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Coffeeshop de Kroon

Oudebrugsteeg 26, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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  • Montag 07:00 - 01:00
    Dienstag 07:00 - 01:00
    Mittwoch 07:00 - 01:00
    Donnerstag 07:00 - 01:00
    Freitag 07:00 - 01:00
    Samstag 07:00 - 01:00
    Sonntag 07:00 - 01:00
  • Es ist nicht bekannt, ob und wann dieser Coffeeshop kontrolliertes, staatlich reguliertes Cannabis verkaufen wird. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Seite 'staatlich reguliertes Cannabis'.
  • https://coffeeshopdekroon.com/
  • +31 20 773 2532


Erika R - vor 1 Monat

A small Coffeeshop but they offer a great selection of weed. Staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful too or at least the guy with long light hair tied in a pony tail is. Went here twice in our 4 day stay in Amsterdam and will definitely be coming back next time.

Sabarinath R - vor 2 Monaten

Average place for affordable smoking items. Cannot comment on the quality of said items since I didnot partake but the place is convenient to hang out, but small. Friendly staff. Cool interior

Siddhi Panchal - vor 4 Monaten

This place is cosy, chill & great people. Absolutely loved the vibe & the quality. The guy there is great. Definitely recommend this

lovely silence - vor 6 Monaten

The only coffee shop in Amsterdam that made me feel completely at home! They let you smell it before you buy it so you can still change your mind and they play awesome music!! Awesome service, stuff, weed and kush

Desmond Gallagher - vor 6 Monaten

This Coffeeshop is truly incredible and very welcoming. Sunday is the best day to turn up as they have some awesome equipment you can use on the coffee bar side of the cafe

Wolf ZD - vor 6 Monaten

Amazing service! I sadly had a low blood pressure blackout and the staff knew exactly how to help. I felt very safe with them checking up on me and getting me the proper care. Not to mention it was fantastic cannabis.

Pete Rai - vor 6 Monaten

Small, friendly coffee and cake shop just a stone's throw from De Wallen. The staff were very polite and made our coffee just as we liked it. So many cakes, pastries and sugary snacks to choose from. There are some weed snacks, but this is a family friendly store. The hardcore 420 shops are along the street.

Jason (Spurzy) - vor 6 Monaten

Good vibes in here, very helpful staff. Family run. Be aware some premium premium rolls will have a massive roach. Just don't be shocked it'll still be worth it! I was expecting a bigger zoobie but soon realised it was a cougher and that little zoobie was plenty!

Vanessa - vor 7 Monaten

One of the best Coffeeshops in town. The staff was very nice and especially Ivana took very good care of us from the first visit. So far we have been here every evening and would come back next time we visit Amsterdam.

Ryan Gordon - vor 7 Monaten

Amazing coffee shop, Stephanie is a hero, so nice.

Obaie Al Katreeb - vor 7 Monaten

A very nice place. Stuff is super friendly and the vibes there are awesome. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED :)

Luke Wall - vor 8 Monaten

Loved spending my time here. Great for solo smokers or groups. Good flower and coffee.

Adam Detre - vor 8 Monaten

Awesome coffee. Yeah. Coffee. And weed. Nice place which was clean and almost always had somewhere to sit. I will go back again

NBH - vor 8 Monaten

Good vibes in there, weed is good quality. Pre rolls are good just go for the pure ones and make sure you poke them down a bit!

Josh Plymale - vor 9 Monaten

I got lucky, as I arrived in Amsterdam early morning and this was the only coffee shop open. Primo weed, great vibes, good coffee and GREAT service. Big thanks to Stephanie, she gave me lots of great tips of places to go in the city, and was very nice and fun to talk to. 10/10 would recommend and will definitely be back!

Lez Lad - vor 9 Monaten

One of best coffee shops in Amsterdam

axelle gomez - vor 9 Monaten

Great staff, great mood, nice people, the coffee is cute and thank you Lili for your kindness and your advice! The music is good and I’m high so the greens did the job :)

Shez Wright - vor 9 Monaten

Nice little coffee shop, sells a good variety of weed and edibles. Close to entrance station so a nice first stop off. Pre rolled joints are ok but as always I recommend that you roll your own.

