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't Keteltje Coffeeshop

Marnixstraat 74, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Joe Kent - vor 4 Monaten

They made it very clear. I wasn’t welcome. They were willing to sell me something to smoke, but nothing to drink with it. Nor would they welcome a guest. if you’re looking for canvas outside of the city, I would’ve went this place

Max L - vor 5 Monaten

Nice coffeeshop, nice staff, but.. no chocolatemilk? Hmm..... -1 star

andrew donoghue - vor 1 Jahr

BEST coffeeshop in Amsterdam!!! The girls behind the counter are so helpful, and one of them is kinda cute too ;)

Chris Matt - vor 1 Jahr

Very good space brownies and friendly team

Pavel Blovsky - vor 1 Jahr


Jacco Beckers - vor 2 Jahren

Very strange indicas, what have you done to it?? Not recommended

Jos K - vor 2 Jahren

Sad to see that yet another coffeeshop is selling autoflower weed. Potency is zero. I never buy again here. People in holland are only growing autoflowers, you can harvest every 6 weeks, but weed is bad.

Moenz De Vries - vor 3 Jahren

Greate nice place good service

mi madre - vor 3 Jahren

really nice, really beautiful peoples. Miss them a lot of time

Jay Khan - vor 3 Jahren

deffo a 5 the staff the product the cleanliness ablsolute perfect

Fred Edwards - vor 3 Jahren

My favourite coffee shop. 10/10

Casey B. - vor 3 Jahren

Such a chill spot. Favorite coffee shop in Amsterdam. Very nice staff

Felippe Alzuguir - vor 3 Jahren

Nice products, good price, friendly staff

Alan Hunter - vor 4 Jahren

Big place and comfortable nice service grate location and best weed!

william ritchie - vor 4 Jahren

G G Isolater hash is amazing, best hash Ive tried in Amsterdam

ThePilow123 - vor 4 Jahren

Ne weed in my joint ... no music... tv very loud... Very disappointing!

CHoCoLaTiNa sternberg - vor 4 Jahren

Best coffeeshop ever! Nice people, nice prices!! 100% amsterdam

Teresa Weber - vor 4 Jahren

the weed was good and the guy behind the counter very helpful and friendly. HOWEVER, i did not really like the atmosphere, as there was a soccer match playing very loudly and there were - except for me - only men. but maybe this was just bad timing!

Evan Mills - vor 4 Jahren

Pool table with a TV. Large benches for groups. Great prices and a very friendly staff.

Tactics Curtis - vor 5 Jahren

Nice shop friendly staff, TV, pool table, seating and tables

Sergej189 - vor 7 Jahren

is a good coffeeshop ! the Blueberry was very fine

Kristaal Burditt - vor 7 Jahren

I love the staff and the people here at the coffee shop. Very accomodating and always give a warm welcome everytime I visit.

Carl Nugent - vor 7 Jahren

As a coffee lover, I won't settle for gimmicks and false advertisement. So I make sure to experience a coffee shop myself to decide on whether they are good or bad. For me, this one has my vote. Great coffees, great staffs.

daniel raistrick - vor 8 Jahren

Lost my wallet in Amsterdam (Coffeeshop 137), 3 months later received it in the post with a note saying it was handed in here - many thanks to some very honest people!

RotoR FPV - vor 8 Jahren

very serious products at these guys ! go there!


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