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Coffeeshop The Spirit

Westerstraat 121, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Brandon King - vor 1 Monat

Great spot to chill, games and benches to chill and smoke, perfect for all

Nashalie Hernandez - vor 2 Monaten

If I could give 0 starts I would

Silvia Mélange - vor 3 Monaten

One of my favorite shops in town. They offer an excellent strain variations- I'd particularly recommend the Gmo garlic cookies and strawberry kush. Knowledgeable and cool staff, chill smoke space.

Kevin Martin - vor 4 Monaten

The treats were wonderful, don't get me wrong. It's a little weird you have to buy something to go back and play pinball, but that's fine. But the pinball machines needed some love. Major features broken - for example, scoop on Shrek, SPOT on Munsters. Really ruined the games and I hope they get worked on soon.

Fern Fairy - vor 4 Monaten

This place is SUPER cute… in a nice neighborhood, private, the staff is very nice and helpful… can’t leave out the games!! They have my favorites shrek and Munster themed pinball machines

broad cast - vor 5 Monaten

The guy at the counter was very friendly and helpful. The lounge has awesome vibes. Came here with a friend looking for a smoking lounge to play pool and we were lucky enough to get the table as we walked in. We loved the music as well 10/10

Laura Collier - vor 5 Monaten

Staff are super friendly and helpful! Also nice vibe and loads of fun games and activities! Would recommend honestly just super chill atmosphere :)

Sam Dalton - vor 6 Monaten

Really nice coffeshop in jordaan district of Amsterdam, staff were super friendly and the overall vibe of the place was super relaxing and laid back! Also their was an excellent variety of flower and hash including some old school favourite's! Would recommend spirit to anyone visiting amsterdam

Andrew John - vor 7 Monaten

Best Shop in town... Nice pinball! Pool Billard and good weed! I'll be back!

Sunil Arya - vor 7 Monaten

If there is pool table with a great service and away from the crowd.. this is the place. Some of the best cakes in whole AMSTERDAM

Michael Davis - vor 7 Monaten

Me and my life partner stumbled upon this immaculate coffeeshop by accident. not only is the weed spectacular, but the service and hospitality also are incredible. large space and awesome pinball machines are a fun touch too. Definitely not was a mistake stumbling upon this

Otto von Bismarck - vor 8 Monaten

My favourite coffee shop in Amsterdam. We smoked a lot and played chess and flipper. The staff is very friendly and they have great hash.

stewie unicorn - vor 8 Monaten

The customer service was very good and helpful. Good products and the coffee shop was cozy and had nice ambiance. Would recommend!

Marc Scarff - vor 8 Monaten

Back in Amsterdam after what seems like a life time. Great to see that Spirit is still going strong. Awesome placed, chilled, local, nice people with great pinballs out back! Well worth a visit!

Merv Sherrard - vor 8 Monaten

Great spot, was there 1 week ago . I got there after 10pm and the locals hanging out...Great guys, no problems. Very clean and tidy with lots of space And those amazing pinball tables. Menu perfect.. The only problem - I hurt my back and had to fly home far too early...So to the guys in Spirit from the old guy with dark glasses beard suitcase - "Hafidaka Allah” hope to see you guys again..

Daphne Dautry - vor 8 Monaten

Is a good shop, propose multi joint and have a very menu of weed with a good price. Have many place in the coffeeshop, at the back of the shop there are vintage games very cool. The staff is pleasant and welcoming.

Kids thesedays - vor 9 Monaten

Walked around a few coffee shops and this one was great, chilled atmosphere, nice decor ans most importantly a good selection! Finally got some AK! Recommended

Mart Dozze - vor 9 Monaten

Great place to chill if you don't like overcrowded touristic coffeeshops, friendly staff, cool music and a large variety of pinball machines in the back! Will definitely come back :)

Jesseca Chung - vor 9 Monaten

Really rude. There were so weird and not nice about providing tap water. The mens bathroom had no lock and the womens bathroom did. When I asked for the key they were really rude about it. I would recommend any other place

gus gonzalez - vor 9 Monaten

Good vibes! Had a server on her first day who couldn't have been sweeter or more knowledgeable, and helped me figure out what I wanted! Prices reasonable, and "coffee" definitely "woke me up." Fun games and free Wi-Fi are a nice bonus!

