Coffeeshop The Dream

Witte de Withstraat 30-A, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-West)

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Ben Dover - vor 1 Jahr
Ok coffeeshop
Dani K. - vor 1 Jahr
Loved this spot!!! The guys were super chill, the vibe was great... the strawberry haze was magnificent. Will be coming back !!!! Has a really chill vibe..
Hoje Dias - vor 2 Jahren
Firstly we would like to thank everyone at the dream owner and customers and the sweet cats that made us two Crazy Celts feel so welcome and gave us the use of their grinder. In our opinion the pure ready rolled haze is awesome, plus for lovers of AK47, they sell it. We love you guys many thanks Elaine and Jill
Oscar Alberto Ramirez Londoño - vor 2 Jahren
Good prices and great guys, frienly, helpful and good people.
maskros . - vor 2 Jahren
cute cats and good prices ❤️
Viva Energia - vor 3 Jahren
Good stuff, Right place to smoking :)
Simon Drew - vor 3 Jahren
Really good service from guys who genuinely seem interested in helping you. Nice bud and great prices. Best in the area .

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