Coffeeshop Vondel

Overtoom 451HS, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-West)

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Lemerle Oscar - vor 3 Wochen
Cute guys
Philipp Orel - vor 3 Wochen
The Strawberry and Pineapple Haze are one of the best strains in taste and smell - would recommend to anyone who loves strains with a fruity taste :) Will visit again soon!
K. C. A. J. - vor 3 Wochen
Great moonrocks! Nice place to sit down as well.
Raphael Sommer - vor 1 Monat
The lady at the counter was extremely friendly, patient and helpful. Highly recommended!
Raul abella brenker - vor 3 Monaten
I loved this coffeeshop, quiet, good music, the girl who attends me is very nice, she informed me very well about my doubts, taking into account that I speak very bad English and Dutch, but thank you anyway, I recommend this coffeeshop , very good quality price.
Julia Stoyanova - vor 4 Monaten
I definitely recommend the place There's edibles, good weed in a ready-to-go form and the weed for DIY. The girl seller knows her staff very well and recommended us really good ones. Thanks! Very sincere, responsive and charming. The prices are really good, try it
Zigeunerich - vor 5 Monaten
We tried the brownies and they were awesome. Great taste, strong effect, and they are also vegan!
Yoel Habari - vor 5 Monaten
Best apple weed ever!
Cisla Onche - vor 6 Monaten
Very nice hash at really good prices (their nepal temple ball is crazy good for a 8€ hash), the staff was friendly and helpful, perfect place to get quality stuff if you don't want to spend hundreds in the fancy coffeeshops in the center. (I didn't taste the weed though)
Fabio Croco de Medeiros - vor 6 Monaten
Affordable prices, nice place to relax!
Adrian Martinez koroknai - vor 8 Monaten
Ba, do not buy pre rolled joints they are pure tobacco.
Annetta Xavier - vor 1 Jahr
Little serious guys in there... Love the place though. Great menu and price is fine
Philip - vor 1 Jahr
Worst coffeeshop we had experienced in Amsterdam. Service was horrible and not welcoming at all. Joint we bought was just rolled tabaco and one of my friend who is not cigarete smoker felt sick after smoking it. I do not recommend it.
Danielle Brown - vor 2 Jahren
Same man on both times we visited he was brilliant his hot chocolate was to die for.. the Apple Haze i would highly recommend lovely smoke.. pure joint was beautiful too just before bed
Kathleen McGrath - vor 2 Jahren
Weird... only allowed past the gate if we bought a drink and his weed. Saturday night 1 person in there, wouldn't let us in if we bought a drink but smoked our own as staying in nearby hotel. As he said 'his weed' he used his thumbs to point to himself... better to go to the real coffee houses
Watermelon185 B1 - vor 2 Jahren
the apple haze was to die for but the attitude of the staff put me off from ever returning here we asked for a tea and was told no as machine not working but then when some other people came in seemed like they were known to the shop and they asked for a tea and got one bit rude if you ask me specially when. You spend money with them avoid i say much nice places and friendlier budtenders
Aaron Schaffer - vor 2 Jahren
Good prices and a great glass seating area for an enjoyable time. Went to a few establishments like this on my trip to Amsterdam and this was by far the best I would highly recommend going here
Lukasz Potacie - vor 2 Jahren
Nice and pleasant place. Of course, cool stuff too :)
אורי לבני - vor 2 Jahren
Nice chill place, has nice couches and some drink menu. You could easily sit there for an hour without noticing... GOOD PRICES!
Света БО - vor 3 Jahren
So So, smoking appeared not strong enough, as my friend said. He expected much more..... I wanted to gave some Coffee or tea, but there wasn't,cause it was too Kate for these drinks. I didn't expect for this, it was strange, By the way we came there at 11,30 approximately. So U should expect that fact in Amsterdam, late evening U won't be given any Hot drinks with joint.
b short - vor 3 Jahren
Probably the most relaxed and chill coffee shop I have been to yet. The weed is good with fair prices. The smoke lounge is real nice and they play very relaxing music. Good place to kick it for a while and smoke
brandon short - vor 3 Jahren
Probably the most relaxed and chill coffee shop I have been to yet. The weed is good with fair prices. The smoke lounge is real nice and they play very relaxing music. Good place to kick it for a while and smoke
Daniele Stavola - vor 3 Jahren
We stayed in Amsterdam for 5 days and we spent a part of everyday at Vondel Coffeeshop because we felt at home. We really enjoyed to stay there. Guys are very friendly and welcoming. We are organising to visit again Amsterdam in Christmas and surely we will go at Vondel. Great job guys. See you soon.
Donnie M - vor 3 Jahren
Very nice, clean coffeeshop. Superb collection aswell, staff is great!! Try gelato 41, cherry haze and skywalker OG!
Alice Novello - vor 3 Jahren
nice coffeeshop, but remember that you can't pay card here
WolfGang - vor 3 Jahren
Verry good, the staff are really great ! Had a verry good time.
Danovic Miseru - vor 4 Jahren
Very nice, clean little coffeeshop near the center. Staff is nice and helpful. They have some good buds too!
Veronica Hugh - vor 4 Jahren
Nice gaff, good vibe, good music. Lovely area to stay around the park. I'd live here. Short walk (35 minutes) to centre from where we stayed.
Vageli M - vor 5 Jahren
Excellent prices, great product. Good number of tables upstairs/downstairs.
Colin Davie - vor 5 Jahren
Nice coffeshop shop out the way of the busy centre.
Amster Dam - vor 5 Jahren
Very cosy shop with good prices and friendly staff
Adam Stanley - vor 5 Jahren
One of my favorite coffeeshops I visited. It's a simple, nice place to smoke with friendly staff.
Phorty Phore - vor 5 Jahren
Always a pleasure to visit. The staff are very friendly and helpful. If your reading this recently, I highly recommend their Apple Haze. It's far superior to the competition. The smell, the taste... Wow. Definitely my buy of this visit.

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