Um die Ausbreitung des Coronavirus zu begrenzen, dienen Coffeeshops in den Niederlanden nur als Abholpunkt für weiche Drogen und werden um 20:00 Uhr geschlossen. Der Konsum der weichen Medikamente vor Ort ist nicht gestattet.

Coffeeshop en Muziekstudio De Graal

Albert Cuypstraat 25I, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Zuid)

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Marcos Menendez - vor 1 Jahr
Please, update your schedule in Google!
Cleo Mitsi - vor 2 Jahren
De Graal is reopening as a health cafe with regenerative vegetable smoothies!
Michel - vor 3 Jahren
This the best place
Max Mustermann - vor 5 Jahren
The best coffee shop in Amsterdam! At first I ran past this shop because it looks very unsuspicious, but inside it's very comfortable and relaxing. In contrast to the most coffee shops you can sit in comfortable chairs and sofas while looking at fishes, toads and a chameleon as well as listening to relaxing music. Furthermore the staff is really really nice and will help you picking the right thing for you. This coffee shop is perfect for you if you are searching for a place to chill without the common rush in the big commercial coffee shops!
Alessandro Petrillo - vor 5 Jahren
This place is perfect for chilling and playing games! The weed is also very good, the personal is very friendly and helpful. The atmosphere invited us to stay for hours and hours ????
Dimitrios Kanellopoulos - vor 5 Jahren
My favourite coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Has good variety and prices. Also offers medicinal herbs.
AAKASH SOOD - vor 5 Jahren
Awesome experience.... Good music.... The folks at the counter are real good !! Music ranges from reggae to rap... One of the best places I've visited till now in the nearby areas !! #Peace
Connor Holmes - vor 6 Jahren
Good range of chilled music, ranging from Bob Marley to Snoop Dogg, along with chameleons and other reptiles in glass tanks for everyone to gaze at after a few joints. Coffee was the best coffee I've tried whilst smoking in a coffeeshop... By far the best coffeeshop we saw in Amsterdam - the comfy couches made it. Highly recommend for a late night smoke before heading off home to the tv and bed.

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