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Coffeeshop The Saint

Regulierssteeg 2, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

Coffeeshop Info


H _avfc - vor 1 Monat

Decent little shop less commercial than The ones central

Reese EOM - vor 2 Monaten

Great coffeeshop. Needs a bit of Wax & Herbal T to be damn straight playing in the music department! Hold it in & let it burn & do the santa dance. See you on 22/2@11.30. Ben

Coman LIviu - vor 2 Monaten

Nice place to stay for a drink

Arthur Bennie - vor 3 Monaten

Still my local no Matter where I am.

john doe - vor 8 Monaten

Nice menu easy to miss as it’s down a alley. It’s pretty small and I usually sit outside. I don’t go out my way for this one but pop in when passing and weather is nice outside.

clint beachwood - vor 8 Monaten

Good weed and easy location

Sara Huchet - vor 9 Monaten

The location is great, the staff is really Nice Thank you!

DP Lapena - vor 9 Monaten

Their pre-rolled lemon is amazing

Mad Retsma - vor 9 Monaten

One of the few shops that sells really good bio strains. Their cake is bio, too, and it slaps. Had a piece in the evening,and I was still high the next morning. Friendly staff and good music, good coffee too. Highly recommended

Juliette Hopman - vor 1 Jahr

Rude waiter. I had to sit outside even though I bought a drink

Birant Altinel - vor 1 Jahr

Good location, but the pre-rolled joint was all tobacco.

Lucas Leclere - vor 1 Jahr

Nice product, polite seller, I recommend checking his shop

Piotr Kania - vor 1 Jahr

Nice,quiet sit place outside on side street. Nice inside, small, lovely space, good cafe and music.

Frank Gineman - vor 3 Jahren

Helpful staff. Great location

Tommy Shiels - vor 3 Jahren

This coffeeshop is a nice small, Tucked away in a sidewalk but has good amount of outdoor seating with shelter. Inside is small L shaped room and bar. A Small nicely priced menu with good items and fresh juice! The downfall is the seating is hard, and uncomfortable after long periods (I suppose that keeps customers turning round). This is my 2nd visit here.

Andrew M - vor 3 Jahren

Awesome coffeeshop very relaxed atmosphere, the lady that works there is super friendly and full of information, we stopped back here several times during our trip

Yilberth Colomer - vor 3 Jahren

Great things You can find

Jay Howden - vor 3 Jahren

Lady that served us was friendly, milkshakes are awesome. Lovely little coffee shop that we stumbled across by accident but were glad we did.

panda o - vor 3 Jahren

Nicely tucked away, staff were really friendly and chatty, nice place to chill and smoke

Brian Membry - vor 3 Jahren

Friendly and helpful staff, great coffee and juice. Location good. Worth a visit if your in the area and fancy a drink.

Phill Munson - vor 4 Jahren

Very friendly staff , will go back ago,

Alex Doherty - vor 5 Jahren

Warm and inviting little coffee shop found down the side street. The drinks were reasonably priced and the weed smoked a treat. It was a cold day and it was lovely and toasty on the inside. Just what you need!

Justin Hardman - vor 6 Jahren

Quite simple and effective! Nice coffee and close to the water..


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