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Coffeeshop The Dream

Witte de Withstraat 30-A, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-West)

Coffeeshop informatie


Gonçalo Sotto Mayor - 1 maand geleden

Worst coffeshop ever! Never open in time… Only open when they decide to Only accept cash Worst costumer service CHOOSE ANOTHER ONE

J. L. Gerber - 1 maand geleden

Really good shop have s original maroc hash and now new from America they have 3 new Strains off weed and nice owner indeed very welcome and pool table inside so nice to smoke a joint and play pool

Yoga Beginners - 2 maanden geleden

vlVery good coffeeshop original marocan 3 Brothers hardworkers having nice coffee sweets pooltable the hash is original maroc good price no Spanish shitt they very strong lemon haze and original old weed AK-47 this strain it's a OG indeed under weed in Amsterdam coffeeshop The dream it's I think the only one in Amsterdam west hew have s this AK47 your welcome by the staff by the door you must show your id officourse the go inside butt when your nice your welcome to chill and smoke a nice joint or watch football match in summer they have big carden in de back where you can sit not making to much sound offcourse and when it's allowd from the staff so long your a nice person they will help you with there stuff or kindness

PATRICK HESHAM - 5 maanden geleden

Cheapest one in Amsterdam

Ben Dover - 1 jaar geleden

Ok coffeeshop

Dani K. - 2 jaren geleden

Loved this spot!!! The guys were super chill, the vibe was great... the strawberry haze was magnificent. Will be coming back !!!! Has a really chill vibe..

Hoje Dias - 3 jaren geleden

Firstly we would like to thank everyone at the dream owner and customers and the sweet cats that made us two Crazy Celts feel so welcome and gave us the use of their grinder. In our opinion the pure ready rolled haze is awesome, plus for lovers of AK47, they sell it. We love you guys many thanks Elaine and Jill

Oscar Alberto Ramirez Londoño - 3 jaren geleden

Good prices and great guys, frienly, helpful and good people.

maskros . - 3 jaren geleden

cute cats and good prices ❤️

Viva Energia - 4 jaren geleden

Good stuff, Right place to smoking :)

Simon Drew - 4 jaren geleden

Really good service from guys who genuinely seem interested in helping you. Nice bud and great prices. Best in the area .

Jennifer Hanson - 4 jaren geleden

Great place, friendly staff, good menu. Pool table! Only downside is cash only. Will def be back!

Héctor Martínez - 6 jaren geleden

The best coffee in the town the Lenon haze and White Widow aré the best and the price aré so nice


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