Coffeeshop Catch 33

Nassaukade 33-HS, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-West)

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Brodir Jekson - vor 10 Monaten
I know that its difficult to import product in these times, but 18eu a g? They must be joking... used to support this place but its really too greedy now..
Emil Gil - vor 1 Jahr
Today took 2g gruis- got 2,5g suspicious: tried: margin value stuff as expected. Also took 2g of best kush- taste like heaven, kicks good as well. Full spectrum and nice Lady. Worth it.
Senna Foxon - vor 1 Jahr
Very Cool nice coffee shop. Staff are very grounded and great service, and great ganja!
Avona Escapes Meerkat Cam - vor 1 Jahr
I really like Catch 33, the menu is varied, buds are nicely condensed and trimmed well. I would recommend trying the "Gruis". This is a mix of all the types of weed, in nearly grinded form, it is cheap to buy and more often than not a strong easy going smoke, well worth trying for very little money.
Daniel Park - vor 2 Jahren
The only guy I met in Amsterdam willing to take the time to advise you, he was really friendly and made us feel welcome, even though it was a local shop and we are tourists. The weed is significantly cheaper than the city center, no 40 euro gramswith bad marketing just high quality normal strains. Cheaper drinks and cool park opposite
Dieter M. - vor 2 Jahren
Being a tourist there, the person behind the counter was very helpful giving me directions and tips to optimize my travel route yesterday. Their product was very good for a nice price. And the all-round vibe + location by the water was way better than some of the fancy busy shops in the town center.(way cheaper also) Unfortunately, they didn't have muffins/cake at the time. Thx again.

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