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Coffeeshop Eastwood

Pieter Vlamingstraat 286, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Oost)

Coffeeshop Info


Richy “GTA” richybouw - vor 2 Monaten

Nice... Not busy,worker's smiling...

Fibonacci Mukherjee - vor 5 Monaten

-Art, real good services and quality.

George Adriaan - vor 5 Monaten

Smoke wat real Amsterdam’s people bay

Zerin Ahmed - vor 7 Monaten

Best stuff and lovely staff

Sebastian Isaza Echeverri - vor 7 Monaten

Good for a quick stop jejej

john doe - vor 9 Monaten

Boring selection of green and a bit slow service.

Mims - vor 11 Monaten

Good selection which we really enjoyed :)

Bilal howma - vor 1 Jahr

I from spain and i like t, the service and quality is very high then others. Definitely recommended value for your money

Noelle Knicker - vor 1 Jahr

I smoke in this and think it was a hoacks.

P Adu-Yeboah - vor 1 Jahr

Nice place

Danny Wolf - vor 1 Jahr

Good Weed

mms odeh - vor 1 Jahr

The short guy who is working there is always not friendly

Cam Ve - vor 1 Jahr

Bad experience always

Philipp Majdic - vor 1 Jahr

Very nice quys!

James Southworth - vor 1 Jahr

Eastwood Coffeeshop is located on Pieter Vlamingstraat, in Amsterdam Oost (East). It is not far from Oosterpark, in a heavily residential section of the city. The area is quite nice. The tree-lined streets are a nice change of pace from the Centrum. In 2015, this shop was actually forced to close, as the building hosting it was torn down for reconstruction. Eastwood was out of business for a while, but has since reopened. It is still in roughly the same spot, but now on the ground level of a beautiful modern new building. Given this relocation, Eastwood is technically one of the newest coffeeshops in the city of Amsterdam, at least from a building perspective. Inside Eastwood, one will find contemporary décor that matches well with the new building. The color scheme is mostly shades of grey and black; the furniture mica-topped (modern). Ceiling-to-floor windows in the front let in a lot of natural light during the day. At night, ample track lighting keeps the place well lit. The place feels very much like a small cafe. Simple, clean, comfortable. The smoking lounge in Eastwood Coffeeshop is not large, but being this far out of the city center, it usually does not draw in massive crowds. You will presumably find a place to chill… perhaps on the plush leather benches in the back. The cannabis menu at Eastwood Coffeeshop is fairly large. This shop seems to strongly favor weed with its number of options. Expect to find well over a dozen strains. These will likely be a mix of traditional Amsterdam favorites, as well as more contemporary strains from USA (think Kush, Gorilla Glue, etc.). The selection is much shorter on the hashish-side; usually less than six items. However, this could mean the shop is very selective; only stocking a few items they think are worthwhile. Beyond that, Eastwood has plenty of pre-rolled joint options, as well as some basic drinks and snacks. They also have a formidable coffee machine, so expect to find a decent cup if you are looking.

Oddbjørn Anker Gulbrandsen - vor 1 Jahr

The best big budda cheese in town! Enjoy:)

Gavin Diskin - vor 2 Jahren

Amazing weed & hash, great prices

Edv Vardo - vor 2 Jahren

0,25 PIN provision. Few good type of weeds, but kind of expensive. Personel is normal, sometimes smiles because it must. When you are near by, and need a quick shopling, can use it

powr King - vor 2 Jahren

Beste coffeeshop in 2020. Nice people good stuff low prices

dan horwood - vor 3 Jahren

Brilliant place with friendly staff and quality products at amazing prices. Ended up being our local on our last two nights. Just wish we had found it sooner

okay wattt - vor 3 Jahren

The weed here is expensive but worth the price, so far the rolex og kush is the best weed i've found in amsterdam under 15 euros by far. Big buddha cheese is strong and one of my favourites because it always makes me laugh. Staff are friendly and helpful as long as you're not a tourist taking a half an hour to order a gram of weed. Highly recommend!

Vicente Tinoco - vor 3 Jahren

Everything amazing. Friendly people. Will come back!

Gyon - vor 3 Jahren

Medium to good weed, prices are a bit over the top but not too crazy. The customer service is probably worse than your average McDonalds. Very sad. Main reason why I don't go here anymore!

Dominic Damonte - vor 3 Jahren

Good variety of high quality prerolls with nice prices

Aqua Opia - vor 3 Jahren

Good products. Nice staff

Samuele Ballabio - vor 3 Jahren

You want to pay the right price for high quality? Eastwood is the perfect place!

Geo Fucile - vor 3 Jahren

Good coffee shop, a bit away from the main hub, less drunk tourist. More relaxing and great menu


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