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Millennium Coffeeshop

Jan Hanzenstraat 109, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-West)

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Mod ems - vor 3 Wochen
Stay away from this place. The staff is unpleasant and uninterested in their customers. Prices are not good compared to the quality. Boerejongens is only a 5 min walk away and is better in every way.
semavi şen - vor 7 Monaten
staff on the desk is so rude, im asking for a strain and they dont even listen to you. He had a attitude like when i was there for the first time, i said i would like to pay with credit card, and he replied that 'i told you yesterday cash only. And they dont show the strain while preparing it.
Shez Burman - vor 1 Jahr
My partner and I visited this Coffeeshop several times whilst we stayed in Amsterdam. They don't have a huge amount of choice but what they did was exceptional. They also sell 6 pre rolled weed joints for 24 euros, they are a great some and the price, well it can be beaten in my eyes. Please take the time to move form the centre a little and find these little gems.
Warren Gregory flowerbikeman - vor 1 Jahr
Great locals shop.... discounts on 5 gram purchases
Jan Iqbal - vor 2 Jahren
Very friendly staff with good weed and hash on offer, very professional looking place and service was good. The coffeeshop offers a good selection but are takeaway only, and would greatly improve with a location to allow people to roll on the property. Free hash or weed joint (With tobacco) with every 24€ you spend at the shop, Also a very good roll! - 0.4g in each joint and they don't offer a pure joint option (Gorilla Glue in the picture attached)
MONIA BSA - vor 2 Jahren
Only takeaway...good quality stuff.
Phil V - vor 2 Jahren
This might be my number one shop. Good variety and good prices but do not expect a fancy coffee bar. Just a good place to sit at the back and relax with a juice, nice couches not too bright and a big TV when the football is on
Rubén Álvarez - vor 2 Jahren
Sehr gute hash, the best hash and price. Nice one
floris321321 - vor 2 Jahren
Jennifer Fox - vor 2 Jahren
I got a pre-rolled joint here and it was amazing quality!
James Lee - vor 3 Jahren
Nice weed and super helpful staff - makes for a perfect chill atmosphere!
Steven Blair - vor 3 Jahren
I do not know where the other people who left review went but it wasn't this coffee shop. I rented a flat about 150 meters from millinium and went each day in my visit to oud west. There is no billiards as of August 18. I don't know what these other people are talking about. They said the atmosphere was good. Yeah, if you like to smoke in an opium den. The place is furnished with cheap uncomfortable chairs and a couch that had a heroin addict passed out on it. This place was as sleazy as it gets and the weed wasn't awful, but it was the lowest quality I smoked while in Netherlands. On the second day I found a coffee shop not far away that was far better in every way!
My Melanin - vor 3 Jahren
Great service decent prices. Chill atmosphere with low lighting and a radio. Actually has coffee.
Pietje Puk - vor 3 Jahren
De wiet is goed, maar de vriendelijkheid laat bij enkele van de bediening wel te wensen over...
Leo Westra - vor 4 Jahren
Een rots in de branding
Pauline B. - vor 4 Jahren
Coffeeshop très sympa, assez intime et avec un billard !
Taia Carmo - vor 4 Jahren
The best in Amsterdam ......
Markus Murer - vor 4 Jahren
My favourite Coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Nice People and chilling rooms with billiard and sofalounge. Top !

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