monaten

Bought two red velvet space cakes. Me, a casual smoker and my friend, a non smoker had each one and we didn't feel a thing. Very disappointed that no real edibles can be bought in Amsterdam.

KWACUS - vor 2 Monaten

The man in front of the entrance sees me every day, because I come every day, he asks for my ID every time, once I forgot and didn't let me in, these are jokes, when there is no one in front of the entrance, I can go in and buy what I want without any problems.

Headshop WaXaT - vor 3 Monaten

Good quality weed wise. 14€ p/G Strawberry Glue looks like Cali less terps but overall solid and colorful. Smoke was full and rich but the flavour was comparable to midshelf cali grade. Lil bit scratchy in the beginning and there definitely was a tiny note of chlorophyll left. Strawberry Glue is 4/5* good quality average price. I only smoked it bcs this review, i personally wasn’t interested in any wiet or hasj from this place… it was shopping for associates. Normally i don’t visit, when I did today i got remembered why i dont shop there. Arrogant atmosphere and the staff thinks they are something spezial cuz they are wearing business uniforms. I have to say i wanted to buy all flowers of that strain and a edible Cake bcs a gf told me to bring it. Ended up with 5g’s but the clerk told me he can’t serve me with more than 5g’s even if it was only about one cake (contains 0,3-0,5g), ok fine i respect this. (I am medical patient so neither party would break the law by exceeding this limit, aswell this shop is one of the rare ones that will not upsell if asked for) I left silent and came back 10 minutes later like every decent human being would do, to ask another clerk for this one cake… to not disrespect the clerk which i had before. The not so nice clerk from my last visit called me over and started to blame me for coming back. Not exact words but similar “5g’s is enough, smoke it and be happy…” i am not a junkie mate. I dont care about this flowers you probably have different levels as i do… i piss 5g. In my car was probably more cali than your whole shop had flowers to give you a quick reset to reality. I do care on how i am spoken to and treated like but not what my clerk is wearing - i wont EVER visit this brand again because of you - but please keep your minimum payment job for not selling me that cake chef. I payed probably 1-2 of your hours included tax and social insurance with my single visit.

Feline Rodrigues - vor 3 Monaten

The most lovely staff you can imagine, that’s why i don’t go anywhere else

Mino Gigljo - vor 3 Monaten

Beautyfull Place ,baeutyfull quality but be careful the italian and the chinese guy in cassa sometimes take extra Money from your rest.. they think to be smart... Pfff

Jeff Kilgannon - vor 3 Monaten

First time in here and have to say the shop and the staff were all great. Very friendly and informative.i think it's a little expensive but worth it if you don't have a clue what you're at.

Habib Mazahir - vor 6 Monaten

Unfriendly personnel, felt like entering a bunker in a war zone due to entrance, over priced and underwhelming quality. Shut the place down and send the workers for retraining. Wouldn't go if they gave weed for free.

Dmitri Polistsuk - vor 6 Monaten

First of all that you have to know is no photos no hoods, second the guards they are freakin' perfect, I mean their style 10/10, inside of coffeeshop 10/10, friendly (and we know why

Paulo Brito - vor 6 Monaten

After my first review that I give it a 5 stars, today I went there like I always go, ask for 30€ hash and the person that was attending wanted to give me 30€ in very small pieces. I told her that I wanted a block not a thousand of small pieces. She said was the only thing she have. So I did have to chose another hash more expensive. Was a bad costumer experience because iam shore that she have more of that hash to sell, she didn’t wanted to open a new package. Disappointed.

Cezar Comorasu - vor 8 Monaten

It looks amazing inside. Those mirrors double the size of the shop, a trick wich gives you the feeling you are in a really big place. The products are excellent presented and they are produced by professionals who brought the brand to it's 1'st position on the Top Coffee Shops in NL. Nice. I will return for sure.

Stephen Lewis - vor 8 Monaten

Great first stop to get some smoke. Walking distance from train station (Sloterdijk), which was right next to my room (Meininger). I was well greeted and taken care of once inside. Its very modern, simple and clean inside. The menu was plentiful and the budtenders were very knowledgeable. Last “bud” not least, the smoke was great!!

Miguel Da Silva (MigueLink) - vor 9 Monaten

Very close to Sloterdijk Station. If you don't need to go to Amsterdam Centrum because you are sleeping in the area, this is the best one and the only one. Good customer service and best quality product.

pavel sirghi - vor 9 Monaten

Everything good but I am not used to their menu. I was not local. If someone want to contact me, please gonna try to help.

