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  • Es ist nicht bekannt, ob und wann dieser Coffeeshop kontrolliertes, staatlich reguliertes Cannabis verkaufen wird. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Seite 'staatlich reguliertes Cannabis'.
  • https://www.familyfirstamsterdam.com/


Matúš Basanda - vor 3 Wochen

Nice and simple! First time smoking inside of smokeshop. There are filters and papers for free. And remember you can't have cigarettes on the table.

Ruki Sri - vor 1 Monat

Great place and vibe. Great buds and menu. Definitely recommendable. Best thing is can buy 2x .5g of different strains on the menu to make it 1 g.

Elton Setan - vor 2 Monaten

Bought three space cake brownies, ate two of them since I have a higher tolerance than my friend who had one and never in his life smoked and they didn't do anything. Very disappointed that no real edibles can be bought in Amsterdam.

אורחי היזמי - vor 2 Monaten

Recommended coffeeshop, service with a handicapped and inviting vibe (unlike the coolness characterized by this area) A shortcoming I experienced that there is no hot drink sale there but only cold (those who know understand that you must have hot chocolate with the weed

Phil Davidson - vor 4 Monaten

Came for a first visit the other day, really chilled vibes and friendly staff. Small shop so limited seating but we only had to hang around 2 mins for some chairs to clear. Bought some Smarties flower and Champagne hash and both were beautiful.

gary millar - vor 4 Monaten

Friendly staff & helpful with wot you need to know about their strains but all Dutch strains are not worth buying so you have to buy cali for €25 per gram to get something decent

Rob Davies - vor 6 Monaten

Lost count of the times I’ve been to Amsterdam over the years and for some reason never been here until this trip. What a shop. From the service to the quality of weed which was second to none all trip ( Runtz was spot on ).Definitely my new favourite. Bud tenders are awesome. Well done Family First. 5 stars all day long.

Armin Tehrani - vor 8 Monaten

This shop is one of the best coffee shop in Amsterdam. Staff are super nice and friendly and very helpful. The place is clean and they constantly keeping the place clean after each guest leaves the table. One of the guys that works there makes the best cappuccino and latte, even if you don't smoke , you should go there and just get their latte. Overall A+ for this place and is a must to visit if you go to Amsterdam.

Jason Erat - vor 9 Monaten

Prices are high but u pay for what u get best quality in Amsterdam 10/10 would recommend great vibes as well

Edward O'Connell - vor 9 Monaten

Incredibly rude staff, the bud is good but the experience is completely ruined by the staff's impatient, snobby attitude. Save yourself the hassle and shop somewhere friendlier!

Grzechu Grzechowski - vor 9 Monaten

Top place in Amsterdam where you can smoke best strains, cali weed wax and many more. You can here borrow a bong and spend awsome time.

Pooohtin Will Die - vor 9 Monaten

This has to be one of the BEST coffeeshops in Amsterdam ! Insane quality of their buds !

Ali Fazel - vor 10 Monaten

Probably the best menu in town when it comes to exotics and high quality concentrates. This is a coffeeshop for veterans not tourists on their first trip. I only wish the seating area was a bit larger. Great place for getting terps and dab properly. That being said, I did not find it to be a good place for a romantic hangout.

john doe - vor 10 Monaten

Small shop nice strains loved the blue cheese and the grinders are the coolest I own.

UTOOPIA - vor 11 Monaten

One of the best Coffeshops in the world, also was very helpful for the tour in Amsterdam, i got to charge my phone.

Charley Robinson - vor 11 Monaten

Quality of cali and Dutch flower bubble hash hash and extracts in this shop is head and shoulders above every other coffeeshop in the dam place would hold its own in california absolute amazing shop great staff they have Dutch gellatti and rs11 better then any of the cali from strain hunters green place old chruch you name another coffeeshop this one is better fact

Adil Ali - vor 11 Monaten

Great coffeeshop, friendly staff and a great menu

Lal Rrr - vor 1 Jahr

85€ for white runtz with excessive spider mites. (it looks good without the spiders) Not edible..am afraid if I smoke that I will become spiderman

john beck - vor 1 Jahr

Great place nice helpful bud tenders and weed is reasonably priced

Eve - vor 1 Jahr

My favorite coffeeshop! I usually pass by for a pre-rolled Firecracker/Moonrock - it lasts many good sessions. Excellent service and fun staff. I try my friends’ favorite coffeeshops and their qualities and service never match to my experiences at Family First. They accept card/no-contact payments :)

stefan boyle - vor 1 Jahr

Definitely one of the best coffeeshops around. We had a great time

Rohit Balasubramanian - vor 1 Jahr

Picked up the best strains in Amsterdam from the store. The bud tender was friendly and offered me a pack of papers and drinks on the house. The products are expensive, but reasonable for the quality provided

angelo giasi - vor 1 Jahr

I m in love with my "gelato" Very friendly Shop and so many nice stuff ... I like it ....!!

Martin Smith - vor 1 Jahr

Very good menu staff are very helpful and friendly had a good few hours smoking the herbs lol

Benny Pratsch - vor 1 Jahr

By far the best service I’ve ever had in a Coffeeshop, very friendly, helpful and insightful staff! You get what you pay for here and everything I’ve had so far had amazing quality!

Lucca Quistani - vor 1 Jahr

Good weed, not the cheapest but you get what you pay for. Great service

Eugen Josef - vor 1 Jahr

A compliment to the employee. I was there twice with about a month in between and was recognized immediately the second time. Great selection, beautiful location, small but nice, friendly advice, mobile phone charging possible. You earned the 5/5.

Philipp Beach - vor 1 Jahr

Johnny Dabb they have the best Wax selection! Real Cali, but not cheap! Friendly staff with a lot of knowledge! They have some tables to hang out! But here it’s more for the crazy Cali selection! Ask for the new edibles! They have crazy stuff straight from the US…for example Cheetos with 600 mg Awesome!

francois hotua - vor 1 Jahr

Best shop in town Best weed Best service Best Price Best quality Best butdenter

XghostlockX - vor 1 Jahr

Best coffeshop i have ever been. I love it. They got the strongest strains in the Amsterdam. I hardly recommend it.

Roberto Diamond - vor 1 Jahr

Amazing workers , very kind and amazing merchandise . I approve.

Welcome 2ddam - vor 1 Jahr

One of my favorite shops in town. Super friendly staff who make you feel at home. You can score some treasures in here. One of the only places (or maybe the only place) in Amsterdam in which you can borrow a rig. Small and cozy, with a nice location on the Amstel canal, Just around the corner from the Flower Market and Rembrandtplein.

Sam D - vor 2 Jahren

My favorite coffeeshop! I usually pass by for a pre-rolled Firecracker. Excellent service and fun staff. They now accept card/no-contact payments :)

Jay Mcinerney - vor 2 Jahren

Best cali I've smoked official cali importers highly recommended ice cake

Antonio M - vor 2 Jahren

5star service . The most relaxed vibe coffeshop out there

Steve Armour - vor 2 Jahren

Amazing place. great people.. Friendly atmosphere.. Wonderful smoke.. Highly recommended!!

Nicolae Iva - vor 2 Jahren

Hydro2oo9 - vor 2 Jahren

I found this coffeeshop by chance on my 5th visit to Amsterdam and it's one of my new favourites. A very good menu with alot of choice and good service.


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