Samy “Samy” Thiedke - vor 10 Monaten

Nice Shop, with very many Tourists. Good spliffs, fantastic weeed and funny tastes! Love amsterdam

Simon Berry - vor 10 Monaten

On holiday on my lonesome, so it was great to see someone from the same island! Bryan made me feel right at home, excellent customer service. And De Kroon is the only coffee bar I've encountered which has oat milk! Great vibes in this place

S. L. - vor 11 Monaten

Great Coffee, great

Ben Nelson - vor 11 Monaten

Good atmosphere, great bud, and top service. Staff are professional, welcoming, and answer any questions I have, especially Bryan up front. The music is bangin too.

Mark Mattimoe - vor 11 Monaten

Good other products on offer but the space cake sold are terrible. Both friends ate a whole one each and felt zero. And at 12 euro its robbery lets be honest. Don't touch the space cakes, posting picture for reference.

P H - vor 11 Monaten

Great range of products, great music, and top level service from Brian & Joe. A1

David Rincón - vor 1 Jahr

Staff was knowledgable and kind. Really make you feel like one of their crew.

Jesse Cook - vor 1 Jahr

Always great friendly staff ! Nice area as well to chill and relax in. Also make great coffee's. Good selection of everything

Terence Tasker - vor 1 Jahr

Bud tender was friendly although we walked in late in the evening and had a lot of questions. The product was amazing. Big thanks

Alex Stratov - vor 1 Jahr

We thought it was a nice place, we enjoyed spending some time there and enough money, but one of the guys was pretty rude, telling us in a rude and loud voice that we are not allowed to have a sip of our own water, and we should buy water from them. We understand this rule, but he should have told us in a completely different way, more privately. It was uncalled for. Also, I do not fully agree. No one can restrict somebody else from drinking water. Cola yes, or alcohol or whatever. But not water. We had bought coffee and other products, and he killed our vibe for a stupid thing. The other guy, from coffee bar, was very friendly. But the whole experience left us with a bitter taste.

Pradyumn Mattu - vor 1 Jahr

Good coffee shop. Amazing vibe. However it is better to go there with a friend. Also not a single person from the staff came to take my order or anything. found it pretty weird.


Amazing coffee place . Really friendly . I asked for something to make me laugh and the staff did that for me before even buying anything

Franka Bortels - vor 1 Jahr

Very nice staff. Good quality. Seating could be more comfortable. Staff was very attentive. He brought water to my friend who was coughing badly. The cat in the entrance is probably very high.

Ramon Carranza - vor 1 Jahr

Loved it, nice people

Conor Cahalane - vor 1 Jahr

Got a red velvet cake which supposedly had 1g and cost €10. 5 hours later....nothing! The guy at counter told me it would be loads as I don't smoke but I swear, nothing. I feel totally ripped off.

Tom S - vor 1 Jahr

Usually great service and quality bud. Been coming here regularly for months. However, one of the staff (new guy) was not helpful and extremely arrogant yesterday. Wont be coming back soon

Matt 3 - vor 1 Jahr

Worst coffee in Amsterdam. The cashier is very disrespectfull. We bought 2 " Cali pre-rolled joint " They were smash and completely awlfull. Don't recommend it

Matthias M (Retrogod) - vor 1 Jahr

Top coffeeshop in the area. Very good menu and the staff is great.

Golden Guide - vor 1 Jahr

The dealers here are always positive and enthusiastic. Rare treat these days. Always a pleasure to see you guys.

Domina Mia Wallace - vor 1 Jahr

Great weed, staff and some good old hip hop music

Roger Man - vor 1 Jahr

Good music and nice people. Would recommend

bas k - vor 1 Jahr

Good, decent shop with a fair price to quality ratio. Very friendly staff as well.

Valentina Locci - vor 1 Jahr

Oi what time you close with the new Corona misure ?

