Coffeeshop Best Friends - Oud-Zuid

Amstelveenseweg 61II, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Zuid)

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Hello World - vor 1 Monat
It's a nice coffeeshop since it got renovated and they have a good variety but the prices seemingly go up very often. I've saw a 50% increase on the price of some strains since I started buying here. I'm not sure who their target customers are given it's distance from the center but as a local I'm keeping my eye on prices in other nearby shops.
Jennifer Hanson - vor 5 Monaten
Awesomely friendly staff, clean location with plenty of choice and decent prices. Thank you for folding my free papers and handing them to me nicely instead of throwing a disorganised ball of papers in my general direction like most other shops! :)
Francisco Roca - vor 8 Monaten
Good weed, good prices
Emma Trumble - vor 8 Monaten
Good weed for a cheap price
Danielle Brown - vor 8 Monaten
Love this place not a sit down just yet but the strawberry haze was something else my taste buds
Gareth Ingham - vor 11 Monaten
This coffee shop/dispensary was definitely was my best friend during my stay in amsterdam, it was a 2 minute walk from where i was staying and they have good quality bud for a very cheap price, they were very helpful and explained what bud i needed for my mood. Highly recommend and cant wait til the shop opens fully. 5 star for the staff
Zach Shapiro - vor 1 Jahr
Very friendly server, decent buds. Will be much better when they have a smoking section uo and running.

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