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Hunters Coffeeshop

Orteliusstraat 193, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-West)

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  • Montag 07:00 - 01:00
    Dienstag 07:00 - 01:00
    Mittwoch 07:00 - 01:00
    Donnerstag 07:00 - 01:00
    Freitag 07:00 - 01:00
    Samstag 07:00 - 01:00
    Sonntag 07:00 - 01:00
  • Es ist nicht bekannt, ob und wann dieser Coffeeshop kontrolliertes, staatlich reguliertes Cannabis verkaufen wird. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Seite 'staatlich reguliertes Cannabis'.
  • http://www.hunters-coffeeshop.com/
  • +31 20 489 3929


Raven Simus - vor 1 Monat

best price/quality ratio in amsterdam ( this location specifically since in center its more expensive )

Gillian Addeo - vor 5 Monaten

Top service but fir everyone (10.2022) While construction the shop is only opened till 11pm!

Fred Jardim - vor 5 Monaten

Nice place for a Quick Joint

Heather Ryan - vor 8 Monaten

Unfortunately it was take away only so we couldn't enjoy on site. Cannabis was good but I found better.

Dalibor Thanks - vor 9 Monaten

Bulldog is a long story. Good one.

Ratpick45 - vor 11 Monaten

Great coffeshop, good vibes, good smoke, and a lovely irish girl. Check out their weekend offers!

Phat2 Tony - vor 1 Jahr

A great place for good weed.

Paul Marcano - vor 1 Jahr

Friendly staff, very knowledgeable. Decent products

karl-Ruben Evensen (kalle) - vor 1 Jahr

One of my favorite places to relax. Go here and order a hot chocolate/cocoa and enjoy one of the best I ever tasted ☕

Emiliano Demartino - vor 1 Jahr

Finally! Soft hash, the most people think Im a tourist but actually is not true! I will come again and again in hunters! Professional and kind people inside, a little bit expansive but very nice! Thanks!

Mihaly Horvath - vor 1 Jahr

Beautiful place Great quality products

Adiles Santos - vor 1 Jahr

Always the best! Super lively and professional service

Hmody Herb - vor 1 Jahr

On Google says at 7 am open and now it’s 7:22 and nobody is here

Do Ni - vor 1 Jahr

Not the most friendly staff in my experience. Weed is good but I had some weird hash which was tasting really wrong, causing massive coughing and I threw it away in the end.

Golder .7# - vor 1 Jahr

Good Stuff and security looks like Snoop Dogg

Milo Spalevi - vor 1 Jahr

Sometimes good weed . Only take away ... but stuff there are very un friendly and treat customers very bad ..

Petar Fietsman - vor 2 Jahren

Simetimes they have good weed but stuff who working there are very bad... better go to another... are few more in hood

Agent Feras - vor 2 Jahren

It was very good

Szabó Emrah - vor 2 Jahren

Nice weed sometimes but generally blunt employees, usually baked like bread at my granny. They are the only coffeeshop around my location where you can't get mask if you forgot it. Spoiler alert: Potheads tend to forget things pretty often.

Terence Moes - vor 2 Jahren

Nice weed, good coffee shop to go

GoodvibeZ Only - vor 2 Jahren

Thanks again for a quick good energy service with a smile

Vaggos Pap - vor 3 Jahren

Nice coffee shop to come and go. It was overall an okay experience, indeed a big menu with a lot of great options (and good prices) , but still I feel something is missing from the place to take it up a notch.

Robin - vor 3 Jahren

Service was rude(over and over) . They got a descent choice of strains tho. I've only been to this specific one, a good amount of times to see if things changed. But they didn't. (over a year)

Raphael briganti - vor 3 Jahren

Great quality weed, lots of different choices here. Doesn't matter if you want indica, sativa, or just a mix of all strains that only costs 7,50, they have it. Can definitely recommend

MAURICIO RIOS - vor 3 Jahren

One of the top Coffee Shop. Good prices and quality products

Hannah van den Broek - vor 3 Jahren

I would give it 5 stars if you could sit there to enjoy a drink too like in the good old days but it's been a take away shop for a long while now. Nevertheless it's a great place with good price vs quality and friendly staff. Long opening hours too.

