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Coffeeshop Bagheera

Kloveniersburgwal 60, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Liam - vor 1 Monat

Helpful staff nice set up Reasonable seating area Would visit again

Ümit Hacıyusufoğlu - vor 2 Monaten

This is a very special place for me because it's my first week here in Amsterdam(moved from Turkey). I've always been a very socially anxious person but kind people can ease that feeling a LOT. I've been feeling a tad lonely for the last 2 days. People here can make your night. A very kind guy from the US (Jamie) gave me a couple of veeery special gifts. And the staff, oh were they helpful. They made me literally cry! Bless them. Best of Amsterdam in my experience. Cheers!

Dima Strig - vor 2 Monaten

One of those places that feels right and not sleazy.

Chrissy Inna - vor 3 Monaten

Great friendly staff, calm and chill inside with comfy seats with a good selection

Lisa Booth - vor 4 Monaten

Great coffee shop,Got the best grade of stuff around, was with my other half and he agrees

Luca Italiano - vor 4 Monaten

Nice welcoming staff and a lot of space to sit. The product was okay but nothing special.

4ndreas - vor 7 Monaten

I got some nice Yeast-CBD! Eggs and Balls I ,would reccomend!

Bernadette Taher - vor 7 Monaten

Loveley staff banging green love the place

Natalie Lloyd - vor 7 Monaten

We went to this place in particular because we read a review saying they had a great selection of edibles, only to find when we got there they only had generic brownies. Very friendly budtenders though

Steham - vor 8 Monaten

Will be here Tues. afternoon (24th) from Austin Tx to get in on testing tuesdays and shake Wednesday's. Excited to say hi, chill and roll a J.

Liz Kelly - vor 8 Monaten

Lovely. Great staff, friendly and knowledgeable. Good prices and a nice place to chill.

Hugo Isola - vor 8 Monaten

Great experience, nice and cozy, high quality weed.

Leanne Matthews - vor 10 Monaten

My favourite coffeeshop in Amsterdam, do not leave without trying Kosher!!!

giany Yvelaar - vor 1 Jahr

Love tha weed here always a surprise what to get

N - vor 1 Jahr

Just don’t waste your money on brownies…

gelsomina abignano - vor 1 Jahr

Good stuff , cool guys and good service

Hanane BENMAGHNIA - vor 1 Jahr

A good view.

Harrison James - vor 1 Jahr

nice staff and great product. Same menu as Baba so great quality.

James Southworth - vor 1 Jahr

Nice cali flowers

M J Howard - vor 2 Jahren

my second Favorite... always good mix of Sativa and Indica ... atleast once a Month a " must go " for me

Alex Robert - vor 2 Jahren

Very good selection of herbs and nice atmosphere

Paul Mc Guinness - vor 2 Jahren

Always a nice place to enjoy a dirty big joint of nice weed.

Young Ho Braakman - vor 2 Jahren

Very nice. Good prices, friendly staff, and amazing stuff!

Will Farrell - vor 2 Jahren

Brownies so good, you wouldn’t know the difference.

James Chamberlain - vor 2 Jahren

Top products & staff.

M.k Hasan - vor 3 Jahren

One of the best coffeshop in Amsterdam. Very friendly stuffs and helpful enough. The place is really big and enjoyable. The music selection were amazing with really good quality marijuana. The price is also reasonable u like others. I would love to go there again and again. Thank you

Martin Kobosa - vor 3 Jahren

My first time in Amsterdam so wasn't sure how the coffee shops really worked. I'll say that customer service was amazing and staff were willing to help me out with choosing a strain. Says a lot for the already low levels of customer service you get everywhere else around the area.

Sami Scott - vor 3 Jahren

Excellent atmosphere friendkt staff amazing rainbow cake

Philipp Janowitz - vor 3 Jahren

Small and a bit too smokey. Very tasty weed and food, bongs can be borrowed if wanted. Toilet makes me feel a bit claustrophobic. 7,5/10

Matteo Jungbluth - vor 3 Jahren

I love this shop. But the staff was very unfriendly to us the second day we visit bagheera. Sad but true. Only money counts

Rhys L - vor 3 Jahren

Good menu, good prices, always worth a visit when in amsterdam!

Dave Bohan - vor 3 Jahren

Favourite spot by far, comfortable chairs, good selection of snacks, music not too loud either. Staff not the friendliest but could forgive that due to the layout of the smoking area.

Alan Hunter - vor 3 Jahren

This place is amazing and the weed is sickk

Giacomo.B - vor 3 Jahren

Just a diamond of the city center!!!..top quality, top prices and a lot of new californian strains!!!...5 stars for the staff, HIGHLY recommended

Haroon Rafique - vor 4 Jahren

From the outside it's a bit of a mystery but as you step inside you will see a well organised, small but smart, cool place to get high. The menu is well varied, the staff are approachable, knowledgeable, and nice, and the atmosphere is a mellow/lively chill zone.

Mr. Abdul Hmouda - vor 4 Jahren

Really nice and cosy place, prices and products are satisfying.

David Howard - vor 6 Jahren

How much is the space brownies. Please tell me someone ??

Lahanna Magee - vor 7 Jahren

One of the best the weed wasn't to pricey very friendly staff good choice of bongs and excellent choice of ganja.. will definitely be back although the tobacco smoking in was a pain

chris crashtest povey - vor 7 Jahren

Too much tobacco smoke, 3-4 people rolling up with Marly's, all sparking up at once.

Adam Bajtl - vor 7 Jahren

It was awesome coffeeshop! You could even try bong and volcano also! And the Baghera looks excellent! And i really like that weed! I definitely have to go back and visit this awesome city again! Excellent coffeeshop thats why 5 stars!!

Arno Stael - vor 8 Jahren

Amazing quality! Nice shops lovely place everytime i go to amster i have to go there!


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