Matthew Telles - vor 9 Monaten

If you're new to cannabis, this shop us definitely one for you. The staff is very helpful and if you don't understand something, don't know what it is you need, or anything like that, then they are able and willing to help you out. The product is also top notch. One thing though is that the vending machine, for the paper, tips, and grinder, wasn't working with my card, but did work with my euros. Other than that, would recommend.

E A - vor 9 Monaten

Easy to visit, try to visit early or outside of rush hours. If you come at 6(When everyone leaves work) it will be busy inside and you will need to wait for some time

Jara P - vor 10 Monaten

Sometimes a lot of people, sometimes low weed stock. But still great shop offering, I would say, best weed in Amsterdam. Top quality, great strains, budtenders with knowledge… Worth to visit!

Marc Kubernat - vor 11 Monaten

My experience was surreal. As soon as you enter this high class boutique, you are greeted by friendly and excited conisseurs. Order process is straight forward and prices are great and reasonable 10/10 will visit again

Daniel Allen - vor 11 Monaten

This place was exceptional, really well organised and very professional. Don't bother with the other cakes, just get the brownies. The guy that served me was brilliant, fluent English and very complimentary. I'd assumed everyone hated the English abroad but these guys were sound.

Spencer Heap - vor 1 Jahr

Great place, great weed, shame it is take away only. Would be great if there were a place to buy a coffee and smoke here

Vid - vor 1 Jahr

They have tasty cakes. The building and the inside are very nice, and the staff is helpful for the beginners too.

karel van der Wal - vor 1 Jahr

Looks and feels fancy, and it is... Good hash. Only to buy not to chill

Soufian R - vor 1 Jahr

I would like to thank you very much, through this review, for the service that your manager provided me during my visit to your establishment. I found that, as usual, everything was of very good quality. However, thanks to the welcoming friendliness of your manager, it was even better than usual. I particularly appreciated the fact that SHE informed the seller of my expectations. Through her expertise, this manager greatly contributed to ensuring that the course of the service was a success from all points of view. I can assure you that I will visit your establishment again next time and I will not fail to let you know as many people as possible. Receive the assurance of my most sincere greetings.

Tomáš Remetei - vor 1 Jahr

I was here for first time. Very nice place, staff was nice as well. So i bought a spacecake. The guy from staff recommended me Red Velvet. We ate it before our flight to home and we were flying high as hell. I can tell you

gerry m - vor 1 Jahr

Bought 2 red velvet cakes to go. Both delicious, but unfortunately there were fragments of plastic mixed in with one. The other one was perfect. .33 of a gram of bud is infused in each and it is effective for the dose. €10/cake, packaging and taste is worth the money as you are buying the experience of a high end edible. Staff were very helpful and friendly. Building is fabulous and all staff are professionals for their role.

Stv6 ss - vor 1 Jahr

Definitely recommend this place. Top quality and good service

alexander willemzorg - vor 3 Jahren

Hello everybody. I think everybody know some great places that they want to write a review about but just never manage. I just remembered about this one and I thought to myself I have to share this. I went to Boerejongens Sloterdijk a while ago and the first thing I noticed is that this particular location is taking the game to the next level. It tries to stand out from the rest and does so with ease. I would say that this location might be showing us the future of coffeeshops in Amsterdam. I had a friend drive me over and we could park right in front in a free private parking, which was even being surveilled. After passing a short line I got to choose from a huge menu, and I got some well placed advice by the budtender. I was feeling like having some really uplifting sativa, so he recommended me Pineapple Haze and White Choco Haze. After getting home safe with my friend we tried the Pineapple Haze first. Which was surprising, for a few seconds I thought that I had bought a strain without flavor. But then it hit me, the afterflavor . A very subtle but obviously sweet and fruity with pungy tones like a pineapple. The high was also very very pleasant, super active and energized with a little buzz in it. Then came the White Choco Haze, in this one I found a very pleasant tropical flavor which I still cannot put a more specific term on. The White Choco Haze actually affected me in a way that I was still very focused, and energized which is a rare outcome to me as a experienced smoker. Hope that my story will help a lot of people find what I consider to be the one coffeeshop in Amsterdam you should not miss out on.

Bec Fitzgibbon - vor 3 Jahren

Sleek and elegant coffee shop, seems like a contradiction but really is an experience!

Frank Farrugia - vor 3 Jahren

Great people and great staff ! location is good,my kind of place .Went last Friday and it was really nice to see a packed shop. A local said it is not normally so busy .Weed is heaven . Go and enjoy.. it is very close to the station .Grazzi

Roman Magerka - vor 3 Jahren

This is one of my favorite coffeeshop now! I saw a lot! Service - top level. Very reasonable prices

Fred Edwards - vor 3 Jahren

Top dog


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