Shop 96

Jan Pieter Heijestraat 96, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-West)

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semavi şen - vor 1 Monat
great strains especially lemon haze was awesome
Dani Alonso - vor 11 Monaten
Buen sitio y barato mucho mas que por el centro
Mudasser Ahmed - vor 1 Jahr
Haza and more haze, bare flavours. Small and tidy, no seats. Roll and Go.
All is Well - vor 3 Jahren
Got 2 grams of their best sativa - Big Buddha Haze. They gave me a poorly grown calyx'd bud that I hesitated to accept but as a tourist I wanted to remain respectful and give it a shot. Big mistake and waste a money. Upon trying the product, it was simply unsmokable. I've been using cannabis for 15 years, growing for 8 and I haven't encountered this since I was 16 buying from low life street dealers. Shocked at the level of quality this shop passed off to me as their "best strain". I will never return.
Rajen Rambhadjan - vor 3 Jahren
top weed, I'm going to buy from Utrecht
Tonya H - vor 4 Jahren
This is a great place down the street from Kashmir. It's more Rasta than Kashmir but it doesn't have the comforts. Has a different select too. Go here when Kashmir is crowded.

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