Malaika K - vor 2 Jahren

The best coffeeshop around. I always stop by this place, when in Amsterdam. The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. The menu is great and so is the atmosphere. Love that I can get dairy free drinks too. Thank you for a fab welcome

Lewis Thorpe - vor 2 Jahren

Great place better smoke !!! Definitely recommend and the knowledge of the man behind the counter

King Mo Idrissou - vor 2 Jahren

First coffeeshop visit ever for me and it was a good one! The lad with the long hair behind the desk was very nice, took his time and answered all of my questions even though I am very inexperienced when it comes to weed, joints etc. Quality is also more than solid. Very fair prices. Gonna definitely visit again when I am back in Amsterdam!

iam offit - vor 2 Jahren

Visited here whilst last Amsterdam and have added it as a favourite to visit again this year. The two girls on staff were super friendly and helpful. Tending to questions with a friendly smile. The menu was great and the girls were knowledgeable on the products. Was recommended one of the firecrackers. Blasted two of those with a space cake and enjoyed the rest of the day. Clean and tidy and bigger than some other coffee shops. The resident cat is cool to chill with. Looking forward to visiting again soon.

Jack Perry - vor 3 Jahren

Great little coffeeshop. The guy who served me was cool, but the other guy was amazing. I listened to him talking to customers and I have never seen a guy so helpful and knowledgeable anywhere else. He had long hair in a ponytail. This place is right opposite 420 Cafe. Please come here instead. Comfier seats and better weed.

Anna Bakh - vor 3 Jahren

Well-done potatoes, coffee and Turkish tea. Milk for a baby for free! Everybody is nice, smiles, English-speaking. Neat and clean place. Unfortunately Toilet was closed.

Rafael P - vor 3 Jahren

One of my favorite coffee shops in Amsterdam. Highly recommend the bud. Me and my friends used the Volcano vaporizer for several hours on multiple different occasions and I can say from that experience that De Kroon is one of the only locations that will let you both use the vaporizer machine AND press your own bud for dabs. Quality location, quality bud. My only complaint was the music both in regards to volume and content but I suppose some people would find this more appealing.

Daniel Park - vor 3 Jahren

Guy was really friendly which is rare for cofdeeshops in the centre. Nice seats to chill don't have to buy a drink. Really nice weed at normal prices, some over expensive strains which aren't worth the money but that's what you get in a tourist coffee. I recommend for city centre

Felipe B. - vor 3 Jahren

Perfect mix of good coffee and the best lemon haze ever. Nice place to smoke without stress and with a nice cat staring you, while you roll and light up your joint. Price and atmosphere, in a good balance.

Kathryn Lawler - vor 3 Jahren

My first time to Amsterdam and I thoroughly enjoyed coming here. Nice and relaxing and the staff were very friendly. Definitely be coming back here next time I visit

Geoffray Martin - vor 3 Jahren

At the first visit I was really surprised and happy Today was the second time.. I paid 7 euro for a j.(they told me no tobacco) .. I There was a Lot of tobacco I side. But 4 stars for the amnesia canna hash

Amsterdam Reviewers - vor 4 Jahren

Hi , coffee shop is quite nice , and atmosphere ok , music is fine for when you are high but we bought one of the most expensive strains of Cali weed birthday cake and when we got the bags it was all sticks - I went and sat down and decided to tell the guy who served me who responded with basically you get what you are given. Not enough weed in the gram for 1 spliff and the customer service was shocking -

Joe Cannon - vor 4 Jahren

Great staff, okay weed. The guy with beard is very knowledable and helpful, its a nice change compared to other shops around the city.

Aejaz Loonat - vor 4 Jahren

One of the best coffeeshops in Dam, been going here for nearly 18yrs! Always a great selection of weed and friendly staff. Great atmosphere, nice music and comfy seating arrangement :)

Katie Frehafer - vor 4 Jahren

I had a great time at de Kroon over my 3 day trip to Amsterdam. Jordan, especially, was super friendly and knowledgeable and hooked me up with the perfect strain for my mood. The chill space was a little loud for my taste, but good beverage selection and a good place to meet new people.

claire bernard - vor 4 Jahren

the guy at the counter was very rude! he was mainly at his phone and barely looked at us! We asked him nicely what is the best weed in the menu and he replied that is not here .. we were shocked and we left directly.. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND this place


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