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Coffeeshop "El Marssa"

Witte de Withstraat 106, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-West)

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andrea herrera - vor 1 Monat

The pre-rolls were full of tobacco, the amount of weed was more than minimal, a very bad experience. I felt cheated

Olena Miroshnichenko - vor 2 Monaten

This is so far the best coffeeshop I've been to in Amsterdam, the weed is really strong and good! Also, there are places to seat and smoke peacefully, and not on the street! Highly recommended ;)

Zak Rooney - vor 4 Monaten

Very good Green Apple

Bootleg 64100 - vor 10 Monaten

Very sympatic staff

gus - vor 1 Jahr

Best Green aple e strawberry....hash is good too

Tim D - vor 1 Jahr

So I can't understand many comments here.... The workers were super friendly and helpful! I got more than I bought plus papers, tips and gummy bears as a gift! :) Guys go there you will not regret it!!!! And the pre-rolled joint was almost all weed instead of tobacco! Clear recommendation! Please keep up the good work ;)

Ian Nomura - vor 1 Jahr

Pre-rolled joint was 95% tobacco

Christian Möhrke - vor 1 Jahr

Nice dudes in the Shop..

Geneva Siegel - vor 1 Jahr


joe pesci - vor 1 Jahr

They cheat with the scale, the scale doesn't work properly and they give always less than it shows

nasser altamami - vor 1 Jahr

Not that good

Edv Vardo - vor 1 Jahr

Weed Quite expensive. Pure joint is good but also 6€ is not cheap. Disadvantage is cash only

Paul Marcano - vor 1 Jahr

Friendly staff. Decent prices

Abdel Boudouh - vor 2 Jahren

good hasj, keep it up

Soraya - vor 2 Jahren

Avarage but nice, you can not pay by cart tho! Prices are from 7-15 a gram. Pretty reasonable for what you get. But not outstanding good. the area is a but uncomfortable because there are always a couple of tall big men standing in front of the coffeeshop and I m pretty small, it is a little intimidating for me to ask everyone to keep their distance so i can get it.

Felix Lechat - vor 2 Jahren

Famous Apple Haze !!! AmnesiaXG13 is really good too, I taste a good Kush too but I forget the name . GOOD COFFEESHOP !!! Try it !!!

April James - vor 3 Jahren

Very cozy, comfortable shop. The house tea is delicious and we came back every day for a cup. Staff were friendly and helpful. Local Moroccan shop.

Diana Dee - vor 4 Jahren

Very friendly, helpful staff! Sour green apple was

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Philipp Aumann - vor 4 Jahren


Omar Kashmiry - vor 4 Jahren

Bad experience

yunglean 13 - vor 5 Jahren

bon teuteu bonne beuh fraise

le grandM - vor 5 Jahren

Good hash

Dwayne de Roos - vor 5 Jahren

Goede hasj

CasinoRiggED Boizan - vor 5 Jahren

Pretty crappy coffeeshop, sometimes they have good hasj sometimes its very bad

Ciuca Cristian Adrian - vor 6 Jahren

Good stuff and affordable


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