Agnese M - vor 10 Monaten

Best atmosphere and service,going to get back for cakes here ❤️

Leif Borden - vor 10 Monaten

It’s good to get away from the touristy spots and find gems like this. Good selection and friendly bud tenders.

Gregory Diamond - vor 10 Monaten

The tattooed budtender was very welcoming and there is a really nice vibe. Nice to have it in the neighborhood for the weekend.

Bertie Lumsden - vor 11 Monaten

Sweet spot in dam, lovely staff and great vibes

Nina Maric - vor 11 Monaten

Nice place to smoke and enjoy the good vibe. Also really helpful and nice employes :))

Chloe Ward-stead - vor 1 Jahr

Relaxing, chill atmosphere, guy behind the counter is wonderful and there is a pool table and pinball machines

kyle mcmanus - vor 1 Jahr

Very friendly staff, chill location and a nice relaxed atmosphere, nice variety of pinball machines to play as well

Francesco Maria de Luca - vor 1 Jahr

Great place to smoke, good music and nice people

Dorothy - vor 1 Jahr

Amazing coffee shop, great stuff and prices:)))) I come here almost every day

Kamil - vor 1 Jahr

Great coffeshop and service. Definately will come again

Alexandre Sibade - vor 1 Jahr

Very cool place with pinball and pool tablr in the back , i was going there all the time qhen i was smocking

Martin Kusý - vor 1 Jahr

Great atmosphere, great staff, you can play pinball & pool!

Mikey Graeney - vor 1 Jahr

Love this place, nice staff and top weed

Amanda Nakdimen - vor 1 Jahr

Beautiful art, great atmosphere, friendly staff, and great bud. Charming spot with nice details! Definitely coming back.

Madison Nagy - vor 1 Jahr

This is my first time in Amsterdam, and this was one of the first coffee shops I went to. The atmosphere is perfect for smoking and very friendly staff. The weed is great as well as the price!! I’ve been coming here every day since I arrived in Amsterdam. Highly recommend.

Anders Hågensen - vor 1 Jahr

Lovely staff! Good prices. Nice place to chill out. Big and spacious and even has a pool table and pin ball machines. Not your typical coffeeshop

Carlos Morales - vor 1 Jahr

the red velvet cake was amazing with nice flavor, really nice place and beautiful people recommended for everyone to come

Frank Wiegand - vor 1 Jahr

solid coffeeshop with good music and nice people

Moha Haji - vor 1 Jahr

The best coffeeshop in the area You get to play the pinball machines, nice pool table and even chess

miguel ferreira - vor 1 Jahr

Good quality and affordable prices!you get to see the thc percentage and the balance between indica/sativa!

Ben Gallinson - vor 1 Jahr

The space cakes look like legitimate desserts. They taste incredible, and take you to Pluto. Highly recommend.

Caillou Lechauve - vor 1 Jahr

Good place to have a drink and a smoke. The guy is very respectful and friendly.

tehMiraj - vor 1 Jahr

Great coffee ! Nice products

Laurin - vor 1 Jahr

Friendly space, reasonable prices, great service. Large lounge :)

Dirk Zaal - vor 1 Jahr

nice staff. to bad they still the joints in plastic tubes.. expensive Sandd bad for environent

Gary Askew - vor 2 Jahren

Cashier is very hostile we left and didnt go back in

claudio strey - vor 2 Jahren

nice local Coffeeshop, good quality products, good prices, here the locals hang out

Duncan Egberts - vor 2 Jahren

Best choice is you wanna chill and smoke. They are friendly and vibe nice.

Michael Karttunen - vor 2 Jahren

Fast and friendly service. Good coffee. Nice menu.

scott bartlett - vor 3 Jahren

We had a great time at this place, decent weed, hot and cold drinks, snacks. But the best thing about this place is the games! Have a pool table at the back with some awesome pinball machines which we ended up loving! It's the only coffee shop where we found this sort of vibe going on. Most places are simply tables, chairs, drinks and smoke. TWD was my favourite! Enjoy!