Yesim Dervişoğlu - vor 3 Jahren

The people who work there are really chill and you can shop weed as a foreigner but you need to have a Dutch ID to get regular cigarettes from the vending machine.

Davdo Davdić - vor 3 Jahren

Love this place, they put sticker with name of the weed so you know what you are smoking. Keep up the good vibes!

Stewart Hartigan - vor 3 Jahren

Another favourite cofeeshop of mine. The best I've smoked pineapple express, it might be a bit cliche but it actually was beautiful, I highly recommend it even got a lovely staple grinder with my 5g purchase.

Lauren B Meek - vor 4 Jahren

Great value for money, pretty much a regular customer here, you used to be able to sit down and smoke in the but not any more

Benjamin Besta - vor 4 Jahren

Good weed menu but no smoking allowed in the shop . Only can pick up and go else where to smoke

Liam Wright - vor 4 Jahren

Great place to go with greats weed. Not only can you sit in there and smoke but they let you use there bong and have a great selection of different cannabis. Everyone there is so friendly and even the other customers are great to chat to. I would definitely go again but try not to sleep so much this time because of how good the cannabis was haha

Super Furry - vor 4 Jahren

Get the Salad bowl a cheap option with all sorts of weed mixed

black berry - vor 4 Jahren

I don’t feel comfortable to buy from the guy with sunglasses he always not nice ... and he thinck he is funny say bad jokes naughty smile I feel every time he do that cause he don’t like this coffe shop to get better

True Stark Soldier - vor 4 Jahren

This Hunter's coffeeshop is a only takeaway service, but with quick and easy service. They have an extensive menu, and tobbaco vending machine with everything you could need sold behind the counter. I bought a gram of Mango Madness (Sativa) for €13 which smoked well and was worth its price. This place is for locals in the area providing a takeaway service. Aptly located in the outskirts of the city, fair prices and variety.

Mateusz Rybczyński - vor 4 Jahren

I will never go there again. I have never been treated like this. Friend of mine bought some weed there. Since another friend decided to use toilet by this ocasion, i decided to roll one in the meantime. So I went in, i just wanted to use table there. The guys just went angry for no reason. They told me something like "In our country you can't just walk in like this, you have to ask". Seriously? I wonder... Is it standard procedure in this place? Or maybe it's just selected people who gets that kind of treatment? In my country, when the sign says "open", it's open. That means you can go in. Oh, and also stuff is mostly kind to people, when they want to step in. Especially foreigners. Oh, and also, do you realize, (I'm referrring to the staff) that you're not the only place in Amsterdam where one can buy weed, right?

Brad - vor 5 Jahren

Really nice coffeeshop out of the way with some good quality and decent priced weed

Ciuca Cristian Adrian - vor 6 Jahren

One of the oldest in town.

王志茂 - vor 6 Jahren

18/10/2016 afternoon, I go to this shop , they can't sold weed to me , because I can not prove living here,When I came out later ,there is a very tall man like 190cm, looks like a local people , He said would help me buy 5g ,I trust him because he work in this shop , I give him 75 euro , after 10 min's he give me a little box and tall me it's illegal just come back hotel, So I back to hotel see this stuff

Luanne Araujo - vor 6 Jahren

Good prices. It's better like a take away since it doesn't have a nice smoking area - it's a very lightned space with 3 tables only separated from the rest by a glass wall. The sound track is not so good and there were people smoking weed with tabaco inside the ridiculously small space. But in the little time while I was inside the aquarius I could see an intense movimentation, people buying their weed and going away. Felt like a good place to go if you just want to buy and take the party somewhere else.

Sedano Matthieu - vor 6 Jahren


Dimitrios Kanellopoulos - vor 6 Jahren

Quite a good coffeeshop. Friendly people and good variety


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