Om de verspreiding van het coronavirus te beperken, dienen coffeeshops in Nederland alleen als afhaalpunt voor softdrugs en zijn ze om 20.00 uur gesloten. Het is niet toegestaan om de softdrugs ter plaatse te gebruiken.

't Keteltje Coffeeshop
Nu open

Marnixstraat 74, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

Coffeeshop informatie



Jacco Beckers - 4 maanden geleden
Very strange indicas, what have you done to it?? Not recommended
Jos K - 7 maanden geleden
Sad to see that yet another coffeeshop is selling autoflower weed. Potency is zero. I never buy again here. People in holland are only growing autoflowers, you can harvest every 6 weeks, but weed is bad.
Moenz De Vries - 1 jaar geleden
Greate nice place good service
mi madre - 1 jaar geleden
really nice, really beautiful peoples. Miss them a lot of time
Jay Khan - 1 jaar geleden
deffo a 5 the staff the product the cleanliness ablsolute perfect
Fred Edwards - 1 jaar geleden
My favourite coffee shop. 10/10
Casey B. - 1 jaar geleden
Such a chill spot. Favorite coffee shop in Amsterdam. Very nice staff
Felippe Alzuguir - 1 jaar geleden
Nice products, good price, friendly staff
Alan Hunter - 2 jaren geleden
Big place and comfortable nice service grate location and best weed!
william ritchie - 2 jaren geleden
G G Isolater hash is amazing, best hash Ive tried in Amsterdam
ThePilow123 - 2 jaren geleden
Ne weed in my joint ... no music... tv very loud... Very disappointing!
CHoCoLaTiNa sternberg - 2 jaren geleden
Best coffeeshop ever! Nice people, nice prices!! 100% amsterdam
Teresa Weber - 2 jaren geleden
the weed was good and the guy behind the counter very helpful and friendly. HOWEVER, i did not really like the atmosphere, as there was a soccer match playing very loudly and there were - except for me - only men. but maybe this was just bad timing!
Evan Mills - 2 jaren geleden
Pool table with a TV. Large benches for groups. Great prices and a very friendly staff.
Sergej189 - 5 jaren geleden
is a good coffeeshop ! the Blueberry was very fine
Kristaal Burditt - 5 jaren geleden
I love the staff and the people here at the coffee shop. Very accomodating and always give a warm welcome everytime I visit.
Carl Nugent - 5 jaren geleden
As a coffee lover, I won't settle for gimmicks and false advertisement. So I make sure to experience a coffee shop myself to decide on whether they are good or bad. For me, this one has my vote. Great coffees, great staffs.
daniel raistrick - 6 jaren geleden
Lost my wallet in Amsterdam (Coffeeshop 137), 3 months later received it in the post with a note saying it was handed in here - many thanks to some very honest people!
RotoR FPV - 6 jaren geleden
very serious products at these guys ! go there!

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