Stacey Weber - vor 3 Jahren

Excellent coffeeshop! Nice people, good weed, pinball machines, and pool. This is an awesome spot to chill.

Geoff Grove - vor 3 Jahren

Excellent cafe. Friendly staff, great selection of recent pinball machines including AC-DC, Shriek, The Munsters Walking Dead and Iron Man. Reasonably priced too. Highly recommend a visit!

Jake Greswell - vor 3 Jahren

Amazing staff amazing bud all you need

martina nobili - vor 3 Jahren

Nice place to enjoy the day smoking, drinking coffee or juice and playing pool, flipper and more games with nice music. The staff is super cool.there are also some table outside for enjoy the sun.

Aizaz Khan - vor 3 Jahren

Great laid back coffeeshop. The staff is great, there's pinball, there's a cat, what more could you want!

Josef Hurmer - vor 3 Jahren

Good Place, good Bar, good stuff, good prices. Best Place to relax while going for a classic Coffeeshop Tour in North and West of A'dam. The difference to other c-shops, it s much more quiet and bigger, brighter backroom. 8 automatic Pinballs,

Dieter M. - vor 3 Jahren

Very chill local shop. Friendly and helpful staff. Surprisingly cheap and good hasj. The muffins and brownies are really tasty and they give you a small discount if you buy 4 of them. They have wi-fi and i had the fortune of having a electric plug at my table.

Bob Graham - vor 3 Jahren

A great selection of hashish and pinball machines. Only problem is that it's really hard to play pinball after smoking a great selection of hashish.

Dylan Highsmith - vor 3 Jahren

Great laid back coffeeshop. The staff is great, there's pinball, there's a cat, what more could you want!

Kerberie Oses - vor 3 Jahren

Locals place, but great place to get some work done with the possibility to smoke, far out of centrum, good pinball and pool tables, ajax games!

Michael Benninger - vor 3 Jahren

Embrace the Spirit! Cozy and casual coffeeshop that takes good care of its customers.

Karol G - vor 4 Jahren

Nice atmosphere as you can expect from coffe shop , old , reasonable prize and good location

Conor Mccabe - vor 4 Jahren

Helpful nice staff, good weed and prices are reasonable

Darryl Edwards - vor 4 Jahren

So good, the goods are great and he let's you have a good look before buying. Staff are more than polite, spacious, has pool which is amazing and games that you can take from the bar and play for free. A few less video games than the last time I went but still great

Gustavo Di Girolamo - vor 5 Jahren

Awesome vibe!

Debi Harrower - vor 6 Jahren

It had you couldn't smoke at bar so we went and sat in back room/games room which was tidy but loud pin ball machines. On way out though we noticed ppl smoking at bar so that was pants. Cost off coffee great, prices great, toilets clean 5* for them. The guy serving was friendly enough bless lol.

Massimo Banfi - vor 6 Jahren

full of arcade games. Flipper and other old videogames

Nuno Carvalho Ribeiro - vor 6 Jahren

Great stuff, pinball machines, nice staff, good music but small facilities where only it's allowed to smoke in the back room.

Hawraa Khalfan - vor 7 Jahren

Dameon Guess - vor 7 Jahren

Great chill coffee shop and pinball arcade! The games are all in various conditions. Most work fairly well but some have minor things wrong. The lineup as of my last visit (09/07/2015): 1. IronMan - Pro 2. WOZ 3. Star Trek (2012) - Pro 4. Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Shrek 6. Star Trek (older) 7. Walking Dead - Premium 8. Metallica - Pro 9. AC/DC - Premium

Al Watkins - vor 7 Jahren

Friendly and accommodating . Good for those with dogs too .. water and biscuits provided free .

seb laurent - vor 8 Jahren

Good coffeeshop.

Martin Rodriguez - vor 8 Jahren

Awesome place with billards and 8 pins with the new rare and amazing Wizard of Oz


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