Coffeeshop "El Marssa"

Witte de Withstraat 106, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-West)

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gus - vor 3 Monaten
Best Green aple e strawberry....hash is good too
Tim D - vor 4 Monaten
So I can't understand many comments here.... The workers were super friendly and helpful! I got more than I bought plus papers, tips and gummy bears as a gift! :) Guys go there you will not regret it!!!! And the pre-rolled joint was almost all weed instead of tobacco! Clear recommendation! Please keep up the good work ;)
Ian Nomura - vor 4 Monaten
Pre-rolled joint was 95% tobacco
Christian Möhrke - vor 5 Monaten
Nice dudes in the Shop..
Geneva Siegel - vor 7 Monaten
joe pesci - vor 8 Monaten
They cheat with the scale, the scale doesn't work properly and they give always less than it shows
nasser altamami - vor 9 Monaten
Not that good
Edv Vardo - vor 1 Jahr
Weed Quite expensive. Pure joint is good but also 6€ is not cheap. Disadvantage is cash only
Paul Marcano - vor 1 Jahr
Friendly staff. Decent prices
Abdel Boudouh - vor 1 Jahr
good hasj, keep it up
Soraya - vor 1 Jahr
Avarage but nice, you can not pay by cart tho! Prices are from 7-15 a gram. Pretty reasonable for what you get. But not outstanding good. the area is a but uncomfortable because there are always a couple of tall big men standing in front of the coffeeshop and I m pretty small, it is a little intimidating for me to ask everyone to keep their distance so i can get it.
Felix Lechat - vor 1 Jahr
Famous Apple Haze !!! AmnesiaXG13 is really good too, I taste a good Kush too but I forget the name . GOOD COFFEESHOP !!! Try it !!!
April James - vor 2 Jahren
Very cozy, comfortable shop. The house tea is delicious and we came back every day for a cup. Staff were friendly and helpful. Local Moroccan shop.
Diana Dee - vor 3 Jahren
Very friendly, helpful staff! Sour green apple was
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Philipp Aumann - vor 3 Jahren
Omar Kashmiry - vor 3 Jahren
Bad experience
yunglean 13 - vor 4 Jahren
bon teuteu bonne beuh fraise
le grandM - vor 4 Jahren
Good hash
Dwayne de Roos - vor 4 Jahren
Goede hasj
CasinoRiggED Boizan - vor 5 Jahren
Pretty crappy coffeeshop, sometimes they have good hasj sometimes its very bad
Ciuca Cristian Adrian - vor 5 Jahren
Good stuff and affordable

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